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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy 4-HO-DET Thread


Nov 15, 2001
4-ho-DET has produced some decent experiences. I could have gotten the same experience, with a more chemical feel from MDA. I'd compare it more to MDA than mushrooms... but not as rushy by far.
4-HO-DET anyone?

Hey so I read up and did a little research on this chemical and it seems to me like i will be having alot of fun trying this bad boy out. From what Ive gathered from Thikal the chemical seems to have alot of similarities with psilocin (4-HO-DMT), so Im really looking forward to this, but before I gave it a go I wanted to check if any of you had taken this tryptamine before, and how you felt about the overall experience. peace
I've tried ethocin (4-Ho-DET), as well as the acetate ester (4-AcO-DET), on many occasions. At least eight to ten times I'd say between the two. I could tell no difference whatsoever either in potency or action between the acetoxy and hydroxy form, and I consider them completely interchangabe.

Most of my experiences were with swallowing the chemical, but I did vaporize 4-AcO-DET freebase on two occasions. Smoking it felt no different that eating it, other than the fact that it only lasted an hour (instead of four) and came on with quite a rush. I enjoyed eating it much more.

I'm not going to add very much about the effects of ethocin, because you can easily read my trip reports at erowid or do a search for past threads in which I have written more detailed comments. I have at least three reports on this material, and the last one (Pain of the World) says "4-AcO-DET" but chemical tests later showed the sample to be ethocin. Anyway...

I used to think 4-Ho/AcO-DET was excellent stuff, and I enjoyed it as a short-acting tryptamine that was a nice alternative to mushrooms. But having since tried other 4-substituted tryptamines (4-Ho-DiPT, aka iprocin, and 4-AcO-MiPT), my opinion on ethocin has changed.

Now this chemical really does not have a lot to offer me. It just seems rather "empty" of content when compared to iprocin, mushrooms, and 4-AcO-MiPT. And while iprocin and 4-AcO-MiPT seem quite unique compared to mushrooms, ethocin (to me) just feels like a shorter-acting version of mushrooms with most of the interesting parts taken away.

Again, I used to think ethocin was great. But having now tried other synthetic 4-substituted tryptamines, it has become obsolete. My personal rank of preference now is: iprocin > 4-AcO-MiPT > ethocin.

I have no plans to ever use ethocin again. Why drive in a Honda with no A/C and no CD player when you can ride in a nice SUV with all the extras? That is kind of how I look at it.

I never (even when I liked ethocin) considered it "fun." It was never very euphoric and isn't as visual as mushrooms. If you are taking it for mere enjoyment, you might look into other things. Just my opinion.
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My friend has this to say:
"I like 4-HO-DET far more than 4-HO-MiPT, in the small number of times I was able to sample it. 4-HO-DET was a little speedier and more acidic than 4-HO-MiPT, and has a less dark, overwhelming character. One thing to note about 4-HO-DET is that I didn't seem to get many visuals until about the 30mg dosage mark -- but when I dosed up in that range, it was very impressive (as vivid as 4-ho-mipt but a lot gentler in a certain way). Miprocin just seems terrifying emotionally beyond the 20mg mark."
I got some 4-ho-det. I don't really know how much I would want to take. I read the entries in TIHKaL.

I read somewhere, but I forget that someone smoked some 4-ho-det. I proceeded to smoke a small bit. Nothing profound, but there was *something*
I'm resurrecting this teeny-weeny year-old thread to see if anyone else has had any experiences with HO-DET. I'm specifically curious about JuicyJay's smoked HO-DET experience, I know the 4-ACO base of this chemical is active smoked, but has anyone else had any success smoking the HO form?

Never had pure 4-HO-DMT (Yet!), but my experience with 4-HO-DET was very unlike any mushroom experience I've had. Lasts half as long without much colour intensification, that and the stimulated and twitchy body feeling turned me off... I seem to echo morninggloryseed's sentiments in the "Pain of the World" trip report on Erowid, for me this chem just has a "sharpness" to it that disagrees with my brain chemistry or tastes or something... It's great that you enjoy it though, I just want to warn you that this chem had the most side effects of any RC I've sampled so far. A 14mg dose precipitated some visual changes that I can still notice... Patterns within static growing to full tryptamine OEV's lasting for weeks afterwards, especially when cannabis was involved. Just something to watch out for, especially if you are into using low doses regularly, which is something I wouldn't recommend with this chem. Aside from that... Good luck with your journeys :)

nuke said:
I would say take about 120% your dose of 4-HO-DET. The material isn't terribly interesting until you get up to high doses (for me anyway).

I never had any of the effects that the above poster had -- for me the bodyload was always clean and there were no residual effects.

Like you said, HO-DET doesn't seem to be all that interesting until you get into the higher doses... The effects I experienced at 14mg were probably related to not being "fully in" the HO-DET room, so to speak. Thus I only experienced the threshold annoyances that are not the features of the full psychedelic state revealed by that chemical. I was dissapointed by that experience in some deep way I couldn't describe at the time and can only vaguely grasp at now, I think it was the choice of dose as well as the brevity of the chemical. I think at that point I just wanted to be "wowed" by something, which 16mg of 4-AcO-DMT did much better a month or two later.

To clarify my last comments, the body load was not entirely "stimulating" but rather sharp, like an aching around the facial muscles that was made worse by the tremors. It was entirely possible to lay down and focus out of the bodily symptoms, but I really doubt I could have done anything other than that, if you know what I mean.
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I get the same negative effects General Patton gets when I take 4-aco-dipt, but 4-aco-det feels very clean with a simular body vibration and energy to 4-ho-dmt. The only downside in my opinion is slightly weeker visuals, but this can be changed by taking higher doses, at least I would think?
Yeah, the visuals get extremely intense and dissociative at high doses.
willkell420 said:
I get the same negative effects General Patton gets when I take 4-aco-dipt, but 4-aco-det feels very clean with a simular body vibration and energy to 4-ho-dmt. The only downside in my opinion is slightly weeker visuals, but this can be changed by taking higher doses, at least I would think?

How interesting that 4-aco-dipt has the same effect on you as this chemical on me... Haha, now I want to get my hands on some 4-ACO/HO-DIPT and see if I gel with it, alchemically of course. Now that I think about the circumstances of that trip, I'm sure the set and setting contributed to the bodily vibrations (My single dorm room, hostile hallmate across from me etc... Was nice curling up in my bed in winter while nature raged outside though :) ) While I think that played somewhat of a role, but the fact is that "twitchiness" is often described as a side-effect of these type of drugs (Oh those twitchy trypts!) makes the think that they have a greater tendency to cause that reaction regardless of set + setting, not that it happens to everyone... But when it does, it's often unpleasant. Which is why I would caution users to try and avoid it at all costs by taking the right dose in the right place and time. Harm reduction and such, but you knew that all, right? Hehe yeah, carry on...
4-HO-DET: Anyone tried it?

Can anyone give a comparison of this to mushrooms possibly? I can't find any detailed TRP's on it.
The most shrooms I have ever eaten was 3.2 grams of some good ass cubies; I tripped balls haha. Also, my friend said 20 mg's was equal to an eighth of shrooms.
So, I'm just wondering if this chem is worth investing in.
By using the index or search engine you could have found the thread I am merging this with, in any case there are few accounts on it. I myself have 4-AcO-DET stashed in the freezer waiting for a good moment.
I'm probably going to dose around 25 mg on this one as I haven't used a tryptamine in a month or so, so I doubt there will be a cross tolerance.
My friend (and an erowid report I just found :p) told me that in the 25-30 range you can see three-dimensional CEV's, which is extremely interesting to me. I must experience it haha.
I am skeptical that you will experience the exact same as him, but much much more importantly I am skeptical that you could not get those CEVs from a lot of other analogues, actually I have had them with 4-HO-MET and they were absolutely incredible. Indeed at higher doses. 40 mg total, redosed 20 mg within a couple of hours which really upped the intensity a lot. Smoking cannabis with almost no cannabis tolerance REALLY did the trick though.
I'll probably smoke 1-2 mg's of AM-2201. I can't smoke for a while, my job is drug testing :/ (bummer)
I'm looking forward to it though. I've just heard it's kind of superficial or shallow, not very deep or introspective. Is that true with any other 4-HO sub's? (I'm asking that because I know you haven't tried DET yet.)
I have plans on getting this compound(or its acetate ester), so if anyone try it, please make a report, especially if you can compare it to other 4-substituted tryptamines.

Is that true with any other 4-HO sub's? (I'm asking that because I know you haven't tried DET yet.)
Well... 4-HO-MET is nice and enjoyable, but very "generic" psychedelic for me. My two trips on it(on 21 mg and 17 mg) wasn't very deep. But maybe it is just a matter of dose.:)
That doesn't really bother me though. If I wanted a really meaningful trip I'd go buy some acid or smoke some DMT. Sometimes it's nice not to have a mind-expanding thoughtful trip, and just have fun.
I'd compare it to the after effects of a harsh all night MDA trip,
slight irritations, still some stimulation but no euphoria

And quite a bit of color intensification and visuals when not focusing.

Not a drug I'd ever use again after trying it.
Just plugged 20 mg in water and wow it hits fast as hell this way Jesus. Will up date in a bit. There is barely anything on this stuff. How the hell does nausea happen when I plug something? I feel the indole 'about to get sick' feeling but it kills me that this does this when I plug it. Could be remnants of the MXE of earlier but whew plugging goes home fast.

oh and 3-4 ish area i knew who i was but me and god talked a lot
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Gosh, why is there so little info on this stuff? Have had access to it for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it, partially due to the sheer lack of information. The DET family does not seem that popular to me, and I haven't tried any of its members yet. It almost seems like the dialkyltryptamines are all more body-oriented, tremor-inducing, and potentially spiritual than the headdy, highly visual, laughy good time n, methyl-tryptamines. So I suppose I could compare it to 4-ho-met thusly. In any event, I'll definitely let you guys know what I think whenever I DO try this one.
I love 4-ho-det, i have used it around 4 times, if 4-ho-met is shrooms light 4-ho-det is shrooms dark for me, the experince is alot darker fuller and more visual. I have very emotional relises with this one!! very good for getting those life on track experinces. My last experince with this chem i was in my bed cycleing through emotions while having these very sensual rushes. At one point i focused on the sensual rush and held on to it, as i was holding my visuals turned to naked hot women and the rush turned into a great tanric feeling. I held the orgasmic feeling for a few min swimming in naked women and feeling like orgasim pulses through out my body. After it passed i check my underwere to see if i did shoot a load but i did not just total mind orgasim.
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