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The Big & Dandy 4-HO-MET Thread - Part 2

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Bluelight Crew
May 6, 2010

Welcome to the Big & Dandy 4-HO-MET Thread


CAS# for freebase: 77872-41-4

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Excerpt from TIHKAL:

DOSAGE : 10 - 20 mg, orally

DURATION : 4 - 6 hrs

QUALITATIVE COMMENTS : (with 20 mg, orally) "Qualitatively a lot like psilocin. I started within the first half-hour, and at the max, I felt the same alteration of color and form, and times, sound was felt. As with psilocin, the experience was wave-like, with an alteration of effects between near-normal perception at one minute, only to be swept up in a swirl of altered concept the next minute.

EXTENSIONS AND COMMENTARY : First, an apology for just a single entry in the comments section. This, and several other of these substituted hydroxy and methoxy tryptamines, had had earlier evaluations, but the notes are not at hand and cannot be used. Much will have to come back from memory, and there must be an appropriate fuzziness allowed for the concluded generalization as to dose and duration. With this particular compound, some of the original observations suggested that it was more potent than psilocin, certainly more dramatic. But at the bottom line, I doubt that this ethyl homologue, or the isopropyl homologue 4-HO-DIPT for that matter, could be distinguished from the methyl counterpart psilocin in any blind clinical study.

What's to choose between them? From the view-point of synthesis, the cost and availability of the secondary amine will certainly be a factor. Both methylethyl amine and methylisopropylamine are available, but are quite expensive. Dimethylamine, on the other hand, is dirt cheap but it is a recognized precursor to DMT and thus is difficult to find. In any events, the dimethyl compound is widely available in the mycological arena, and I suspect it would be simplest to stay with nature.
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First post! Anyways this is my absolute favorite psychadelic... so recreational and fun without having to feel like shit coming up forever
How feels 4-ho-met come up compared with 4-aco-dmt come up? 4-aco-dmt feels calm and only slight perceptible on come up, without any heart rate raises, tremors, paranoia, etc. Only a biy cold hands hehe, very benign
the come up for me is unpleasant but brief
yeah same with me. 4-aco-dmt has a smooth, barely noticeable come-up
4-ho-met makes me feel a little queezy/nauseous and uncomfortable but as wayab said it is very brief, like maybe 15-25 minutes. It's nowhere near the nausea and uncomfort that the 2c's give, nor does it last for hours

I like this so much better than 4-aco-dmt though, in that this chem is much more clear-headed, euphoric, and often visual. Also it is much more shallow, which some might see as a bad thing but I enjoy just for its recreational value versus having a profound experience (I know many bluelighters might jump on me for that)
Its funny, sometimes i get a terrible bodyload with vomit up my throat (never vomitted though!) but quickly disappears (15min.) and sometimes its barely noticeable.

But 2c-b for an example is worse.
comeup is ime a little abrupt, but about as anxiogenic as most other rc tryptamines. the bodyload is one of the least ive experienced, so it really shines as far as easy going, euphoric tryptamines go...

its also quite nice in the erotic department... anyone else feel this way?
Yeah feels erotic for sure ! I had trouble with comedown and my fried did too ! (Shallow breathing, irregular heartbeat, coldness, shaking...) =( Too bad cause 4-HO-MET is so fucking hilarious ! I have so much fun with it :) I will stock some for sure !
Eroticism is the LEAST thing I got on my mind during 4-ho-met trip. I've tried watching porn but my mind is just somewhere else.
well i also think it depends a little on the doses involved... as with all psychedelics, get too deep and indeed sex would be at the very back of your mind...
Would you guys advice this drug to take on your own? Whenever I wanna try new psychedelics I always have the urge to try them alone.
I've only done this alone, although 99.9% of the time when I trip it's a solo one.

If you're comfortable with solo trips then I can't see much of a problem, providing you know your limits. Having something to calm you down just in case might be a good idea.
Ordered 300 mg:). Anyone thats knows anything about the legal status in Belgium?
Hello Lucid420 :)

I'm from Belgium and I ordered 4-HO-MET many times at various quantites and never had a problem. I got caught with it by cops and went fine too :p Most of the RC's are legal in Belgium ;) That's a pretty cool country for RC !
Last night I tried this for the second time with a higher dose than the first time (9mg)
I took ~22mg and it was so much fun. No nausea was felt the entire time and visuals got pretty intense but completely bearable. Even when things confused me, I just found it all funny.
But, when I started to come down my face (and some of my body) went all puffy and red. I had no allergic reaction the first time.
It wasnt too much of an issue to me as my breathing and heart rate stayed normal the whole time but just strange as I have never heard of this happening to anyone else before.
The only reason this bothers me is because next time I would like to up the dose even higher but I am worried that this weird reaction will get worse with higher does.
If anyone else has experienced similar reactions please let me know.
But, when I started to come down my face (and some of my body) went all puffy and red. I had no allergic reaction the first time.


I get this too, and its a little ichy and the body feels warm in a weird dry way.
Are you sure you're really puffy and red and it's not the drug making you feel that way? I remember when I shared 2C-E with my inexperienced friend and he thought his arms were red and swollen, but they weren't - he was just seeing them that way due to the light and the drug's effects. I'd recommend getting someone sober to check if you're really experiencing that or not, and if you are, I'd take great caution in upping your doses - unless someone else can shed some light on what this is and it turns out to be harmless :)
I get a slighty flushed face and on the upper chest a friend of mine does this aswell, on the comedown my body feels very dry and hot in a slighty uncomfortable way.
Are you sure you're really puffy and red and it's not the drug making you feel that way?

This is also what I was thinking the whole time and I did ask people and they said I looked really red but not puffy but when I was to look in a mirror (I had almost completely come down now) I did look puffy.
However, I think I may try this again at the same dose before upping it, to check that this is definitely the case just to make sure. This time if it happens again I will get someone to check me before and after (maybe take pictures so they can compare easier)
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