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The Big & Dandy 4-PropO-DiPT Thread

dilated pupil said:
I received one gram of this substance today.
What would be a save dose to start testing with?
First I would try to confirm if your substance is "4-propionyl-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine" as <pyridinyl_30> suggested or "4-propionyloxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine". If it is the latter, start very low, but it will probably turn out to be be like AcO-DiPT in almost every way I guess. If it is the first: the effects could be totally unpredictable and I would proceed very carefully.
Riemann Zeta said:
You could certainly do an ultra-low dose just to confirm the safety (well, more to confirm the authenticity of the material). After that, I doubt it would be more potent than 4-OH-DiPT, which I found amazing (but super short acting) at 25-30mg, so that's probably where I'd begin after testing for idiosyncratic reactions.
i would suggest scaling it up more in the manner of a more unknown chem (rather than one related to a known chem). Every chemical is unique...we still don't know the biosynthetic pathways completely for most of these chems...this chemical could be a curveball in our understanding.
The substance is 4-propionyl-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine so I followed planckunits advice and started carefully by ingesting 2 mg this evening.
Within 15 minutes I started to feel a little bit lightheaded (most likely placebo).
The lightheadedness went away after a few minutes and nothing else was felt.
Luckily I didnt't felt any idiosyncratic reactions either.
So tomorrow or in the weekend I will try 5 mg or more.
I'm pretty sure this substance is the propionate/propanoate ester (the synth is much more straightforward and obvious). Same thing as 4-propionyl, propionyl just isn't used very much. For instance, the propanoate ester of l-carnitine is propionyl-l-carnitine.
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Ingested 5 mg today.
Felt a kind of restlessness within 30 minutes after ingestion and very mild stimulation.
But it was not even a +1 on the Shulgin scale.

I haven't tried 4-aco-dipt or 4-ho-dipt so I can't compare any of the effects but it seems to me that the active dose is in the same range.
But I continue to test as safe as possible.
Next weekend: 10mg
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I got home from work real early and I'm not able to test 4-pro next weekend (going to iron maiden on saterday that means a hangover on sunday :| ) so I tought why not take it now.
I measured 12mg at 15.00 and went to the grocery store, when I walked in at 15.15 I noticed the first effects and was constantly distracted.
On the way back home I started to get a bit nausea and noticed that the my sight was slightly altered (intence colors) and sound sounded a bit distant.
When I walked into my appartment I noticed my tongue and fingers felt a bit rubberish.
At 15.30 I lain down on the couch (I wasn't nausea anymore) and started staring at the clouds wich seems to morph into each other a bit.
My tought patterns where affected and started thinking about that I have no reason to complain about my current life but I'm doing it a lot anyway, so I decided to quit doing that starting right now.
At a certain moment I stared at the ceiling for a while and then I started to see some patterning but it never got really psychedelic but it will be at 20 mg for sure!=D
At 16.50 I was back at baseline.

The 'trip' felt like the comedown of a great mushroom trip but with a nice warm body high (especially in the legs) and a clearer mind.
It also felt really 'clean' after the nausea was gone.

Strange enough I didn't find it stimulating at this dose at 5 mg I thought it was but it was probably placebo.
I didnt't expected these effects with this dose, looks like 1+1=3 with this drug compared with the 5 mg 'experience'.

Can't wait for the 15 or 20mg experience but I'm a bit busy the next week.:\
patience patience......
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Have heard from others that the dosage should be 15-30 mg. The effects last 10-16 hours in general and the experience should be somewhat similar to 4-AcO-DiPT. I haven't tried it myself however. Maybe sometime in the future. It's quite expensive where I live for some reason.
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If the effects last that long it could make for a very neat long-lasting DMT analogue. We'll see when more reports roll in, I guess.
4-propanoyl-dipt should metabolize to 4-ho-dipt, just like 4-aco-dipt does. So I'm guessing that the effects would not be very different.
It's more lipophilic so more may get past the BBB, and in the event that it must undergo metabolism to become active, at a dose of 15-30mg it may produce longer effects because of a drawn out metabolism. Certainly the 4-AcO's last longer in me.

But, we'll see.
^ thats true but I always just thought that was because of their latency in onset/smoother onset? (they take like 30-45 minutes to really get going and 4-HO's take like 10-15)
It's the (faux) oral rule of pharmacokinetics: speedy in, speedy out, slowly in, slowly out (you'll notice pretty much everything in PiHKAL/TiHKAL with a long duration has a slow oral comeup). That is, a compound with longer duration usually takes longer to reach peak plasma levels than a compound with shorter duration. The 4-HOs usually take 45 minutes to peak for me though, and the AcOs take an hour.