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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy 5-MeO-DiPT Thread


Jul 28, 2000

5-MeO-MiPT vs 5-MeO-DiPT



Original Post:

Well I've taken 5-MeO-DiPT all ways but snorting now(and of course I've not plugged it thats just gross).....I've come to the conclusion that IV is the best route for 5-MeO-Dipt. As many of you may have read in the trip reports section some time ago I tried IV 4 mg of 5-MeO-DiPT and had nothing but good things to say about the experience. Well last night I tried intramuscular 4 mg. At first it was not fun at all, but later it started feeling really good. I've come to the conclusion that the reason 5-MeO-DiPT may not feel as good as it has the potential to is the transitions are agrivating. The coming up stages do not feel *good*. IV is the fastest way to reach the peak, and there is less transition time and you will have optimal results. Also the 4 mg dose may be a tad low for you psyconaughts out there, but 4 mg IV/IM route the peak is really mellow and the effects are most greatly felt to the body. Its just a general all around mellow and feel-good trip at 4 mg. Its not "I'm blown away!" its "I feel good." more like a body trip.
Also, the solution I had was around 8 months old and the risk of bacteria was present. So what I did was, noting that the melting point of 5-MeO-DiPT is 180 degress celcious I heated the water and evaporated it in a spoon. I then washed with Isoproply to steralize the solution, evaporated, then put 40 units of distilled water in the solution, filtered, and injected into my shoulder. This method seems to be effective.
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Thanks for the info Deus, I have been wanting a trip report on that
5-MEO-DIPT and the bad rap

Why are there so many posts saying that foxy sucks? what's the deal...
I have taken it 3 times...
the first was kinda of painful
the 2nd and 3rd were with MDMA and were beautiful....
Yeah it doesn't leave you feeling like you have moe insite as to what is going on around you but it is pretty damn fun...

anyhow, why do you all dislike it so much?
I love it at low doses. At high doses, I don't like what it does to my mindframe or the body load.
It a nice "every once in a while" drug. It's just not a super intense thing.
Interestingly, I have found that women are much more likely to enjoy Foxy than men. It seems the sense of eroticism the drug can produce is more prevalent with the ladies.
I wonder if other's can attest to this observation as well?
"I dislike the drug you are using, but I would defend with my life your right to use it."
- Paraphrase on Voltaire
"He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man."
- Dr. Johnson
"We do not sense imagination enough to sense what we are missing."
-Jean Toomer
I personally like foxy, but hate the stomache/digestive/throwing up feelings with higher doses... <12 is Fun and a really nice semi-trip id say, but i like the visuals i get with >16 ...its just tough to deal with excess saliva and craps and that shitty intestinal feeling for an hour before having fun...
And Ironicly my GF hates it cuz it gave her a bad trip at the 15-25 mark, and she didnt like me throwing up... But i still think its a "nice chemical."
FWIW In my extensive field research on this chem, I love it and all the guys I've given it to have loved it generally under the 10mg range - a couple took double that and had just as much or more enjoyment though.
The 1 girl that had taken it with me and a group of guys one nite didn't like it at all - she said it made her feel disconnected from everything. This is probably a case of setting however since she had never taken the drug before and we were at the Fillmore which was packed to the gills that evening.
I have found that high doses can be enjoyable or very troubling, none the less all interesting...
The best time was when we combined MDMA and Foxy in this order...
initally we took 20mg foxy and 120mg pure MDMA and half a pink elephant (supposedly 75mg MDMA + what ever)
T+1 - At this point we have started to feel the combo take action. We suffer from no nausia at all. So we took the other half of the pink elephant and 10mg more foxy.
T+1.5 - we were blasted into a wonderfully blissfull place. This is what E is supposed to be like. Visuals are very marked but mellow. Thoughts are clear. The sensation of touch is fantastic.
T+3 - Nothing could be better except swimming... so we jump in and it's nothing less than a full spritual orgasmic experiance.
T+5 - it's now four in the morning and are still continuing to go up! There has been nosign of ever coming down at this point.
T+7 - still on the way up after haveing some great conversations with friends about the implications of having roommates. We retreat to the bed room
T+13 - after paying in the bedroom for 6 hours we disided that we have to stop for a breather... We eat some breakfast, replenish our fluids, and go back to the bedroom.
T+17 - We are still just as high as we where 10 hours ago. Starting to come down at this point. Given up on sex because it has become almost rediculous. Being at orgasm for 9+ hours does cause some phisical discomfort after a while. So, we stop take some prozac and 5htp...
T+20 - We are completely down now and feel completely normal except for the soarness down below...
T+23 - Off to bed sleep comes easily for my wife. Takes me about an hour or 2 more. B's teeth grinding kept me up.
Felt completely refreshed the next day just a little sore and hazy...
So I would have to say if taken in the right combinations Foxy and MDMA completely potentiate eachother...Be careful boys and girls...
5-meo-dipt, complete waste of time

Being completely bored of most substances out there My wife and I purchased a gram of Foxy... A mistake to say the lease....
This substance is really hit or miss with it's way to high body load.
the first does we took was 20mg... Come up was similar to LSD. At the peak we found it to be a slightly visual drug... everything got a ripply quality to it... colors were very intence... Paranoia dominated the first 2 hours... The DEA was dring around next to our camp site at 4:00am in the moring getting ready to raid us...(all in our head but there were 4 black SUVs driving around the dead end out camp site was in at 4:00am...)
Paranoia passed.... Extream bodyload much like shrooms but way worse...
come down was ok... felt fine the next day...
2nd exp.
Puerto Viarta, Mexico...
30mg - room bacame very long and equalibrium was so off that we felt as if we were walking on the walls...
Super dupper extream paranoia...we wanted to leave the resort we were at because we thought that is was some kind of crule joke that the place sucked so bad... Yadda Yadda realised it was the drugs and had some sex on the beach....
3rd time... Now this was a shining experience... 200mg MDMA(powder) 2 Pink elephants and 35mg Foxy....
This was absolutly amzing... felt the best we had ever felt... lasted 18 hours... partied from 10pm to 4pm the next day... got to bed a 6pm.... flet like absolute crap the next day but thats because we took no vitaimins or post load....
4th time sucked ass.... 10 hits liquid(estimated quantity), 25mg foxy, 200mg MDMA(powder)
Took the acid...viles top fell off in my mouth and the rest of the vile pured in... "Uh oh, I think that was alot of acid" 5 minutes later I could see through walls cloths floors, people.... Couldn't feel my body, and couldn't really see reality... 2 hours passed and I have gotten used to the trip...extream body load... lots of pain....
Take some MDMA and foxy to mello it out and it does for a bit...2 hours later my skin started to peal from my body... I look at my body and see my tendons tear from my ligaments, I realize that the drugs have shifted my gentic make up and is causing my body to liquify I melt into the earth and I am now dead.
I am still on earth but a now twisted and demented version everything got a yellow glow to it... the the tree sticking out of the ground looked like human limbs sticking out of the ground with huge wounds in them seathing blood out... birds were normal except for the crows with turned into deamon like creatures with blood and tidbits of flesh hanging out of their mouths...
At first I wansn't that scared but then I noticed the I coundn't feel my heart... so now the scariness has set in and I'm ready for the trip to stop.... So we go to the pool and go for a swim. It seems like everyone is taking at me...and no things about about me that I want no one to know... everyone knows experiences and my name... I ignore them and finally they go away....
I pull all my mental resources and pull myself out of the dismal pit I'm in... through meditation I am able to reconstruct my flesh back on to my body (this was so bizarr and interesting)
Finally after 6 hours at the pool I feel pretty normal again... And never want to experiance anything like that again....
5th foxy -
started the night great 300mg 5-HTP + a good multi-vit 3 hours in advance....
250mg MDMA and that was supposed to be it...but we felt so great that we wanted more... so we took 15mg foxt thinking that maybe it was the dosage that was too high in our prior experiance.... well forget about it.... The body load intolerable... went from feeling great to felling like complete crap within two hours... all the empathy became disdane and disorder... we couldn't move with out felling like shit... my wife and I felt like we were on completely different chanels and very distant.... Finally it wore of and everything was fine....
so my point is that Foxy really sucks and has really nothing good to offer anyone...
i have give it to 10 of our friends and they have the same reactions... one time is great but most every other time is the worst time the have ever had in their lives....
Foxy is not foxy it sould be called Hell death....
oh yeah the one thing that we have noticed from foxy is that if you have and acne problem it will completely clear it.
So if you want clear skin take Foxy and got through hell and then the next day you will be nice and oxy clean.... woo hoo....
Still deciding weather or not to dump the rest of that foxy shit down the toilet....
While some people love it and some hate it.
I've found that under 15mg it is a great drug especially when mixed with pot.
Over that and the effects change for the worse and the body load gets worse too.
I would try one last time at about 12mg with some bud. It's like a totally different drug!
5-meo-dipt will be the next drug I try with my tripping companion, so I enjoyed reading your post even though I am sorry you had negative experiences. She wants to keep the dosage low and just go for the subtle mood enhancement, so hopefully that will work for us.
you start the doses at 20mg and you come to a conclusion of "complete waste of time"...
well, shit, of coure you didn't enjoy it...you skipped right past the recommened range for a pleasurable experience; I'm not saying you can't have good experiences at other higher doses, but most people who like, seem to take much smaller amounts.
personally I've taken anywhere from about 6mg to 18mg or so...and I much prefer it in the 8-10mg range.
however, I do agree that larger doses do appear to create a decent dose of paranoia....but I think 4 black SUVs driving around my campsite at 4am would give me an unhealthy dose of paranoia regardless of any drugs.
5-MeO-DiPT Density?

Anyone know the density (preferably as accurate as mg/ml, but I'll make do with whatever I can get) of 5-MeO-DiPT?
Trying to find the volume/dosage.
It probably would be easier to check myself, but I've got another three weeks or so before I can afford to get my analytical balance. Just trying to get everything in order before then.
Um... the question you are asking pretty much demonstrates you haven't the slightest clue.
The amount of a chemical dissolved in a liquid depends on (get this) how much was dissolved in there in the first place!
Take two glasses of water. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of sugar in one, dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar in the other.
What is the density of sugar? Well, in one glass, it's 1T/glass, in the other, it's 2T/glass.
Now, replace "sugar" with "5-meo-dipt", "glasses" with "milliliter", and "tablespoon" with "milligram". All that discussion works just the same.
Ergo, the "density" of 5-meo-dipt in "mg/ml" is simply not a well-defined concept.
the litre is, technically, not a fundamental SI unit.
like "year" and even "newton", it's defined in terms of other units; 1 L = 1000 cm³. therefore, 1 mL = 0.001 L = 1 cm³. it is convenient that 1 mL of water has a mass of approximately 1 g at STP, but that has nothing to do with the definition of the kilogram and is just a planned coincidence.
so.. density = mass / volume and it's usually described in g/cm³. density is a characteristic property, meaning that 5-MeO-DMT has only one density. (different forms of the same compound, e.g. different crystal structures and/or enantiomers, may have different densities).
remember that a powder must be packed solid, as densely as possible, to get the correct density. you are unlikely to be able to measure the solid by volume because the volumes will be quite small; even a 5 mL graduated cylinder wouldn't be precise enough.
the only real error in your question, if you interpret mL as cm³ (though it's not proper to discuss solids in mL, it's more bad form than a fundamental misunderstanding of what a millilitre is), is wanting to know the density down to mg/mL is a statement of precision (to 0.001 g/mL) rather than of accuracy.
but density depends on the compound, on temperature and on pressure, so it's somewhat difficult to work with... it's not really practical.
last thing about density: if you wanted to be an evil chembitch and say that mg/mL must still refer to a liquid, then you could just state the density of liquid 5-MeO-DMT at a certain temperature. unless it decomposes below its melting point at 101.3 kPa, which it probably does; so you'd have to specify the density of the liquid at a certain temperature and a certain high pressure. =P
oh, yeah. that thing about dissolving stuff in water: that's concentration. yes, a solution of 1 teaspoon of sugar in a glass of water will have a different density than a solution of 2 teaspoons, but there's actually no way you can calculate that relationship just by knowing volumes; the mass of a solution is equal to the mass of the solute and solvent but the volume is not. too bad. the stuff you gave is concentration (non-molar, anyway)
now the hard part -- i couldn't find it anywhere. the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics doesn't list it (the closest one is tryptamine) and i couldn't estimate it cause the program crashed. =P
you don't really need to know the density.
you need to prepare a 'stock solution' with a known concentration. find the mass of everything and dissolve it in a known amount of solvent.
using a volumetric flask. bottom of the meniscus at eye level.
or just wait for your balance =P
Thanks for your info Roches... Most of it I already knew, but since the gelcaps I've got list their size in mg/ml I just copied that on over. The only thing I didn't realize was that a ml and a cubic centimeter came out to be the same, although I should have, that'll make life easier in the future.
I was trying to avoid the solvent issue if at all possible, but that may be the easiest, if not the most practicle, way of doing things in the end. Either that or shell out $7,500 for a powder mixer and tablet press, which, for personal use, is just a wee bit much for my taste.
I think I learned the sugar/glasses concentration in, oh, I dunno, 6th grade science. The only concentration I'd have to deal with this is that fact that the 5-MeO-DiPT is 99.5% pure (give or take), but I'm not going to be that anal about it.
Its called a scale... and with foxy you should have a good one due to the very low dose.
Just pop the $300 for a decent scale aculab makes a nice one that is accurate to the mg.