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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy 5-MeO-DiPT Thread

Do you have the model number of it? The cheapest one I found that is accurate to a mg is a $675 Ohaus.
oh, the point of it wasn't really directed towards you.
or anyone.
i needed to waste time. i needed not to study.
yet to still do something that felt vaguely like studying.
i'm sure you knew practically all of it.
but still, you better make sure those gelcaps are packed *hard* if you're going to depend on density to measure the dose.
if you're *highly* determined you might as well do the same concept as the solvent with a known amount of excipient; mix all the dipt with lactose or something, so that 1 cap = 1 dose, and fill the caps. kind of like dissolving it, only you're mixing it with a solid. (big ups homeopathy for that one.)
that way, the mass per cap will depend on the volume of powder containing a fraction of a known mass of DIPT, rather than on the density of DIPT, which is a property measured for very closely packed powdered or crystalline DIPT, not for the loosely packed stuff you have.
from what i know this stuff is really dose-sensitive, so you'll need to be careful.
i still say wait for the scale. =P
That was really the plan to start with. Although I'm skipping lactose and gelcaps and probably going with DiPac, maybe microcrystaline cellulose, or something similar, and vegicaps so I can be nice and vegan friendly for a few friends who are planning on joining me.
I just don't want to have to hand weigh 300 extremely small doses
Well.. a couple things
first the Acculab PP2060D is a nice portable scale acurate to 1mg up to 50grams. About $300
Second...do you realize how small 15mgs is? a baby asprin around 300mg.
Third...I really don't like the sound of 300 doses. I hope it doesn't mean what I think it does.
I'm not selling to the general public, or as anything other than 5-MeO-DiPT if that's your concern.
My first encounter with it was with a purple alien I had bought thinking I was getting MDMA. I know how fucked it was for me to get it not knowing what to expect, I wouldn't do that to anyone else.
Also, I'm doing 5mg a cap, so I can vary the dosage, so the 300 doses really only comes out to me 1.5 grams...

The first time I did this stuff was just a week ago or so. I ended up doing close to 100mg and felt absolutely nothing. I was comlpetely disappointed. Um....just now I did maybe 50mg and I am feeling every bit of it. Reminds me of this thread: http://www.bluelight.ru/cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=38&t=001144&p=
specifically Sovietcontins post
So far it's really fun. I mean real fun. I think I love this stuff.
I'm not too sure about "loving" Foxy, but it definitely is an enjoyable experience. It sort of felt like MDMA + LSD + Vicidon + some kind of crazy upper to give me shitloads of energy. My body would keep on having "spasms" of pure energy, it was interesting. Then other times I would be laying back, feeling sooo good I couldn't even think. Seconds, please.
It sucks......Gives me the shits like crazy, oh wtf, 100mg and nothing, but 50mg and something? thats just wierd, 100mg is supposed to send you spiraling out of controll.
Yes, yes "Spams" of energy. I ended up laying down cause I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I could have had a good time on a thrid of this dose. Anyway I layed down and yeah, my body kept having these uh spasms of energy or some shit. I fell asleep. I woke up about a half hour later fully alert saying something about going to church. I didnt know where I was or what time it was or nothin. Overall this was really fun. I think next time I'll try 15mg or so.
kidz, please don't play with 100mg of foxy in one sitting. if what you had was real foxy, then 100mg would have landed you either in the hospital or the loony-bin. the dosage for foxy is between 6-18mg. i get totally rocked on around 13mg of foxy everytime for the next 6hours. fun stuff.
What I have is definately real foxy. I should clarify. I didnt do 100mg at once. I started out with 25mg insufflated. Got nothing but a horrible drip. About an hour later I took a few oral doses that equaled about 50mg. Still nothing. I then smoked the rest which was about 25mg.
Tonight was completely different. I took a single oral dose of about 50mg and I was rocked. At one point it was so intense that I had to lay down. I woke up awhile later which I thought was weird.
Anyway, the duration of this drug seems very short which is fine with me. 3 hours after I dosed I am now feeling fine and waiting for the Domino's guy.
15mg is my upper limit for foxy, any higher simply causes more bad side effects and no aditional good effects
I've noticed that Foxy is strange in that you can remain VERY clear headed while things around you seem alien.
I've gotten to 60mgs before.
I don't think 100mgs would neccessarily drive people out of control, although I doubt it would be a good experience.
Foxy did nothing more than subtle below 10mgs for me. 15mg was a more reasonable dose. 30mgs would be my suggested stopping point if you haven't used it a lot.
Ford, another posibility with your batch could be that it was handled improperly. It oxidases quickly and easy, reducing the potency and increasing the negative side effects. But who knows? I'm convinced something was wrong with your batch, though.
first case of 5-MeO-DIPT (foxy) in pills?

Looks like EcstasyData.org has just received their first positive test for 5-MeO-DIPT in an "ecstasy" pill. I've seen several posts on the possibility of of research chemicals appearing in pills and the topic of them becoming more popular with the more "mainstream" drug using population, but this is the fist proof I've seen of this actually occuring. Has anyone else seen any official testing results for research chemicals in "ecstasy"?
Here's the link to the pill I'm talking about..
Dancesafe is a better place to go for this, as they've been logging GC/MS results for longer. Check out the advanced search engine.
Unless you're counting DXM, this isn't happening a lot. There were BZP/TMFPP containing pills going around for awhile, and there has been mention of 5-meo-dipt and 2c-t-7 being sold as ecstasy.
In response to a slight bit of misinformation by CrystalMethBunny (no personal attack or offense meant) ecstasydata.org has pill results logged all the way back to 1995 whilst dancesafe has recorded pill from 1999 onward. Dancesafe assisted in startup of ecstasydata.org as well as erowid and the MAPS project. Ecstasydata.org is a compilation of the results from Dancesafe's lab, plus DDL and other sources as well. Ecstasydata.org tends to post pill testing results for new pills more quickly than DanceSafe, but DS also offers a wealth of information on drugs in general and current media and news happenings, whereas ecstasydata.org is strictly a data resource of pill information for harm reduction workers (like myself), medical professionals and any other intersted party.
The current dancesafe pill reports do indeed show the same pill that tested positive by the GC/MS test as 5-MeO-DIPT. This leads to an potentially perplexing situation. Someone who takes multiple pills of a 5-MeO-DIPT pill could be in for a potentially uncomfortable experience due to its sharp dose/response curve. Does this indicate a new genre of misrepresented pills using research chems as ingredients? Possibly, but IMO as long as other cheaper, more readily available adulterants (DXM, Aspirin, Sominex etc....) these would probably account for a smaller percentage of misrepresented pills.
To all that read this post, this is yet another reinforcement to the adage, buy a test kit or have someone test you pills for you. No drug is 100% safe, but harm reduction is exactly that.
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1 gram of 5-MeO-DIPT USD $233.00. Common dose of 10-15 mg = 66.6-100 doses per gram. Cost per dose of USD $2.33-$3.50.
5 grams DXM USD $37.50. Common dose in misrepresented pills (extrapolated): 200-300mg = 16.66 - 25 doses per 5 grams. Cost per dose of USD $1.50 - $2.25
By my math this shows DXM to be potentially twice as cost effective for an unscrupulous individual to make misrepresented pills. Using The minimum common dosages for each substance the substance cost per lot of 1000 pills of 5-MeO: USD 2,330.00. 1000 Pills of DXM: USD $1,500. This equals an additional profit: USD $ 833.00 for this misrepresenting producer/pusher/what may have you to use DXM instead of 5-MeO-DIPT.
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