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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy 5-MeO-DiPT Thread

I've seen those aliens around.
There are white ones, and purple ones around.
Pill reports, actually shows the contents of this pill. The purple ones have "grape kool-aid' in it. (no kidding)
and hence, the pills smell like grape, (I hear that a lot of people take them, because they think they are vitamins)
Oh good god... 5-MeO-DIPT pills. Great. Not only will this now get 5-MeO-DIPT made illegal faster, but we'll have toilets at raves getting backed up and overflowing from all the diarrhea.
Not to mention the acceleration of scheduling of the rest of the research chems. I can see it now, one big blanket law to cover all of them.
Acording to Dance safe the contents of that pill are 5-MeO-DiPT (100.0%) and it mass is 256mg. Does that suggest that there is 256mg of 5-meo-dipt in it? Or does that 100% exclude any fillers?
No, that's weight with binders. 256 mg. is how much the entire pill weighs. There could be anywhere from 1-200 mg., possibly more. I'm not really sure what percentage of binders you need to make a pill stay together.
The last two parties I've gone to actually, were in toilet free warehouses. Kinda nice actually... sure you had to go through the parking lot, across the railroad tracks, and into the nearby gas station if you wanted to use the bathroom, but I never had to step over a 15 year old doing it.
Oh, and don't complain about prices. I know *you* have a basement full of monkeys with advanced degrees in chemistry, but most of us don't.
These have been around for quite a while. I took one several months ago, was stupid and didn't test (it was purchased from a trusted friend), and ended up thinking I was going to die of a heart attack for several hours.
Turned me off of 5-MeO-DiPT, to say the least.
I heard there were only 7 mg in these pills, if that's true, I couldn't imagine taking the higher doses I hear people talking about.
It probably would have been a lot of fun if I knew what I was getting.
no you wouldnt of, Foxy sucks. Dont waste your time, unless your planning on getting laid while tripping on it, or are just out there to try psychedelics for experiance comparisons.
Is Foxy (5-meo-dipt) an MAOI??

I read a post on here saying that all tryptamines are MAOIs to some degree. And I know you shouldn't do MAOIs with E. But when i was researching mixing Foxy with E (a few months ago), no one mentioned a problem with Foxy being an MAOI.
So now I am worried again. Is Foxy an MAOI? If so, is it weak enough to mix with E safely?
for the MAO-I effects of Foxy to start to even become chemicaly noticeable you would have to ingest 300-400mg, dont worry about mixing foxy with E. If that kinda candy flip floats your boat then have fun.
Yes, it is an MAOI, as are all tryptamines. Anything that is metabolized by MAO is an MAOI in that it ties up MAO while the enzyme is breaking it down. Most tryptamines are not very strong MAOIs because they break down quickly... for example, DMT or 5-MeO-DIPT. Some tryptamines are strong MAOIs because they have a high bonding affinity for MAO and are very difficult to break down, and they keep the MAO enzymes occupied for a long time, letting other chemicals sit around unmetabolized - the strong MAOI tryptamines include harmine and yohimbine.
You do not need to worry about mixing 5-MeO-DIPT with MDMA... at least, you dont have to worry about MAO being a problem.
There are 2 kinds of MAO enzymes, A and B. There's lots of info about this on Erowid, they've got an entire section on MAOIs and how they work. Worth reading.
The reason DMT needs another MAOI to work orally is because the MAO enzyme breaks DMT down very quickly. Theoretically, you could take a large enough dose to tie up all your MAO and have enough DMT left over to make you trip, but so far nobody's figured out how much that takes. Over a gram, at least. When you take harmine, the MAO is more attracted to that than the DMT. Its also very hard to break down, so while the MAO is busy working on the harmine, the DMT can do its thing.
Freebase 5-meo-dipt?

Simply pouring the 5-meo-dipt into household ammonia yeiled crystals which i assumed was some sort of freebase. I filtered them out and washed them with water and smoked via tweak pipe. I found the onset almost immediate, which was suprising. I found my self fiending for more after the first hit, which is unusual for tryptamines. I ended up smoking a total of 40mg over the course of a few hours. It seems like there is less body load but more of rush. Is there a better freebase procedure? I still think dipt is kind of a drag. It feels like im one of those toads being pressed against those glass plates. Maybe your body hurts for a reason? Man.
5-meo-dipt = poison?

I've gone through a fair amount of foxy and find that the body load becomes more annoying with continued use. Not only does it feel like poison to my body, the thoughts I have from the dipt are usually paranoid or unproductive. Yes there are good parts, but it definately lasts longer than 6 hours, especially with higher dosages, which can be annoying. Low doses, in my opinion, are similar to smoking high quality marijuana because they both seem to be sensory stimulants and they both make you hungry. Actually, I think foxy gives you the "munchies" more than marijuana. Could it possibly be more harmfull than other tryptamines, especially since its so complex and synthetic. Isn't it newer than other tryptamines?
10 times? I'm talking more about after you've gone through almost 1/2g, but over time. I've never taken more than 40mg at one time. Does anybody else feel strong body pain and discomfort? I believe it may be a result of the oversensitivity that foxy often causes. I've seen one person vomit from about 35mg, but myself have felt little stomach discomfort. I like smoking the freebase or snorting as opposed to injesting. The physical aspects are just a bit unnerving. I want to know if there is a specific reason, and if so if its due to high toxicity (comparatively).
My average dose was around 17-20mg. And I took it at most 3 times within 7 days, but not usually. I still have quite a bit (about 580mg) and am getting perhaps a little burnt out on it. I know, I don't respect. What sets it apart from other common tryptamines is that Shulgin invented it, and its the most like LSD. I wonder what the consequences are. I'm sure there have people who have taken 1000mg+ over time. Aren't there?