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The Big & Dandy 5-MeO-DMT Thread - First Launch

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I have tried both DMT and 5-meo-dmt and there really isnt much to compare them. DMt is much nicer, smoother, happier and feels much less harsh on the body, my adivce would be to avoid 5-meo-dmt if you can get dmt even if dmt is twice the price.
^^^^Dipt is not Garbage, I bet you never even tried DiPT, So stop saying stupid bullshit. DiPT has one of the best tryptamine body highs, its not visual at all, but hearing gets thrown out of wack, you hear things that are not there, everythine eachos, and its hard to understand anyone, its hella fun I think.
Are you talking about DiPT or 5-MeO-DiPT. I have never personally researched the auditory only DiPT but I sure would like to.
5-MeO-DiPT is garbage to me. It is the shittiest material I have ever tried, nothing more than a shity body high/load with mild visuals and no psychedelic (mind-expanding) effect. Total waste of time. Dredful experience. Obviously, this material is different to different people. Some love it, some hate it. I am in the latter group.
morning glory, you are completely right, dpt is rad, ever triued???? dipt is gargbabge does it even get ypou hih??? sorry writing on lemons is hard.....
morning glory, you are completely right, dpt is rad, ever triued???? dipt is gargbabge does it even get ypou hih??? sorry writing on lemons is hard.....
5-meo-dipt is garbage unless you start getting into the really herioc doses. DiPT is diffrent, its body high is second to none when it comes to tryptamines, its not dose senstative at all, the threshold dose is around 30mg, where enjoyable doses range anywhere between 75-200mg. The Audiotory hallucinations on DiPT are just simply wonderfull, if not a bit scary at times. When you get into really high doses you litteraly hear your self think, like your talking to your self, your social skills get completly run over, you cant carry on a normal conversation with anyone, because you think they are saying what they really arnt, everything has long lasting eachos, think of them as Auditory tracers, but there is no visual hallucinations at all, your pupils will get dialated, but other then that your vision is fine. DiPT is good shit, not crap like 5-meo-dipt, the only Foxy tripp I ever enjoyed was the one where I accidently took 125mg, I kept doing things I was sure I wasnt doing, etc etc, I should post some tripp reports on the trip reports forum, maybe then I could share my tryptamine exerptiances with every one.
Originally posted by draen:
morning glory, dpt is rad, ever triued???
Have I tried DPT? Yes, it is one of the best entheogens I have tasted. True psychonaut material. Here are some of my experiences.
I have since found that the IM route is the best manor of administration (never smoked it though). DPT also goes SO well with ketamine. 45 mg DPT/120 mg ketamine IM will produce a complete near-death experience for even the hardest head.
THANKS to all who agree with me, son i've tried every phenythlamine(spelled wrong), dissociative, tryptamine and so on i can get my hands on and dipt is garbage@!!!! 5meo dipt is a waste of cashg..
yes dpt with nn and meo and k is amazing
lemons are 714s
thanks for the recipe for dpt/k im. sounds
im editing to repeat DPT is awesokme!!!!! tryptamines rule, thanks morning for your support. there is another trypt out there i dont want to mention here but is sweet.. similar to
morning, have you tried nn with dpt and k??? hell even meo with k is okay.. its just that once you fall in love with nn 5meo is just like mexican shwag weed to the jack herers.....
[ 19 December 2001: Message edited by: draen ]
How would you explain the difference of 5-meo and regular DMT, regular is a little harder to get in these regions, I am basically the only supplier i have ever seen...and at $100 for 250mg....$20 for 5mg is quite a profit...hehe

$20 for 5mgs? The full experience takes more like 10mgs.
Also note that your profit brings 5-MeO-DMT one step closer to prohibition. If I ever found, you'd be eating a curb and sucking a gun in your mouth like a dick, faggot bitch.
You are the epitome of why the establishment is under the notion that drugs should remain illegal and you do a deservice to the rest of our community by greed-fueled irresponsibility.
I hope you die from AIDS, homo.
[ 19 December 2001: Message edited by: SovietContin ]
soviethomie, rigtht oin,,, these folks don't understand trypts... meo and so on, they will hopefully in a good place but 420whatever your naame is, u r a greedy piece of shit... dimitra is God sent not sent from you and your 20 5mg doses.......``
SovietContin, I totally agree...people that sell our last remaining legal entheogens are pieces of shit, but let's keep the name calling down and try to act like adults.
draen, what is n,n? You mean DMT? If you are asking if I have done DMT with ketamine, DPT or both the answer is no. Smoking 20 mg. of DMT after a very powerful 45 mg. 2C-T-7 trip produced a somewhat hellish experience and I have since decided that DMT is best taken alone. Actually I would smoke DMT while on mushrooms but that is it. I have also never combined 5-MeO-DMT and ketamine but that also sounds like an experiment in the works.
Man you need to seriously be careful if you thinking of taking DPT and ketamine together. That is THE most bazaar, intense and just downright serious entheogen state I have ever been in. Do not even think of doing it without a 100% sober babysitter. It is going to hurt a bit too. I took them both mixed in the same syringe and it burned like hell. Good luck if you do.
[ 19 December 2001: Message edited by: morninggloryseed ]
Drean, have you even tried DiPT?!?, and to ANYONE who trys to sell, tryptamines, I hope you die from an infected cut on your 2in peter.
Now about DiPT, Its not Garbage, I have experiance with this tryptamine, its nothing like foxy, at least to me it wasnt, I have not found a single person who has tried DiPT other then me thus far....So I cant compare thier experiances with 5-meo-dipt to just pure DiPT. The only simmularity you get with DiPT vs Foxy is Audioty Hallucinations. but DiPTs are far more out of whack then 5-meo's could ever be.
I think Soviet made a really good point, How can anyone as a responsible drug user, not agree??
Greed is the downfall of anyman who chooses to follow its path.
hahaha, you have got to be kidding me, first of all, i dont know how u get your trytps, but i have to buy them, so your saying that the erson you bought it from should die etc.....i am merely spreading my good fortune, i am obviously not going to just give it away, thats ridiculous, and by the way, if you ever found me i have a feeling youd sh*t your pants tough guy, and wouldnt do a damn thing, if you dont have anything constructive to say, i suggest you shut your mouth
Hey man basically what they are saying is that these types of drugs are not illegal - thus selling them for profit is basically taking advantage of people who don't otherwise know better. These research chemicals have a history of being used for introspective study of oneself. You are simply taking advantage of your "customers" if you are selling it to make a profit. Most people probably wouldn't have a problem if you just bumped up the price a bit for your trouble. I would just sell it(if I had more than I could use) at cost. It's people like you who give more ammunition to the people who want to keep drugs illegal - or make legal ones illegal. So, no, I don't wish you would die - just go to jail.
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