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The Big & Dandy 5-MeO-MiPT Thread

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Possible explanation:

The effects are not so intense as to make you feel like it would be too much to do it again and again coupled with the probability that you have plenty of it lying around.

Give your supply to a friend and have him/her charge you $30 a dose and see if you still fiend for it.
It's been a little while, but let's see what I can remember of 5-MEO-MIPT:

Several attempts with this one: 16, 18, 20mg smoked and 4, 6 and *unkown* oral (*unkown* = washed out the fine powder coating the plastic bag - I thought this would be about 4mg, but must have been much more - very unpleasant experience).

Smoked hits in about 10 seconds and is immediately hallucinogenic. Very mushroom-like visuals.. curtains melting and dripping to the floor, patterning, distorted colours. I experience no body load or nausea on this, although my friend had a fair amount of nausea and "weird body feelings". Conversation flowed easily and tended heavily towards the humorous, with lots of laughter. There was a generally comfortable, relaxed feeling. Voracious hunger shortly into the trip, and eating a BBQ chicken was one of the most enjoyable things I ever remember doing on drugs. No noticable difference in the 3 dose levels - if anything the effects decreased with dose - but this would most likely be tolerance due to closeness of trials.

Oral hits in about 15 minutes. Both the 4mg and 6mg were mild versions of the above (also - probably erred on the side of caution with dosage - I don't like my scales. Plus the possible tolerance issue). The *unkown* oral was very frightening - my first experience of body load (this was my first "RC"), very elevated heart rate, much heavier hallucinations (although - that was a good thing :)), trouble breathing, general concern about having overdosed.

It's a little difficult to recall, but I think the effects lasted about 4-5hrs.

There was absolutely nothing of the erotic in this for me, but that could have been because I did it with friends, and not my partner.
I've tasted this material at 3mg and 6mg and so far. At six mg there were no visuals but there were some tactile effects, things felt sort of tickly. I could see how it could be erotic. I wasn't impressed by the mental effects however, nothing very deep or profound at all to it. Maybe at a higher dose there would be though. Very little body load. I'd say its better than foxy, but thats not saying too much, imho.
Does anyone know the solubility of this stuff in distilled water? I read one report here that said it would not disolve at all, and one that said they had a hard time with 10mg/ml. Anyone else have any experience disolving in water?

Did you apply heat to the solution? I can never get DPT hcl to go into a solution until I heat it up a bit. Sometimes just raising the temperature a bit is all it takes. I've never tried to get 5-MeO-MiPT into solution myself (I haven't even opened up the sealed vial yet) but I find it hard to believe it won't even go into alcohol.

Since this one is so potent, I don't trust my .002 mg scale to weigh out a single dose. When I do get around to trying it, I'll prolly weigh out 50 mg or so and make a water solution out of it so I know the dosage I choose will be what I actually consume. I'll report back if I was able to get it to disolve or not.

I wonder if adding a pinch of some citric or acsorbic acid to the water would help if heat does not?
I attempted to dissolve 30mg in 2O fluid oz water and it only partially dissolved. Adding some vitamin C (ascorbic acid) did the trick.
If heat is added to the solution to get the powder to dissolve completely, as the solution gets colder, will it come back out? In particular I'm wondering about cold storage, not just leaving a vial sitting around. Would you have to heat it up every time you wanted to use some?
Well it should be understood that higher temperature not only increases that rate a which a material dissolves but also the overall solubility for many materials. So it is possible when you cool a solution you could get precipitate.
Yeah, I thought this chem was one where, before i got my good scale, "hmm dump a 'lil on the table, and lick it.". Well one night a while back, although I did write a report as it was happening, just not finisihed/posted, 14mg orally at once, had me searching for any benzo's and then after a benzo some alcohol to slam down, after about 20 minutes after eating the capsule.

It came on so fast, after 20 minutes I was at a +++ and going up, and since at the time I really didnt want to sit there ego-less for hours, I downed a benzo, slammed a smirnoff or whatever it was... well I think i really didnt need to do that, because it quickly leveled off, into a high +++ for a while, and I actually had a very nice trip that night. I "thought" I was going to go too high where any grip on reality was just going to be unavailable in another 10 minutes. It reminded me of when i supposedly took JUST 11mg of 5-meo-dipt and after 10 minutes I had visuals, that time i just tend to think i accidently took more than 11mg (it was in a liquid and maybe a tiny speck was not dissolved or something.. dont know now that was years ago anyway). Visuals, weren't just mild, they were outrageous - after 20 minutes! Every mg counts on this one.. I had nothing like this with slightly lower oral doses. 9mg I just got a body buzz and really, nothing fun or interesting at all. Smoking is the way to go for me on this one.
the reason you fiend to do more is because the peak is hard and quick, over within the first hour, and then you spend the next 4+ hours comming down.

at least thats how it was for me.
the reason you fiend to do more is because the peak is hard and quick, over within the first hour, and then you spend the next 4+ hours comming down.

I could definitely see that being the case for some, but I think there's various other reasons why people would want to redose as well...
One other major one being that the "rolling" part of the experience on 5-MeO-MIPT isn't quite as strong as some might want - it's like taking a "teaser" dose of MDMA, so I think the reason some want to take more of this is to get the rolling feeling to be stronger.
For me, I thought the duration was perfect, and didn't really have any desire to extend the time it lasted.
But I could certainly see how some would want to...
I certainly felt the desire to redose with this one. I felt the first effects in less than 20 minutes and was at peak within and hour. After about an hour of this, I wanted to take more. It didn't stem from a desire to make the "roll" feeling stronger, just to bring it back. Thats not to say that the second, trippy, phase isn't enjoyable, but the first hour of the trip is where this one shines for me. I don't think that taking a larger dose would necessarly give a stronger first phase, there is only so much of a roll feeling that this chemical has to offer. I was personally very pleased with what it gave me, but I can see how it may just tease other people. I was also pleasantlly surprised at the easy body load, no nausea and very little speedyness(certainly not to the point of discomfort for me). This is definatly one I plan to explore with more in the future.
I tried this one by itself last night. I found it to be quite pleasant and very erotic. Reports of the two phase type trip are right on. My partner and I gave this a right proper sex test and let me say it was very nice. Very similar to sex on X except we had no problems with finishing the deed. =D

Very nice body buzz in the beginning that gave way to a classic tryptamine type trip. It was little short on the visuals but I did see normal morphing and color enhancement. We watched Kill Bill I on it. "Gooooooood gravy marine". LOL It was the first time we had seen that movie and wow that was crazy. Tarantino is one sick kid.

We did feel the desire to redose as we wanted to regain that first phase. We started out with 6mgs and both followed it up with 6mg boosters about an hour later. The entire experience lasted around 5 hours. We also were hit with a major case of the munchies. Food was very interesting with this material. We ate a full meal while on it and alot of strawberries on top of that. Those berries were mighty tasty.

Anyways very nice stuff and this one will be part of my toolkit for a long time to come.
My first experience with 5MeOMiPT was 2 hours after taking 180mg methylone, at a concert in a small venue. My friend and I split a 10mg capsule and neither of us felt much. Some visual distortion and a slightly darker (but not bad) mood. Fantasy visualizations of music and situations in my head that were very serious, a definite downshift from methylone. I'm sure the methylone covered up a lot of the effects...

Second experience was after work the following Friday where I swallowed the empty capsule from the concert (actually it had an unknown quantity of residue stuck to the cap) on an empty stomach. After a steady and confusing 45-minute climb I was left nauseous and nervous (odd for me) but had plans to go out and stuck with them. As soon as we got to the pub I settled down and had a beer which helped calm things down. Food also seemed to offset the nausea (??) I must have had a high dose though because it became quite visual during the second hour plus. I remember all the lights, neon beer signs and TV monitors in my peripheral vision melted into a bluish haze that hovered right next to my head. Very lush colors and strong relaxation at about the 2-hour point. Slightly spinning room. Walking was a bit stiff but my mood was very loose after a while. Intense relaxation (I’ve heard Shulgin mention this) is a good way to describe the come down. Alcohol and mj were consumed later and insatiable horniness took over.

I have yet to smoke it although I do enjoy smoking her cousin MiPT.
santadog said:
After a steady and confusing 45-minute climb I was left nauseous and nervous (odd for me) but had plans to go out and stuck with them. As soon as we got to the pub I settled down and had a beer which helped calm things down. Food also seemed to offset the nausea (??)

I definatly think food helps with this one. I have eaten doses(10mg) right after eating a decent meal, and never had a problem with nausea. Interesting that someone else noticed this as well.
I've tried it twice so far and I LOVE it. It's in my top 5 of everything I've tried so far.

1st time was 10mg orally (open gel cap). It was at home with my gf. I felt the onset within 15 minutes. The peak came quickly and was very stimulating (in that good way). It was very euphoric for me. Music sounded awesome. We basically spent the night listening to music and talking about random things. This drug is definately a two-phase trip. This first 4 hours is sort of like a 'roll'. Stimulation, euphoria, talkative feelings, happiness and contentment, etc. After that goes away, there's not really any comedown or dissappointment that the feeling went away. I didn't feel sober though. After the 'roll' went away I had some faint visuals and trippy thoughts. That lasted for another 4 hours or so. The only negative side effects were a very slight headache for both of us that would come and go. Throughout the experience the effects would come and go in waves, the feelings weren't constant.

2nd time was 14mg orally (open gel cap). My gf and I did that at a desert party/rave type event with around 50 other people there (most were rolling or smoking weed and doing nitrous). There was two areas of music, trance/club music and drum n' bass/jungle. We spent the night in the 2nd area for almost the whole time. The bass felt AMAZING. The comeup was a bit more intense with 14mg, almost too much! I had some slight nausea for the first hour or so. This dose was overwhelmingly stimulating and euphoric for the 1st 5 hours (again, in a good way :)). I was feeling so stimulated that I danced almost the entire time. Everyone thought my gf and I were rolling, and as I was trying to imagine what I looked like, I could imagine why. I wasn't feeling very social though, like I am on E. I was just content dancing to the music and feeling great. The desert sky was full of stars and it looked so awesome. After the 'roll' went away I started having more visuals and I felt like I was tripping on a very low dose of 4-HO-MiPT or something similar. It took around 10 hours+ for us to feel normal again from the time we took it. With this dose the feelings during the first phase of the trip were constant and didn't come and go in waves.

I think 14mg orally is the most I'd ever take again, but next time I plan on 12mg since 14mg was that 'almost too much' dose for me...

During the 'roll' part of the experience for me, this drug doesn't even really feel psychedelic.
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Last time I took some of this, don't remember the dose but it wasn't too high. I did find it erotic.. it made me quite horny. Also music sounded awesome.

Like others have said, the first hours are more of a erotic/happy/euphoric feeling, then later on it seems to turn psychedelic.

I wish i had more of this stuff actually.. after the last experience.
I have tasted it three times.

Once quite some time ago about 3-4mg oral and went to the cinema to see Star Wars or Matrix or something and I was more than impressed - with the film, that is, and part of the reason must have been the 5meo-mipt. It was just "fresher" than it would have otherwise been. Kinda teasy, as if coming up on mushrooms - no more. Euphoric and slightly disorienting, and yet giving me the power to focus REAL close on whatever I choose...

Second time was about the same amount, roughly, maybe 5mg, at home alone, orally again. later when I met people I felt quite disconnected and a bit irritable but unsure why. When I woke up the next day I realised I had been put in a crap despressed mood and totally not realised it at the time, finding fault with everything, not tripping (or so I thought).

Last time was last week. . . 5mg plugged on top of 130mg MDMA plugged. Both me and my tripping partner had had a pizza as well as a fair amount of alcohol beforehand and then got the shits less than 15m after and so we were unsure how much was absorbed. Good time for four hours, a bit like a mild candy flip with wonderful touch perception and then things turned a bit sour for me at the T+4.00. Clearly the time to re-dose with MDMA or something but I had things to do in the morning and it was late already... unimaginative mind unable to sleep for a few hours. Fine the next day and after, though.

Will try again in the future, likely higher, orally again, on its own.

A friend uses 5mg of it in conjunction with methylone for a particularly erotic high.
Not open for further replies.