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The Big & Dandy 6-APB Thread (Part 1)

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Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Benzo-Fury is honestly one of the worst names for a drug like this I've ever heard of... both stupid and incredibly misleading. I sure hope it doesn't stick...
Well if we want to best serve HR and nip this name before it becomes popular, bluelight should host a prominent thread stating how misleading and potentially dangerous this name is, and encourage vendors/users to all call it 4-D or 6-APDB instead.
Yeah, and along those lines, maybe 4-desoxy-MDA wouldn't be the best either, simply because then people would see the MDA part and think that it should probably be illegalized. 4D or 6-APDB are much more obscure.

The name benzo fury is clearly a vendor strategy for sales, by assigning it an eye-catching name that kids can see and think "whoa, sounds cool". Lots of people, if they hear that a drug is called "6-APDB" or even "2C-I" immediately think "that sounds like some weird chemical, I'm not touching that".

Which is in my opinion a good thing anyway. No need to advertise unresearched chemicals to the masses. But clearly that's exactly what vendors want to do.
the first two vendors that put up '?enzo %ury' about a week or so ago (and those are probably the ones that sent out the samples) have a picture that shows 6-APDB: 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine

the name they put on it however is the unsaturated version wich would be "6-APB" (1-(benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine) which solipsis drew up in the closed ADD thread: http://i43.tinypic.com/zwj14i.png. we have trip report in trip reports under this (unsaturated) name.

the vendors are complete a mess about it. a newer offering says 6-apdb in their title, but 5-apdb in their listing. then theres the two naming the unsaturated 6-apb, but showing the saturated 6-apdb in the display image. who knows what other chimeras are out there. i wouldn't be very sure that the one or two experience reports we have as of yet are, in fact, 6-apdb.

(edit) and there seem to have popped up one or two new ones that put up 6-apdb: 1-(2,3-dihydro-1-benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine correctly (but without a picture).
if anything, it shows the vendors are practically clueless. (or hiding it)
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LOL, all of a sudden the vendor magically changed the name from benzo fury to 6-APDB.

hmmm, i wonder what compelled him.:\

this is the image the vendor uses btw, not sure what the chemical its showing is.

what exactly is the confusion.
if it is 4d-mda or 3d-mda?
That looks like 4d. If the bottom oxygen was present and the top oxygen was removed on the methylenedioxy ring, it would be 3d.

Also, this trip report looks like it could be for the unsaturated compound (6-APB), going from the thread title. The unsaturated compound has the same number of hydrogen atoms as MDA, whereas 6-APDB has two more.
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Are we expecting a purple/black reaction with the marquis reagent? I still have some EZ test kit left.

probably not. we don't know what to expect yet. but it'd be great to have a reference to compare future shipments to. we all know how often rc suppliers ship the wrong material. i really hope for a unique colour reaction.

anyone care to guess what could be the metabolites of 4-D and what activity they may possess?
maybe 3-hydroxy-4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-amphetamine?
6-APDB is caught under this legislation due to the words "alkoxy...or... other univalent substituents" because the 3,4-dihydrofuran substituent is another name for 3,4 - ethyloxy which is an alkoxy.

Wrong. For the misuse of drugs act alkoxy is of the generic formula OC(n)H(2n+1). If it were as you said, then IAP would be illegal as it would be classed as an alkyl group (& it isn't - as above alkyl is defined as C(n)H(2n+1) eg ethyl C2H5. The trimethylene ring of IAP is of the formula C3H6, which ain't an alkyl

If you look at the definitions of derivatives of pethedine and fentanyl which are illegal, alkyl cannot be any hydrocarbon group as alkenyl is defined separately (meaning it's different in the eyes of the law)

probably. a planar, aromatic ring has quite different properties to a non-planar and non-aromatic one.

The Nicols paper describes how the oxygen at the 3 position must be above/below the aromatic ring for the lone pairs to interact with all things dopaminergic, so the fully aromatic compound just isn't going to do it. Besides as an aromatic group. benzofuran tends to be hepatotoxic in most drugs I've seen developed with that group (not surprising as benzothiophenes tend to have the same fault & oxygen and sulphur are in the same column of the periodic table)
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the story is that the dihydrobenzofuran-6-yl aminopropane (oxygen meta to side chain)is an interesting substance, It is associated with spectacular nausea and usually full on throwing up in a significant number of users during come up. the euphoria and other effects are almost worth the terrible come up.
the dihydrobenzofuran-5-yl aminopropane (oxygen para to sidechain) is not associated with nausea though it isn't nearly as good euphoria wise and the stimulant effects are rather weak, but it is good for a mellow relaxed feeling.
If 200 mgs is gonna prove lethal it would be better to know that before it's widely released. You know within a week of it hitting market there will be dozens if not hundreds of people who take at least that much.

As useful as that information would be, it isn't worth CartoonPHYSIC's life. Right now, the two 90 mg test, both described as "strong" do not constitute a dose/response curve. It seems to me a test at 130 or 150 mg would be even more useful than one at 200, just because we begin to see how 6-APx scales. If someone with a sample was willing to find a threshhold dose, that would also be extremely helpful.

And, as flyingsquirrel pointed out, it's much easier to re-dose than to un-dose.
Yes I understood they were from the same place and that what is being sent out it 6-APB.

If skyline or g zero should happen to read this can you confirm which you tested last time 6-APB or 6-APDB.
I cant confirm because it wasnt lab tested independently... the lab insists 6-APB, that's all we have to go on, except Vecktor did say that 6-APDB caused violent vommiting in most users on come up, however, I experienced nothing like that, just a couple of dry retches and mild quesyness I'd get off mdxx.
I received my sample today....... outstanding !! .... no other way to describe it ..... yes, believe the hype !!
Well mines turned up this morning... One thing I've noticed is that the sample I had a month ago was uniform in colour and texture, whereas the sample I've just received this morning, has a slight varience in colour, plus a couple of solid lumps...

Will have to see tonight if it gives the same subjective effects.
Are you going to be sticking by testing just 50mg followed by a a higher dose a few days later or just going straight for the 100mg again?

Well it looks similar in colour, but with slight variations, and there's lumps that werent there before.. smells similar.

I'm going to do it like I should have done it last time - 1mg allergy test, wait 30 mins, then 10mg line (or dab), then wait again and then possibly bomb 75mg - rather than rashly jumping in at 90mg.

I hear on the grapevine that someone who did 70mg of sample batch 1 last month, did 100mg yesterday with this and all is well. But still caution is sensible I think.

Experiments commence 9.30pm BST =D
mostly minor eyecandy, not head fuck
colours brighter etc, shimmer

-Anyway 1mg went without event.

9.38 - Emptied 100mg onto scale, it reads 80mg. licked remaining 20mg from bag

off to the shop for a drink, brb :)
its disolved completely and cleearly in a small volume of water like last time..just debating whether to leave it a bit longer.
tbh im farily certain that despite the slight difference in texture etc, the smell and taste are the same as last time, i think i'll be ok.

Actually 20mg MAY just be giving me minor threshold effects at the moment, its hard to tell whether its just expectation placebo
ok 10.25pm - 80mg down the hatch.

with the pill/tablet debate, this is how i see it..

From vendors perspective;


-No time consuming weighing out
-massive increase in margins at both wholesale and retail levels (maybe 4x or more depending on dose per pill)
-Reduces risks of media hysteria if/when a silly meph kid rails 200mg 6-APB powder and ends up in A&E (still same meph kiddie could double drop no?)


More knowlegable sections of the community are pissed because they know they're responsible enough to determine their optimum dose for a given situation.

AND they know they're paying through the teeth.....

From users perspective


hmmm.. less fiddly than powder, no need to weigh out.


Much less value for money.

Hopefully it will be available in both formats...
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