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The Big & Dandy 6-APB Thread (Part 5)


Bluelight Crew
May 6, 2010

Welcome To The Big & Dandy 6-APB Thread


6-APB is a psychedelic stimulant with empathogenic qualities. It is closely related to MDA and has seen a surge in popularity in 2010 in part due to it's legal status. However it is an analogue of illegal compounds and is therefore subject to legal scrutiny in countries like the US. To remind all of you of Bluelight's rules it is not allowed to discuss vendors, sources and prices.

Since this is an analogue of MDA and is likely to exert similar action to the MDxx compounds, you should treat this like MDxx and avoid doing this too frequently. Here at Bluelight we often advise "the one month rule", taking a break of at least one month between uses, and this would fit well with 6-APB too.

Previous B&Ds:


No vendor talk please, seems to be common in these B&D threads, but it will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

--- From the previous thread ---

Following is a copy from a list in the 6-APB Temp Sticky Thread, it is quite old and you may have different ideas about these effects which were collected with preliminary bioassays with "benzo fury" products.

Hi there PD,

as you might know there is a massive amount of chatter involving the compound 6-APB (and also 6-APDB) being generated and it is consequentially difficult to get a sensible idea about where we are all standing with it.

That is why we mean to gather every piece of evidence and considerably valuable posts here, so that not every single person has to go data-mining through a lot of junk. Of course, we have to be selective so you can always still go through it if you have specific questions.

[starting here myself, mods kindly create your own post to work in, at some point we may merge and even reorganize into *evidence and *other valuable posts, perhaps otherwise constructed we'll see]

- could not find an ADD thread about it, am I blind?
- currently working in: The 6-APB thread v. Is full of dummies from back to front. Got to page 35 (half).

Distilled generalizations:

From: The 6-APB thread v. Is full of dummies

It seems mostly subjective experiences are posted here between (sometimes saddening) social chatting and many
have the same product which seems to be 6-APB, with corresponding effects reported that could fit the bill.
A marquis reaction at least one user did was also affirmative.
However analysis of this product is not expected to be readily forthcoming, also there is inconsistency in the mass of
the big pills / pellets and there might be a general spread in the material as well. This in part would account for the
variation in reactions, then again it might not mean anything at all. The following was distilled from the many posts:

(effects profile updated 30/11/11 with some changes based on more evidence from experiences etc. I suspect the conflicting reports are due to a lot of other chemicals being sold as 6-APB - Jesusgreen)

Note: highly variable and needing more datapoints

Onset: 45 (or less) -120 mins
Comeup + Plateau: 5-10 hours
Comedown: 4-6 hours
Residual Effects: ?

Possible effects described:

  • Visual augmentation rather than distortion - visuals / distortion are possible though (probably at larger doses?) and likened to the visual effect higher doses of MDMA produce.
  • Noted music appreciation, an effect reported remarkably often (from limited info)
  • Long, drawn out i.e. dilated experience
  • Empathogenic, mildly entactogenic
  • Euphoria, though not noted by everyone - Seems to have more quality than superficial stimulants
  • Rushing feelings or "waves", ranging from absent to strong
  • Apparently not notably 'fiendish'

Other notes:

  • Not everyone is appreciative of the enhancing effects
  • Some find it comparable to MDMA, although significantly less 'hard'
  • Others find it quite unlike MDMA or MDA
  • Unreliable stimulant effects and euphoria
  • It seems that compared to mdma: more side-effects for your euphoria and other expected positive effects
  • Not feeling particularly toxic, but still somewhat dirty (consistent with other opinions)
  • Most reports seem to indicate significant pupil dilation, however some people only notice slight dilation or none at all. Likely to be dose relevant.

Possible side-effects:

  • Generally not terribly stimulant-like side effect but still there! (high heartrate / bloodpressure), tightness in chest
  • Sweating
  • Nystagmus
  • Dry mouth, seems to absord water from the body like chemically comparable substances
  • Pronounced bruxism, jaw tension, grinding
  • Warm extremeties / mild parasthesia or tingling, another user gets cold extremeties rather than warm, trouble regulating body temperature like MDMA produces? But due to stimulant effects more chance of overheating than hypothermia.
  • Some jitteriness
  • Wobbly walking / rubbery legs.
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Possible nausea / emesis (vomiting)
  • Some experience headaches (possibly due to dehydration and/or overheating and/or harmful metabolites or even 6-APB toxicity)
  • Insomnia, long duration even longer problems sleeping
  • Crashing and washed out feeling hard to predict but definitely to be expected in higher or more frequent assays.
  • Some experience diarrhoea the day or two after use.

I appreciated this description by Invert:
Invert said:
anyway, I'm not massively out of it, yet, just slowly and pleasantly on an upward curve of MDMA-like pleasure and a degree of vaguely 'psychedelic' generic brightening and shifty waviness of vision. Feel sedate, subjectively, in a way that's familiar to me from methylone and mdma; i.e. not objectively sedated, but the pleasure feels sedate, as it were. Not so mild as to be doubtable, as far as I'm concerned, but not so strong as to be overwhelming.
Great summary Jesus. The key themes for me are subjectivity and lack of data points. Just to put a different perspective on the description by Invert: for me, this substance is extremely psychedelic. At low doses - 70 - 100mg, I get into a nice trippy head space, cartoon like CEVs and some minor OEVs. This is in addition to the MDMA like feelings I experience. It is certainly not as 'pure' feeling as MDMA but it does come with the extra psychedelic effects.

However, get this up to doses of 200 - 350 mg (certainly not recommended for all - or anyone) and things get crazy. Constant OEVs - fractals, geometric shapes, warping etc. etc. At such doses, the drop off from peak is extremely jittery. For me, redosing works and actually increases the effects of the initial doses. This can include redosing as much as 6 hours after the initial drop. You do pay for redosing after the peak. An etizolam or some such substance will probably be required to help get you back to earth.
Is there any crosstolerance between 2c-c and 6apb? I am going to a festival for two days and i thought of taking 2c-c on the first and 6apb on the second day.
What do you think?
I don't think so, besides that if you're usually experiencing 6-APB psychedelic effects, they may be nullified.

Also I have two questions for you guys: what do you think of 6-APB/5-APB combo alone at home? Do you enjoy it? What are your activities?

Second question is: can you eat on 6-APB? Eg. pizza? I've never tried.
I tried it once. Pure bliss. I could not stop listening to music for 7 hours,it was awesome:D The combo is much better then either substance alone, much better euphoria.
I could not eat anything for 10 hours.
How does redosing on this work? I felt a little overwhelmed taking 100mg at once and I'm afraid in a new setting (music festival) I will feel uncomfortable. Would splitting the dose into 50mg capsules provide the same amount of euphoria, but in a slower way, if I take one then the other a little later? I would not mind if this elongated the duration.
Of course it would. I would take the second capsule 2 hours later
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i cant understand ppl dosing in the 200+mg range

I find 80mg 2x split 2-2.5 hrs has a good maybe psychedelic trip (synthnoids intensify the trippy effects 10x)

I weigh give or take 190 lbs

I recently took 110mg in a single drop and the comeup had me feeling like a zombie, i was rolling so hard i had to walk it off for 40 mins before entering the club, afterwards it was the extreme euphoria i've become used to, but that comeup was rough, it was a weird "cloudy feeling" I had some swirling and tracing visuals, and mad visual static (i typically have visual static anyway)

i think 150mg would knock my socks off, and i have tolerance
How is the headspace on this? I have tried only a few entactogenic compounds (methylone and 4-FA) and I absolutely love them. However, psychedelics give me rather intense anxiety. In particular, the dissociation I get from them is what I do not like. The thought loops, introspective thinking, I can do without all of that. I recently tried 4-FA after a long break from entactogens (please forgive me if this is the incorrect term!) and loved that my head was totally clear -- I was able to think rationally, was not confused at all, felt very grounded in reality, etc.

I have read much of 6-APB threads and from I gather, the psychedelic effects are more constrained to visuals rather than headspace -- particularly when the doses are kept low. Would this be an accurate assessment?
Yeah, I find the psychedelic effects of 6-apb to be light visuals at best, that being said I've never gone over 150mg and from what I've read 200 is where it becomes more pronounced.
Yep, 200 is a very strong dose, not to be recommended for all. At 200 + I have constant OEVs - patterns, warping, people's faces are very interesting - when people blink I can see eyes on their eye lids. Also the CEVs can get quite intense. Certainly not of the detail of LSD but very cartoon like and vivid.

Body load and euphoria are amazing.

All depends on what you're after. I only do this once every few months so I prefer to push quite hard. However, if I were looking for a more relaxed experience, anything from 70 - 100 is lovely.

For me, redosing actually boosts the effects rather than prolonging things. A recent festival experience was very interesting. Redosed after 6 hours and was taken well past my previous peak and beyond. For 20 minutes or so things were rather difficult but beyond that, it was pretty spectacular.

Again, as I've noted, you do pay for redosing. Really boosts the stimmy ending. Things can get very jittery and coming to a stop is very challenging.

Edit: As for body weight as a measure of tolerance, I see it as a vital factor. However, it is extremely subjective. My friend weighs in excess of 200lbs and needs at least 300 of 6 to get anywhere. As noted above, jerseybrah takes much less than this and is rolling all over the place. I weigh about 62ish kgs and between 150 and 200 is my magic number. I really think physical fitness plays a part. When I was extremely fit, I could roll hard off much less. My fitness has dropped off over the last 6 months and now I need more. I leave a good gap between rolls so I hope it isn't a tolerance issue. However, as with most substances, the first one tends to hit you the hardest.
How does redosing on this work? I felt a little overwhelmed taking 100mg at once and I'm afraid in a new setting (music festival) I will feel uncomfortable. Would splitting the dose into 50mg capsules provide the same amount of euphoria, but in a slower way, if I take one then the other a little later? I would not mind if this elongated the duration.

Don't redose. I've found redosing on APBs drastically increase amphetamine psychosis on comedown, while with no redosing there's no psychosis at all.
I've never felt any kind of amphetamine psychosis after redosing 6. The most I've redosed was 150mg and I redosed twice with that amount. The second redose was pointless, just gave me some stimulation. My mind was calmer after that, than say a night and a day on coke or amphetamine salts. The biggest problem with redosing is the two day wait to feel normal again. The after effects are pretty rough with 6. These include lethargy, aches and pains, and apathy. Plus maybe some lingering visual static, but I don't mind that. Gives me something to watch as I try to sleep for the next few nights.
Yeah, the lethargy can be annoying. However, with the amphetamine psychosis, it's not just me who has trialed with 6-APB with and without redosing. It's other people, too. My after-effect-apb psychosis got reduced dramatically the second time I dropped APB (also with redosing), but tbh i wouldn't risk redosing again. It lasts enough time already and the possible psychosis is just not worth it.
So some people are saying redose, some are saying not to...anyone else want to weigh in on this?

I like the euphoria of taking 100mg at once, but it just comes on a little intense for me.
^ Redosing is mainly a concern if you're taking high doses. 50mg + 50mg redose isn't going to cause much in the way of side effects, imo possibly even less than 100mg in one go, but at the same time, redosing I find is not that effective. 150mg + 100mg redose was not much more effective than 150mg, but had more side-effects.

I'd expect something similar, and imo if you found 100mg too much I'd just drop to 80mg and work down further if necessary, 50mg + a 50mg redose would probably be no better than 60-70mg, use more material, and provide similar side-effects to 100mg.
How steep is the dose-response curve for this? Ie. How different is 90 from 100mg? 80 from 90?

I would test out the perfect dose for me but the fest is already next week so I can't take it again before then.
I would like to know about that also.. I dose the compounds that i dont have much experience with rather low, and like Axed i am planning to take this on a festival next week and i don't want to be underwhelmed. Say my sweet spot is 100 mg, would 85 be too underwhelming or 110 too much ?

I can also combine this with 5-apb as both are under my possesion, would you suggest to go solo with 6-apb or a combo for a music fest, and at what ratio should i go for the combo?
For me, 6-APB has a fairly predictable dose-response curve. Increments of 10mg seem to increase the effects but not to an unmanageable level. As you build beyond the 100mg range, those 10mg increments seem to get more telling and hit harder. It will depend on your own tolerance levels and such but for me, the difference between 85 and 110 is noticeable but not to the extent that I can't cope. First time I took 6, I tried 100. It was enough.

In a festival setting, you'll not want a super strong dose as the desire to dance and have fun may well be overwhelmed by the substances psychedelic properties.

The best experience I've had on a night out was to start on 5-APB and move onto 6-APB. I took them at a ratio of 1:1. That was because I had a weak batch of 5-APB. If you have a good batch, you'll need much less 5-APB. I'd probably dose in a ratio of 1 part 5-APB to 1.5 parts 6-APB. The 5-APB provided the energy to get the evening going and the top-up of 6-APB made everything go trippy but it didn't overwhelm my desire to dance.

On another occasion, with a potent batch of 5-APB, 30mg was strong enough to blow 150mg of 6-APB out the water. It was a lovely feeling but it overpowered the trippiness of the 6-APB.

So, at a festival I would take, for example, 100mg of 5-APB followed at T + 3 by 200mg of 6-APB. You can of, course, drop them together. If I were to do that, I'd probably go for a maximum of 200mg, probably 50mg of 5-APB and 150 of 6-APB. Or adjust the ratio to your taste.