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Lysergamides The Big & Dandy Basic LSD Questions Thread - The Fourth Iteration

I also find it interesting that some LSD is explosively visual while other batches (that still feel clean) have less of a visual aspect and more of a mindfuck. Anybody know why LSD differs in its visual intensity from batch to batch even when it still feels like clean cid?
not sure but i have read about the synapses (nerve endings in the brain) that the further they are apart the more lsd they will need.I remember me and my girlfriend at the time .and 2 other friends who had never had acid before.Me and the gf were tripping really hard but the other 2 who were brother and sister said they could barely feel a thing They said after it was no different to smoking weed.As to why some cid is more visual than others i wish i knew.

I reckon they should do clinical tests on people that do acid.And give us all delysid so we all know what it should be like when its in proper exacting doses
ha ha we all have to dream of something ...............:) lol
I'll hopefully be acquiring some tabs soon. Extremely excited.
I tend to need higher doses than most people with all drugs to get to certain levels, so I'm thinking I'll start with 2 tabs. Even if it hits hard I'm confident that I'll be able to handle it.
Most of my experience has been with 2c-e, which I have not been found to be incredibly visual even at ~18mg dose (oral). Visuals were definitely prominent in rooms I was very familiar with, but when I started moving more the more intense OEVs started going away.
So, to you folks, if you've taken 2c-e, how visual did you find it, and how visual was LSD in comparison? Do you find that if you get less visuals with one drug that you will get less from others as well, or are they independent of each other?
I actually tend to appreciate the mind/thought alteration more, but I'd like to hear from you on this to maybe judge how acid will effect me.
god im so happy i finally found acid, once you find one of them you sort of figure out everyone who can get it... shame one of the best was arrested a couple weeks ago, good guy... let you know when various research chems were in town and wouldn't try to pass DOx off as acid, even warns people about the DOx blotter when its floating around town...

i shall try to get some for bicycle day if im not working...
To the first poster in this thread- ive had a few experiences with the butterflys.. (assuming they r the same ones).. 1 doesnt do anything to me, but 4 did a hell of a lot lol.. 1 got my friend tripping (shes a girl and quite small so that cud explain it), and 2 got a guy friend of mine tripping hard..
i forget if u sed it was ur first time or not, but ide start of taking 1 if it is then re-dose an hour or so in if it isnt enough. if uve taken acid b4, ide say take the 2.
hehe thanks swilow. It is now about 1 pm and I have taken the full blotter now, its really nice, mellow in a way but then intense as well. I don't think this tab was the strongest available, but I can still feel it very nicely.

Edit: I understimated this tab somewhat. Just went on a walk to the shop with a friend and it all hit me in there, it is pretty damn intense. But great, all the same. :)
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^^ hope you enjoyed the trip! it can sometimes sneak up on you. i remember dosing at my dorm, and we had a gas leak. so we all had to evacuate, and it hadnt hit me yet, so me and my friends went to blockbuster to rent a movie so we could go to a friends hosue and watch it. that trip to blockbuster was by far the most interesting trip to blockbuster ive ever had ;)
^its about 9 hours or so since I took it now, still feeling it, walking outside was proper nice. Can't believe I was so scared of taking it, thinking it would freak me out or something, didn't in the slightest it was just a total state of tranquility, especially while walking outside. The body buzz was as powerful as MDMA, if not better at times. Really enjoyed it, a thumbs up for acid one of the best drugs I've tried.
Inso tripping said:
a thumbs up for acid, the best drug.

I amended that for you ;)

Its normal to be scared, but does seem laughable when your in the zone. What IS scary anyway? :)

Peace brother :) <3

I just had a load of bong hits and the acid has kicked back in a little. Hopefully be able to do this again in a week or two, will try a higher dose next time. As great as the trip was/is, I felt it could have been more. ;)
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^To be honest, I've always felt that about LSD. Could have been more....even high doses don't take me to where mushrooms can quite easily.

Enjoy the acid brother :)
Happy Late Bicycle day....