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The Big & Dandy bk-MDMA (Methylone) Thread

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MagickalKat777 said:
EDIT 4: Its official. I'm tripping like I would on MDA. Tattoos all over my arms, seeing my aura, patterns all over everything... has ANYONE else tripped off of it? I'm certain its methylone otherwise I'd be dead by now after the dose I took but I've always heard its not hallucinogenic... but I'm not crazy. These are very distinct MDA visuals with patterns resembling LSD interdispersed... incredible to watch. This one could become my new favorite. I'mn going to have to stock up before it disappears.

It's interesting to read your post as you edited it, because it reminds me of the timeline I experienced with the stuff as well. My second time trying the stuff (and the first time really getting off) I took 230mg. First, speedy, talkative, lovey dovey emotional introspective with my significant other and another couple that are our best friends. Then, after about four hours, we all just died. It happened to all of us in about five minutes, we just started talking. I had seen patterns the entire time, but about a half hour after we all crashed, I went to bed. Due to the residual stimulation, I couldn't sleep, but instead spent about an hour, maybe two, spacing off into the most incredible visuals ever!!! M1 is the only MDxx I've tried, and I must say, the visuals are certainly of a unique character! Rounded edges, flowery, kaleidoscoping bursting visuals like the Mystery Machine inside my eyelids! I don't know if I just didn't notice the visuals until later or what. After trying that, I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on MDA. For me anyway, M1 is definitely visual. Certainly not _as_ visual as other psychedelics, but visual nonetheless.
/\ huh? please explain.

I have used M1 extensively and I never had that... high doses (250-300mg+) would give me such an amount of stimulation that I'd feel that the world was warping and people's faces certainly seemed cartoonish and it felt like I could read their thoughts a bit. And Id' get CEVs for a few hours after repeated dosing, but never OEVs.

A friend got massive tribal-tattoo-style OEVs like MagicalKat777 described - but there was more than just M1 involved... it had been followed up by MDMA and a very low dose of GHB and Xanax and the person had no tolerance whatsoever to any of those substances.
i find it to be extremely euphpric and the warth the drug spreads across my body is amazing. i find the visuals unique compared to MDMA/MDA.. very soft and bright, with everything looking really bouncy :)
melange said:
If I ever take methylone again, I probably wouldn't live much longer after that.
Then its best never to take it again. No matter how much some people rave about it...its not for everybody. I've learned to save empathogens for once or twice a year at most. They're best not used repeatedly and you can definitely ruin them for yourselves by doing so.

They are better things out there anyways for getting in touch with whats real, melange....like meditation, LSD, and DMT to name three.
The last methylone I tried was white crystaline substance... it seemed way more intense and long lasting than my previous experiences (which were also amazing!)
/\ I've had 2 different batches of this material.... one was slightly tan/beige and had a vanillasih tangy flavour and was smooth, deep and empathic. The other was white crystalline and indeed more intense and perhaps longer lasting -but somehow not as pleasant. Lacking a certain smoothness. A friend who has also tried both batches finds the tan one nicer, too - though it gives him diarrhoea, whereas the white one doesn't. That gives him nausea (but the tan one doesn't...).

But both were undoubtedly M1. I wonder why this is.
That's the methylone I have. Its completely different from how I've had it described in the past and had almost no scent to it as well.
Probably just shoddy synths prior... or maybe its MDA... kidding... but with where I got mine from, it certainly wouldn't surprise me. :p
I tested a batch that was a white powder with little scent with Mecke and the results were a bit strange. It was a fairly bright yellow/green to start and then over a minute or so changed to orange then brownish. It should be just yellow so contamination seems likely.
/\ I really should as I still have access to both samples. I also have an complete EZ test kit here that I once bought and have never used. What colour am I supposed to get with Methylone, and which test do I want to use?

Ximot said:
/\ I really should as I still have access to both samples. I also have an complete EZ test kit here that I once bought and have never used. What colour am I supposed to get with Methylone, and which test do I want to use?


Marquis and Mecke should both give yellow.
i also have wondered about this? i reckon rectal admin would save you a good 25mg or so.. injecting could save a good 100mg :)

What about intranasal ? Does it sting? it tastes bad enough like =D
/\ intranasal doesn't hurt that bad, but I felt, on the 2 or 3 occasions I've done it, that it doesn't seem to hit me properly. Wasted material, imho.
Watching people who were on the white crystalline powder version .... I'd swear they were on MDA or MDMA... People on the tan colored version seemed to be
more chill and introspective rather than ready to rampage a dance floor.
Curious what the test results of the two are.
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