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Dissociatives The Big & Dandy Diphenidine Thread


Oct 2, 2010

Welcome to the Diphenidine Thread


Diphenidine is a novel dissociative anaesthetic drug with mild stimulant potential and a large amnestic component, making it relatively easy to feel like you black out during the experience, unable to recall what has happened. This also suggests there may be a potential risk of losing control over one's behavior. Always start with a very low dose and slowly work your way up. The dose-reponse curve can apparently be quite steep and another individual may react quite differently to it, needing a different dose; especially since (cross)tolerance developed to NMDA antagonists / dissociatives drugs can be chronic!

Diphenidine is unusual because it is not an arylcyclohexylamine like most other dissociatives such as ketamine, PCP and their analogues. If you have tried this drug, please write a trip report and submit it in the trip reports forum of Bluelight, or here in this thread and we will move it for you. This drug does not seem to have a long history of use in humans at all and we can use all the information on it there is.

Trip reports

Brief effect summaries for the TL;DR generation

Research article covering in vitro pharmacological properties of this compound

[original post:]

So a certain vendor has released this to its advanced customers. Its meant to be an NMDA antagonist so that means it could have effects similar to MXE/Ketamine if im not mistaken?

From the website:

What is Diphenidine?

Diphenidine / DND / 1,2-DEP is a new research chemical which has been developed in 2013 by our own laboratory. Due to the nature of its chemical structure, the activity of this molecule is comparable to other NMDA antagonists such as ketamine but it’s chemical structure is new.

What is 1,2-DEP used for ?

Diphenidine / DND / 1,2-DEP acts as an antagonist at the NMDA receptor and is also acts on the dopamine transport, inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine. Based on this, it is useful to researchers for in vitro modelling of NMDA & Dopamine transport interaction. Researchers may also use Diphenidine as a reference sample for their GC/MS, FTIR or NMR analysis catalogue.

Anyone got any ideas on what this would be like? Whether it will be a decent chemical or a waste of time?
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This is just the piperidine analogue of lefetamine.

It's been studied, go through the lefetamine papers. I don't think it's very active, as either an opioid, stimulant or dissociative.

Put a 4-phenyl on that ring and you've got a fairly active opioid, IIRC- er, that was with a piperazine, though.
This makes me think of other lead compounds like MT-45.

I bet you money it's shitty. Lefetamine and/or MT-45 are both considered pretty lame drugs.
This makes me think of other lead compounds like MT-45.

I bet you money it's shitty. Lefetamine and/or MT-45 are both considered pretty lame drugs.

I bet you money it's actually pretty damn good!

Sampled this at the weekend and was very impressed, and so was a friend who said he could not distinguish it from MXE apart from the fact that the dosage is higher!
Really? I would have expected the duration of this to be quite a bit longer than that of MXE... rather a duratin along the lines of PCP / 3-MeO-PCP / 2-DPMP.
So it does not appear to be analgesic?
Really? I would have expected the duration of this to be quite a bit longer than that of MXE... rather a duratin along the lines of PCP / 3-MeO-PCP / 2-DPMP.
So it does not appear to be analgesic?

I only had a small sample and didn't take note of the duration to be honest. All i can say is it is rather MXE like in my uneducated opinion.

I have not tried PCP or 2-DPMP, and only tried 3-MEO-PCP once so i can't compare. The only real experience i have with Dissociatives is with MXE.

I'm sure other more reputable sources will be along soon with more detailed info. Seems like a very interesting chem anyway! Personally i'm interested in it for it's potential antidepressant qualities more than anything else!
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I have a gram of this arriving on Wednesday and will sample it that evening and report here. I've had lots of experience with ketamine (although not for several years) and have had partaken in MXE and 3-MeO-PCP an awful lot before the uk ban (a bit too much frankly), so I should be well placed to directly compare it to those compounds.

As much as I want this to be great, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much for it to be a direct replacement for my beloved arylcyclohexlamines. I'll settle for it being a fun drug in it's own right - caballero seems to like it, and I've read another positive review on another site.

Here's hoping!
Sample arriving tomorrow, my mileage might be comparable to yours, lastest, I have a similar recent history of hexylamines. I'm also being careful not to hope too hard for a 'replacement.' But this one sounds like it has a promising (albeit likely short-lived) future. Will update on trial. I've seen approximate dose reports of anywhere between 50 and 100mg - my guess is that the disso tolerant amongst us will end up finding solice in the higher end of that range, but if we learnt nothing else from the beautiful beast 3-MeO: we should probably start small! :p
Well, I got my gram, thanks postie. In appearance it's just about the clumpiest chem I've ever seen. It's extremely rocky and seems to stick to itself, but thankfully not to the bag. I'm going out now but I'll post a pic when I get back. It's noon here in the UK, I'll sample this around 9 PM and post again when it's worn off.
Got mine too. Day off today, excellent timing for an experiment. After an allergy test (about 5mg, waited 40 minutes) I've plastered my nasal membranes with 60mg. I have to say, even to someone that (by some slightly masichistic streak) derives some pleasure from insufflating stingy caustic chemicals, this one is a challenge. I would compare the physical stinging sensation as something in between 3/4-MeO-PCP and 2C-B. It actually smells a little like 2C-B, too, in my opinion; a fairly pungent but not overpowering aroma. The crystalline composition (despite being powdered) is rocky, and it took a lot of chopping to get it into a reasonably fine dust. It does tend to clump together and I suspect that it will pick up moisture and clump more if not kept dry. I'm not certain what kind of salt this is but (not being a chemist!) it has the appearance of HCL salts of other compounds I've come across before. On that note, a question to anyone that knows - is it possible to identify salts in this way (by physical appearance) or am I stabbing in the dark by suggesting that it's HCL?

Little is known about effective ROA, obviously, but I would advise against insufflation for anyone that generally finds that route to be particularly uncomfortable.
Will update with tentative onset and duration information, and any other comments.
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps


Eesh, thanks for the warning about insuflation Dioxy. It certainly doesn't look like it'll be much fun to snort. I'm in two minds about whether to try it or to just go for oral. I don't mind a bit of pain, but I'm not mad keen. I found 3-MeO pretty much fine to snort, but of course the very low dosage was a major factor in that.
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I would have kept administration to oral ROA; this does not seem very fun to snort.

Presence or absence of "clumps"/"crystal shape" is not a good metric of freebase/HCl purity. pH testing a solution in distilled water would be better.

Anyway, important things to note in bioassay: onset time, time to peak f/x, total duration. If you have equipment, measure solubility in water, melt point, hygroscopicity (tendency to absorb water from the air), rxn with any color change reagents.
Onset was gradual over 30-40 minutes, a feeling of stimulation, focus and clarity that I associate with low-dose MXE and 3-MeO. General mood lift with a hint of the manic properties of the aforementioned compounds, a slightly stimulatory compulsion to get things done. Tentatively, could have application in creativity.
Heart rate about 100-110 after a 60mg starting dose followed by a 100mg dose 1.5 hours later. General sense of fuzzy dissociation and calm but no notable motor impairment. Not pushing this one too much yet, too little data.
Well here's a turn up for the books. I swallowed 5mg in OJ as an allergy test forty minutes ago and I do believe I am feeling slightly dissociated. I don't entirely discount that it could be psychosomatic, but I doubt it. I'm having dinner with my family in a minute, and I'm feeling odd enough to be slightly anxious at the prospect. In any case, this hints at the fact that oral may well be a more effective ROA than intranasal, and I've therefore decided to go with 50mg orally this later this evening.
Very interesting. My sample was small and my NMDA tolerance is high so it quickly disappeared, I didn't get a chance to try oral. Insufflation leaves a clogged sinus for a few hours too - for some reason I insist on that ROA sometimes even when I know that others are more effective and efficient, but basically it seems like a pointless way to take this drug.

I noticed that the effects changed over time, the dissociative buzz turned into a feeling of serenity and wellbeing. For that reason, and taking into account the onset and duration, I'm finding this chemical has a lot of similarities to 3-MeO-PCP. I will have to wait until next opportunity to try a higher dose and report on the more intense end of the effects.
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Okay, 50mg down the hatch. Have at you NMDA receptor! Thought you were safe after the hexylamine ban did you? Well take this this!
How did it go, lastest? My sinuses are still fucked, and I think my tonsils even swelled a little. I wish I wasn't such a nose-fiend! Hah. Definitely swallowing/sublingual next time.
I felt pretty much back to baseline around T+4 Hours after the last dose, but with some residual anxiolytic effects. No particularly uncomfortable hangover as yet, except a slight feeling of fatigue/tiredness, reminds me of MXE after-effects in that way, though I kept well hydrated (dehydration was notable as with hexylamines) and I've just taken 1mg Etizolam in case sleep is an issue. Consumption was 60mg doses rising to 100mg, didn't push it further than that on this occasion.
So this one is fairly good? I'm nervous about trying any new RCs after I spent £20 on a pretty much inactive chemical
Ladies and gentleman, we are floating in space.

I dosed 50mg orally at 9:30 PM and watched the finale of Justified on the way up. Mild to moderate feelings of dissociation made the plot slightly confusing towards the end. After that I conducted a phone conversation with a friend with no real difficulty although I had the distinct feeling I was experiencing things from a third person perceptive. At 11:30, feeling quite wonky but not trashed by any means I redosed 70mg oral. Between then and now I have no idea what happened subjectively, or rather, I can tell you that there was nothing going on subjectively. I feel that I was fully conscious but my mind was a complete blank. I'm pretty sure I've just been sat on my bed staring at my banjo in the corner of the room without a single identifiable thought for over an hour. At some point I felt hot so I stripped to the waist and lay flat on my back breathing deeply and evenly with my mind still completely blank. It was about the most relaxed I've ever felt in my life. I guess it could be considered a hole but very different from a hexylamine hole. It was like a zen-like state of non existence. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it wasn't anything at all. Worthwhile? I'm not sure I can answer that. It was like being pure form without content. It was either the most boring or most fascinating experience of my life. Or maybe both at the same time.

EDIT: Reading back the above, I'm pretty sure what I've written is a really poor attempt to put into words what the experience was like. But minute by minute, all memory of the subjective effects of the drug seem to be fading away, like trying to remember a dream. I feel that this stuff has very profound and strange effects on memory. I'm not sure how recreational it is but it's pretty fascinating in my opinion.
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Interesting, I think I'll definately be giving it a try when it becomes available to the public. Maybe you took too much and lesser doses would leave you with more memory of what happened?