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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy DiPT Thread


May 7, 2002
just looking for more info on it... not too much info on erowid. but all in all it sounds really good. no reported bad trips. no reported toxic effects. just a 8-10 hour avg. audio trip. dont really effect any other sense other than hearing. you get a mild tryptamine buzz. its uncontrolled and unschedualed by the US government. has anyone tried it? what do you think of it? what is a good average dose?
honestly, it sounded interesting, and i was really looking forward to it, but i was kinda dissappointed by it..25 mg gave me a nice buzz ala low dose shroomz with no audio effects..another 25 on top of that made my voice and other voices all pitched down , muffled, and underwater..kinda creepy..i was really looking forward to it, but it was a rather boring effect, and got real old real quick..it was kinda emmbarassing to talk..i wouldn't wanna take it at a party or anything...and there was ALOT more body buzz than most trip reports mention..at least for us..maybe a dosage higher than 50 mg would bring out wierder audio tricks, but things would hafta get a WHOLE lot wierder to impress me i think..
It sounds as if DIPT, like DPT, is best consumed as a smoked freebase. I am definately going to try DIPT smoked as I had great trips after smoking DPT.
DiPT Insufflation

Does anyone have any experience with insufflated doses for DiPT (yes, I mean DiPT, not 5-MeO-DiPT or DPT)?
Three or four times I insufflated 20 to 25 mg. One time I insufflated 33 mg , another time I insufflated 44 mg after a night out drinking and one other time I orally ingested 50 mg. When the compound was ingested orally the audio hallucinations lasted for about twenty-four hours, really got old after a while. Plus the GI discomfort was pretty bad.
Everything is tuned down a whole octave while on this stuff. Your own voice sounds alien to you, as well as everyone else's.
Duration with insufflated doses was usually around 3-4 hours with the audio effects lasting a little longer, 30 mins. to an hour (otherwise back to baseline in 3-4). With oral ingestion duration was maybe 6 hours, with the audio effects lasting well into the next day
Some visual distortions (especially when 33 mg and 44 mg was insufflated). Mainly objects wavering, slight color enhancement, but it's mostly all audio as far as the hallucinations go.
I think for the most part a clear head was kept throughout the trips (i.e. no mindfuck). I was able to think clearly and carry on normal conversations, even at the highest dose.
For me the best part was was the tactile sensations. Every touch just felt amazing. Laying on the couch by the fire was just extacy, and sex was incredible. When the higher doses were tested (33 mg and 44 mg) the sensations bordered on uncomfortable. Some grinding of the teeth and muscle tightness
For me the best dose was around the 25 mg. level (insufflated). With the oral ingestion the audio effects just lasted too long and the GI discomfort was a pain.
I was very interested in this compound for a long time. The audio hallucinations really sparked my curiosity. I was glad I got the chance to experiment with it a few times.
Did you still experience any GI discomfort or nausea with the insufflated doses?
It has been my experience that snorting psychedelic drugs can intensify the side-effects including nausea. With the exception of DPT and 5-MeO-DMT, I just feel the oral route is the best way to go when it comes to any psychedelic drug.
Some GI discomfort was felt with insufflated doses, but not near as bad as the oral route. The oral route made me vomit while the insufflated route just gave me a little nausea that soon passed.
I agree with MGS that most psychedelics taken via insufflation can cause the side effects to be intensified (2c-t-2 for example), but with this particular compound I found that the nausea was much worse with the oral route. However the overall body load and the general feeling of being drugged was more intense when the compound was insluffated.
DIPT Combinations?

Alright, I've heard and read that DIPT is pretty useless on its own but I have heard of people combining it with other psychedelics to good effect. I just wanted to see if anyone here has had any experience with DIPT combinations and see if they have any suggestions or insights. The combinations I am comtemplating are DIPT and DPT, DIPT and MDMA, DIPT and cannabis, and possibly DIPT, DPT and a small dose of MDMA. Has anyone tried any of these? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
DIPT does quite a bit on its own, just not visually. the highest dose i've tried was 90mg, and visuals were just barely beginning to show; the sound distortion was quite intense. i wouldnt mind seeing what the higher doses are like, but the trip was just so uncomfortable (physically, and just plain fucking weird) that i dont see myself doing that in the near future.

be careful with dipt+mdma; in pihkal it says that the distortions can become painful due to the intensification.

I've combined DIPT with 5-meo-dipt and mushrooms, the 5-meo-dipt and dipt combo can best be described as "sonic soup", truly the greatest amount of synaesthesia and tactile hallucinations I've ever experienced... crazy..

I then added about 5 grams of good cubensis, and it was an amazing night, the report will be up eventually
Thanks for the replies. Anyone try DIPT with DPT?

BTW, tathra, where in pihkal does Shulgin talk about dipt and mdma together? Id' like to read it.
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I'll porbably try all that too, but what I'm interested in now is combinations. I'm most likely going to try DIPT with DPT tomorrow, so if anyone has tried this I'd like to hear from you.
i find music to go very well with dpt. havent tried it with dipt or havent tried dipt at all but id imagine it makes for a strange trip. question, are you familiar with the effects of dipt. if so what other drug(s) do you think it would go well with? you already mentioned the ones your interested in trying with it, so i guess those are the ones you think will work well. complete opinion here but i think you should just combine with smoking at first to get a hang of it. then id move up to 5meodipt maybe. good luck and tell us how it goes!:)
^^^I've never tried DIPT, and of course I'm going to try it on it's own first. As for 5-meo-dipt, that shit is digusting and I'm never putting it in my body again, so scratch that idea. I know what you mean about DPT and music. It feels like a constant mind and body orgasm=D .
whoops, i meant tihkal. typed faster than i was thinking there

from commentary section of DiPT:

Pretreatment with relatively small amounts of MDMA (35 milligrams, at between 1.5 and 2.5 hours before DIPT, at 55 milligrams) led to an exaggerated distortion, with an enhanced intensity that verged on being painful.
i took DiPT, insufflated (40mg), about 4 hours before an AMT trip. I really wount recommend mixing it with an MAOI. the AMT boosted it a fuckign retarded amount. i couldnt hear anything at times (except for a ringing), and at others everyone sounded like a really low growl. i couldnt understand music of any sort... itw as just scratching... voices sounded like large frogs. it started dissipating in anouther hour or so, and went away pretty muhc completely a few hours into the trip. bleh.
Has anyone had any experience with the free base as i have'nt heard to much about it other than from that one trip report on erowid that compares it with DMT and it may be more potent also its mentioned in TiHKAL that 8mg smoked produced a +2 so it sounds like i may have to do some research of my own.
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Smoked DiPT ?

Has anyone has success with smoking the DiPT freebase? I'd be interested in hearing about the experience.