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Tryptamines The Big & Dandy DPT Thread - Part 3: So bright this light...


Bluelight Crew
Mar 12, 2007
Welcome to the Big & Dandy DPT Thread III


N,N-DPT (N,N-dipropyltryptamine or just 'DPT')

- DPT Survey Results


External links:

  • TIHKAL DPT entry
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    Dipropyltryptamine (DPT) is a psychedelic drug belonging to the tryptamine family, first reported in 1973.[1] It is found either as its crystalline hydrochloride salt or as an oily or crystalline base. It has not been found to occur naturally.

    Frequent physical effects are nausea, numbness of the tongue or throat, and pupil dilation.




The old thread was archived due to size and can be found at the links above. Here is the new one. Enjoy!

From the previous thread:

Yeah my brain is getting a little spent. No real negative after effects but just seems as if the mystical part is missing now.

DPT is a Damn Powerful Tryptamine

Best description of dpt is it is some crazy ass shit. One of my top trips ever was off this.

Do what thou wilt, but I'd say wait another week or two. Sounds like you've been hitting the tryptamines pretty hard, you'll get more out of it if you give it a break. Not just because of tolerance, but because you'll be more psychologically hungry for a trip. These tryptamines all work on very much the same sets of receptors, so there will definitely be big tolerance going on as well.

I'm hoping this next trial with DPT goes better than last time I should have it any day now. I just need to wait to do it cause I have been taking massive doses of 4-subbed tryptamines in the last week about 400 mgs in three separate instances. so I want to wait at least a week from yesterday since that was my last time doing anything. Does anyone think that will be long enough. My tolerance is freaking insane especially reading what others take 20-30 mgs of 4 subs is just a tease even when I wait awhile. And you need a lot more DPT it seems to get anywhere interesting.
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Good day, bluelight. Today is a significant day if I do say.

For this day brings light and darkness, inseparable, yet each distinguishable, upon the experiment that was underwent last night.

Let us say that dpt reveals a revelatory secret. A secret I'm not so sure was designed for human minds.

Shall we just say that if you are looking for a trap door to heaven in the deepest pits of hell, DPT just might provide what you seek?
Yeah, DPT is definitely one of the relatively few that puts me in a domain where terminology like heaven, hell, holiness and glory applies. (I'm not a religious man, just feels that way)
That was what LSD made me feel like at times and I'm am also not religious. I am hoping DPT will be more involving for a lack of a better term than say any of the 4-subbed tryptamines. Not to say they can't be also.
It's been a quick minute since I've done DPT, but I caught myself thinking about it earlier today. What a really fascinating drug. I've never taken it further than 50 mgs insufflated but at that level it was definitely quite intense, on par with DMT in its intensity but it has a MUCH different vibe. It's interesting because they're chemical cousins of each other, and they each show you realms that are literally beyond human comprehension, but the places they bring you to are so much different. I would best describe DPT as DMT's "spooky" cousin because it definitely has a spooky vibe to it IME. While DMT is usually blissful and transcendent and the entities are happy and lively and engaging, DPT is a lot more dark and cold. DPT is just as crazy as DMT, but instead of crazy beautiful it is crazy weird and kind of scary, in this beautiful way. I'm sorry if this sounds like psycho-gibberish but there really is no way to describe either of these compounds well enough with the language that us humans have invented. They defy description.

But anyway DPT is pretty cool if you can handle it. I think the spooky factor would be a turnoff for a lot of people, but if you like your tryptamines (which I definitely do) then I would recommend trying it, it's unique and damn powerful. Maybe start with a ~25 mg dose to get a feel for the chemical, 50mg took me by surprise with how strong it was and I've read reports of people dosing in the 100+ mg range which is just insane. But yeah I guess the point of my post is: I have ~100mg of this lying around, I don't think I'll be taking it today but something tells me that I should go for a 50-60 mg dose soon. It's been a minute since I've had my ass handed to me by a tryptamine, which (while jarring) can be a pretty good way to cleanse the chakras if done every now and again. :)
My greatest and only trip from DPT.
I snorted a tremendous amount, something like 350-400mg maybe more, i wanted a 12 hour experience from it.
SO one sunny afternoon in the backyard. After i snarfled and snuffled and burned my adenoids out because
Trying to get that much of something that burns so much and begins within 15-20 minutes, is what i'm sure could be considered a beautiful thing to see.
But none the less. Once i was done acting like a powder swine

The trip began, with a subtle vibration. A Cicada flew past my head. I remember knowing the trip was starting because when i closed my eyes, i became the sound of its wings flapping.
I felt something ancient about it's buzzing that was going on in the neighborhood. Suddenly I got this feeling like i was about to know what it was like to spend 25 years underground.
Suddenly the Cicada buzzing became intense, like too intense it was as if they were swarming me inside of my own head, but it was clear that this was just a synesthesia based aural expenditure of a very real thing cascading with meaning and resolve. I was probably crying and screaming in my back yard. Everything had begun to take on an incredibly silver almost ethereal tone. Just Blistering with "the light" When the Cicadas finally stopped buzzing. Everything became what i would like to say as "too calm" I hallucinated 3 translucent rainbow steeds galloping over my fence, heading right for me with white riders pointing their astral blades at me. They charged, i scurried around the yard on my hands and needs in some de-evolved state of primitive survival at that point. I finding the tree in my back yard. I rested myself underneath it.

When i would close my eyes, i would see myself, only from above, and there was a rainbow colored a chain leading downward to myself. Like i was in 3rd person. or "spiritual" form, still connected to my Physical form, but now looking out of the eyes of my Astral form. Now when i would open my eyes, i was back on the ground in traditional out of the eyes perspective. So AS I LAY DYING, on the grass vibrating into oblivion. lolol. I decided to see what would happen, if i closed my eyes, in my "astral form".

So when i shut my eyes, on "earth" to be up in the "ether" looking down at myself. I closed my Astral eyes. At which point you would think you would be given next to nothing to a whole lot of something.
But it was more or less what i feel is a slipstream of consciousness. But only for your DNA, your heritage. It will take you, anywhere you want to go in YOUR life. I am not not talking just about the life you are living right now.

I remember, when the steam would stop shuddering and hold it's focus long enough for me to look inside as if it was a mirror to a moving picture show or a movie.
The first one was the High Seas, everyone i had ever known and all of the people i meet so far on this journey in my life have seemed to have at one point or another played a role in my life as a pirate.
Everyone was being hedonistic and violent glorious and brave, beautiful and bold. It was Triumphant, i remember we were feared on those High Seas.

Now when something in "reality" like a cat, or was it a car, or a noise would distract me, it was very easy to fall out of this "slip stream" so i was granted them in bursts over a period of 4 delirious hours in the back yard.
DPT is alot like LSD in the sense, it peaks in WAVES but these waves are the maximum of receptor control. So as my ship was sinking in a mixture of reality going on just on the other side of a fence and serotonin delirium.
I vomited a little bit, buried it poorly with some dirt, so the cat wouldn't come over and smell it, and be going through what i am going through or worse.

Then once the vibrations began to pick up again intensely i remembered just go with it you aren't dying flow into the slip steam and you will be granted visions.

So this time, my visions were of a jungle. Something was horribly wrong, People i thought of as the Gods were murdering my tribe. My eldest was sick. I remember leaving late at night to go to the jungle to look for medicine.
Something is wrong feel like i am being followed. Then Rainbow blackness. Next thing i remember is being yelled at in a language i do not understand for things i do not think are wrong. I was just trying to find medicine for my family.
The Priest in white wants me to kiss his ring i spit blood on him before my throat is slit and i am kicked into the fire.

By this point i am crying and abysmal on the ground in my backyard. I know what happened didn't happen right then in there. But it speaks from the past, like seeing something that gives you Deja Vu.
But in your heart. I knew i was in for the long haul. The Vibrations slowed at this point, i was pretty distraught. I went inside i turned on some music i tried to find peace. Music sounded alien and tormenting. The house felt to small and cluttered with memories of a person i "wasn't" at that moment in time. To say i was emotions at that point is probably true to say, it's like having synesthesia to everything, complete and total raw nerve to "reality". Reality was "too loud" but there is no dimmer switch for reality.

I went back outside to the front yard this time. Probably not the best choice given that it's near a relatively non busy street, in suburbia but still a GREAT enough location to give the neighbors a complete and total view of my overly emotional and disheveled insanity. I remember the cat was in the tree. So i started to repeat at the cat, "silly cat, you are a cat, not a bird." But in song, over and over and over again. Until kitty came down to play with me. That was really fun. When i looked up to realize there was a world going on around me, i realized that pretty much all of my neighbors were outside doing yard work, GIVEN it was a SUNDAY, in the Spring time. Now either this awareness of other people, triggered the next sequence But kitty gave me a strange look like he knew what was up. The Dipropyltryptodemon was charging up for it's next and greatest surge at my serotonin ducts. I had to get to the backyard.

Or somewhere away from the thoughts of other people. They were impeding my bubble and making me feel scared of authorities.
So i close my eyes in an Old Recliner i have in the back yard trying to get comfortable. The vibrations on DPT are so intense sometimes you almost feel like you are going to turn your own bones into liquid. But not just the literal ones.
So when i get comfortable, i am in the south of France, i am running around the streets stealing bread, sleeping with pretty ladies, being a righteous swine. C'est La Vie, Non?
Non? I am caught by my wife having sex with a prostitute. she turns me into the authorities for a silver, for being a bread thief and then she brings the children to watch me get hung in town square.

That one left me feeling dirty. I needed to bathe, i have been vibrating in my own vomit rolling in the dirt and getting lost in my Temporal worm holes of space and time.
So i peeled myself off the chair outside. I can't even imagine what my neighbors must be thinking is going on with me, if most of them ACTUALLY Are outside doing yard work.
Got inside, got into the shower.

It funny how the simplest things can remind you of yourself. Soap, a tooth brush, the shower nozzle, The Pattern the shower head beats into your skin.
All of these are sensations which are getting written into something you will experience again, and again, and again in what i feel are different modalities of life.
These images and these surges, allow me to realize that what i am percieving now is this life.

As i have said before, i was abused a lot as a child, i don't really have a "huge" memory of my childhood. Despite everything DPT showed me.
It still protected me from this life, just a nice glowing beautiful ball of life and love which reminded me it's really not the past that matters. But it's fun to look back into it.
All of these "times" i was in through closed astral eye visions. were very real. I could feel the rain, the sweat, the toil, the sex, the power, the darkness.
Everything i experienced i felt it was like to "prove a point". That is to live a good life. We're given more than one, But the sins of your past lives are the trails of your current life.
You can never truly conquer Samsara.

I must have been in the shower for over 2 hours it was freezing by the time i returned to awareness again. Yes i did this DPT trip ALONE as i like to do most of the trips in which i know i am going to be "driving myself up the wall".
Its easier than having someone elses ego field there reacting with yours. The rest of the night played out the incredibly high dose acid with extremely powerful synesthesia to sound, music i normally liked, i loathed. Ultimately
I can understand WHY The Temple of the True Inner Light uses this shit as their Eucharist. It works.

But what i don't understand is how DMT is illegal yet this one goes by relatively ignored by a majority of the recreational community. In a way that is a good thing. But if there ever was a casual user who was like
OMIGOD DMT SOUNDS TERRIF DPT LASTS LONGER, and they seek it out and DO IT before other compounds....

HOLY SHIT that would be a hellride of demented results. i could see that causes permanent ego//physic damage to those who aren't ready.

But anyways... DPT. It's Only Hell of a Heavenly Drug.
is dpt that weak I once again did all 250 mgs. i tok 100 start and it was ok then IV'ed the rest in a few doses ist dmt stronger? i was not impressed. my favorites are 4-aco-met and 4-ho-mipt combined. dpt is not like thos at al.
Have you read anything about it? It can be pretty brutal so something must be off about your product...
Orally it can be weak / not very potent for some people... but if you IV'd it I can't think of another explanation... I do know there has been some shitty DPT circulating.
Snorted I did find it to be 'serious' material. Profound and jarring.
is dpt that weak I once again did all 250 mgs. i tok 100 start and it was ok then IV'ed the rest in a few doses ist dmt stronger? i was not impressed. my favorites are 4-aco-met and 4-ho-mipt combined. dpt is not like thos at al.

If your DPT is brown it might be from a certain "francophone" supplier who got rid of that shitty brown dpt (which was pretty weak) and replaced it with a new white batch. I actually sampled that new white batch at 100mg nasally 2 weeks ago and was absolutely floored by how strong it was... It lasted only 3 hours from snorting to feeling pretty much sober but it came on so fast I was honestly very glad I didn't take any more. I am usually a hardhead when it comes to Tryptamine. I have no problem with 80mg oral of 4-aco-dmt and had a great time on 300mg nasally of 4-ho-dpt. 100mg DPT kicked my ass! I have to question the purity of your material if 250mg (some of that IV'd) didn't have you praying for mercy before the very throne of God. The only other explanation would be if you had really severe tolerance by doing a lot of Tryptamines lately?
I've had brown DPT and it was apparently more potent than he is making his DPT out to be. Let's remember color (discoloration) is no more than an indication of purity, and DPT comes in more colors than any other drug I can think of. Brown, black-grey, purple, orange, and - as it should be - white.
How difficult could it possibly be to propylate some shit?
Or is the N-oxide of DPT of an interesting color like that of DMT? Still, that accounts for one color.
When Ive don dpt, it seems to almost be hit or miss. Sometimes if I dose too low I get barely any effects, but when done right I am blasted off into another realm. I have lived through different peoples lives from different eras as well as had the universe secrets opened up and shared with me. I have always done nasal, sometimes cutting it a little with mxe to make it a little easier with less burning, usually just 10-30 mgs, not too much, enough to smooth it out. The dpt I have is not very dense, so eyeballing it is near impossible. What I thought would be 100 mgs on a scale usually turns out to be 50ish mg.

I tried to freebase dpt once or twice but gave up due to failure. I added equimolar amounts of dpt and lye in distilled water, which produced an oil floating on top that proved very difficult to collect and remove. Would using naphta or something like that make sense to extract it from the water and then evaporate that in a pipe or onto a mock changa?
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I tried to freebase dpt once or twice but gave up due to failure. I added equimolar amounts of dpt and lye in distilled water, which produced an oil floating on top that proved very difficult to collect and remove. Would using naphta or something like that make sense to extract it from the water and then evaporate that in a pipe or onto a mock changa?

Please check this thread and see if you are still unclear :)
going back to my last post I don'y think i waited long enough between taking tryptamines. I had done some 4-aco-met only about a week before maybe less. could be shitty material though this is the second time i did all 250mgs snorting and iv'ing and not too impressed. all there other material has been great though. its cheap enough so since im broke for awhile i'll try one more time in a few weeks since i just went through 200mgs of 4-aco-met last week. need too cool the brain for now.
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I recently got a hold of a small sample of DPT and 4-aco-DMT. Hoo boy!

I had never had the 4-aco-dmt before, and it was the main thing I wanted to go somewhere with, but the last time I had done dpt I got little to nothing out of it, which was due to me not taking nearly enough because I was a pussy back then and I didn't have the experience or depth of knowledge that I have now 4 years ago and I had only read some fantastical reports about it's effects lol. I was super eager to try both, in a good place, and with good friends that understood what I was doing. I weighed out 80mg, fully intending to have a rough time.

Nope, great fucking trip! I felt like I left my body about 20 minutes in for about 3 seconds, just long enough to look at my self and jump lol. Then it was nothing but laughing and some really neat visuals for about 2 or 3 hours. At one point I could have sworn I saw my friends cat puke a pentagram, but that was just the dpt, good times. The come up feels awful, but in a good way. It's cold and odd, and really tooth clenchy. The stink and the taste and the drip suck, but seriously, it's far from the nastiest ting that people commonly snort, and at least it has the common decency to numb up the nasal passages after a second so that you don't really give that much of a darn.

It combined really well with the 4-aco-dmt. I took 20mg of the 4-aco and 40mg of the dpt and the experience was a very strong come up and a very colorful and imaginative first several house of the trip. You could clearly tell when the dpt was over with and it was just the 4-aco-dmt still with you. Things got less colorful and weird. You didn't see bugs that weren't there and weird shit like that lol either.

This substance has a strange ability to give me full image hallucinations like almost nothing else I've ever had. I'm generally very hard headed and rarely do I see really impressive visual disturbances unless I take a slightly risky amount of a substance. On dpt shit starts to crystallize and I get afterimages of moving objects that can persist for a while. I see shit that didn't happen. It's not ok to be in public on DPT, it really could show you something fucked at the wrong time that could make you act bizarrely, which could get you mighty embarrassed, or worse if you can't deal with the situation. Most of the time, tripping isn't that fucky for me. I would probably try 100 mg next time I have it, if not more, but yeck, 80 sucked enough to snort lol.

I also did a 45mg bump on the tail end of a 1mg 25inboh trip, but it didn't do much, which is what I expected. It was interesting for about half an hour then it was just back to 25i. It gave the speediness of the 25i a bit of a dial-back and turned it into a spaciness that was mighty enjoyable. no real weirdness to report, but it was a light dose of dpt.
Maybe it was shit. cause i sniffed 100mgs to start and was only kind of fucked up i mean i had some viuals and would have felt weird in public but i was alone in the woods. still not what i expected could be a shitty batch. If it was from the popular canadian vendor it could be all there other stuff is great
I had recently received 250mg of DPT and had shared some with a few friends over a night, we were doing roughly 25mg lines every hour or two with pretty minor effects. At home alone on a good amount of MXE and roughly 40mg-60mg DPT and still not tripping as hard as I'd like. No breakthrough and mostly brain movies with little OEV's. Is the Canadian vendors current DPT bunk?
Vaped about 35mg of DPT about 25mins ago, and tripping balls. As expected, mixes very well with N2O.

EDIT: I ended up smoking a bit more, not sure how much, about another 30 mg I think. I quit using the scale because the effects are so immediate you can control your intake as you smoke. Wow! Who would have thought a substance that's so similar to DMT would be this good? I guess everyone except me. Amazing. Spent the first two hours laughing. Then it puts your life in perspective. Definitely look for this one guys if you enjoy the psychs.
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I had recently received 250mg of DPT and had shared some with a few friends over a night, we were doing roughly 25mg lines every hour or two with pretty minor effects. At home alone on a good amount of MXE and roughly 40mg-60mg DPT and still not tripping as hard as I'd like. No breakthrough and mostly brain movies with little OEV's. Is the Canadian vendors current DPT bunk?

It's what I have it was much much stronger than what I expected. 100mg had me nearly overwhelmed with OEV's but I was back to baseline by the third hour. Came on very fast and hard (can't stress that part enough) but left just as quickly. I got high so fast that I felt pretty nauseous at the peak but felt fantastic with no hangover as soon as I hit baseline. In comparison, 300mg of 4-ho-dpt from the same vendor was wayyyy more manageable than 100mg DPT. The 4-ho version is definetly less serious but it's still close enough to DPT to be a more "serious" entheogen than say 4-aco-met.
I tried 200mg DPT orally this weekend and was shocked at how well it worked! I took it on an almost empty stomach and didn't notice any open eye visuals for about 1 and half hours than bam! Lots of DPT visuals. It was slightly milder than snorting 100mg.
I did have signifigant nausea at about the time the visuals kicked in but nothing too serious.
I have read that DPT doesn't work rectally but I will try this next as it might avoid the nausea. I'm wondering if the reason it doesn't work rectally is just a Ph issue? I wonder how different salt forms would be better or worse for rectal administration? If the hcl isn't that effective maybe the acetate would be better? Gonna have to run some tests.
I love this chem but it either burns the fuck out of your nose (and who wants to trip with a burning nasal cavity???) or nausea via the oral route. I'm really hoping I can find a way to make it work via rectal admin!
I'm excited to try this one next week. Has anyone mixed this with DOC? The "spooky" vibe eveyone speaks of is interesting. I was one of the few that enjoyed deliriants in my youth.