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The Big & Dandy DPT Thread (Version 2) - Life and Death are But One

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Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Welcome to the Big & Dandy DPT Thread


N,N-DPT (N,N-dipropyltryptamine or just 'DPT')

- DPT Survey Results


External links:

  • TIHKAL DPT entry
  • Erowid DPT vault
  • Wikipedia DPT Page
    Dipropyltryptamine (DPT) is a psychedelic drug belonging to the tryptamine family, first reported in 1973.[1] It is found either as its crystalline hydrochloride salt or as an oily or crystalline base. It has not been found to occur naturally.

    Frequent physical effects are nausea, numbness of the tongue or throat, and pupil dilation.




The old thread was archived due to size and can be found at the links above. Here is the new one. Enjoy!
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I am extremely interested in hearing about your stories with high dose DPT and entity contact. Is this possible like it is on high dose DMT or is it a unique aspect of DMT? Thanks! :)
I didn't even think of the connection (DPT + OJ to the drink OJ to trip harder on LSD myth). Yeah I don't know the deal, but the gentleman's word is every bit as reliable as if you had said it (and I consider your word reliable.)

Actually it was our old friend Burple who said this so I guess make of it what you will.

swilow said:
I took a recent oral/MAOi-less dose of ~150-160mg...It was interesting and quite visual (++ roughly), not much body load so to speak off (perhaps ketamine helped?), eqivalent to a relatively high dose of mushrooms in onset and duration at least; besides that, quite disimilar...but nothing compared to the intesity of smoking an 8th or so of that amount- and rather pointless i reckons.

I don't have access to moclomebide whereas rue and possibly caapi extracts aren't too much of a problemo. I'd also like to soften the 'digital' feeling DPT gives me, add something (I could get stomped for this) natural or organic to the blend.

Anyway, I'm still messed up from SSRI's (ceased several moths ago though) and have very little time for pharmaceuticals at the moment.... I think, as a preparation, I will make a DPT-changa smoke again to test the waters. See how that goes, my DMT/caapi smoking (sadly very few times) has been great; I just don't have the nerve for DMT and a MAOi yet; or maybe the time is not right. The stars or something.

MGS: you serious about OJ? It is impicated in many a psychedelic myth....
After reading through the archived thread I'm definately going to be making a purchase. I'm thinking 50mg intranasally, as this sounds about right. I didn't know this substance had such wonderful potential :)

It's a good one. My tastes in psychedelics have changed over the years....I find the mellower experiences better for my needs, as I am at the point where I need to be 'knocked out' of my ego only every few years. So 2C-B, 2C-D, etc are more up my ally.

However, for splitting open the head....DPT and LSD (and 2C-E actually) are always at the top. In fact, I'd choose DPT over LSD as for me the DPT experience is very similar to taking the 2nd hour-5th hour out of an acid trip...and throwing the rest away. What I mean is that with DPT, I get the intense peak-like experience of LSD condensed down to a few hours. The negative is I find it much easier to 'wig out' on DPT. The intensity is there, but (I've not smoked it) because it does take 20min to peak (I take DPT via IM injection) there is the risk of the ego fighting the effects (unlike 5-MeO-DMT in which I find no time to 'think about it'), resulting in terrible terror. DPT has scared me like no other psychedelic. Which makes it good stuff, for sure! (Hedonistic).
There seems to be an incredible polarity to the DPT experience. In my experience, the character of the drug seems to be altogether different at high doses, but my experience is limited. Dose-related or not, DPT reports certainly reflect the extraordinary variability in experiences ... from divinely beautiful to downright gruesome. Below are some expertly articulated examples from both ends of the spectrum.

"... And of course, with the sudden implosion, all human constructs of the universe were RIPPED away, and all was left bare. There was nothing to be differentiated from nothing. It was all the same. The “pealing away” of the world was characterized as a familiar motif: a dome like that of the pantheon’s (with a hole on top – I’ll get to that in a minute), but instead of crevices, there were shimmering golden eyes staring directly at me. They are actually more comforting than scary. There was intense light coming in from the infinity from which the circular opening at the top ensued.

There is a Gnostic text, The Hypostasis of the Archons, that expressed this vision very well:

"The <great> angel came down from the heavens and said to her, "Why are you crying up to God? Why do you act so boldly towards the holy spirit?"
Norea said, "Who are you?" The rulers of unrighteousness had withdrawn from her.
He said, "It is I who am Eleleth, sagacity, the great angel who stands in the presence of the holy spirit. I have been sent to speak with you and
save you from the grasp of the lawless. And I shall teach you about your root."
(Norea apparently now speaking) Now as for that angel, I cannot speak of his power: his appearance is like fine gold and his raiment is like snow.
No, truly, my mouth cannot bear to speak of his power and the appearance of his face!”​
And indeed, my mouth fails as well beyond this point. I can only say that nothing happened over the next hour, but I say nothing only because all the languages I know are limited to the very human constructs of meaning that have now been stripped away. I will stress though, that it was not a blackout. I actually “remember” it, but as soon as I open my mouth to speak, all that comes out is silence."

"... I was at ground level peering into a shifting field of tall grass in moonlight. Diaphanous tigers crisscrossed my field of vision and wound through the undergrowth, their black stripes transformed into transparent fissures cut clean through their bodies. Then, in one fractional moment, the wind parted the grass and the tiger's ruptured stripes marshaled in line so that I could suddenly see a great distance through both the tigers and the field. That world froze and I flew through the divide and into empty night. Everything turned inside out with a terrible ripping sound and an electric jolt, and I hovered above it as a bare locus hearing my own disbelieving utterances: "that was it!" "this is it!"--yet I provided no impetus to those words. They were the rustle of grass shifting in the wind."

Nuages Gris (erowid report):
"... I could not connect to the gaian mind, not even synthetically. Nevertheless, it did seem to have a character. It hid itself in kaleidoscopes, in cognitive telemetry, in emotions and stimuli, in synchronicity and auditory phantasms, only to pop out when I least suspected it and assert itself and its views. Slowly me and it collided in a crunching wreck and began to claw at each other's reality, clinging, destroying, intertwining in an ill-conceived sado-masochistic tangle. We couldn't reconcile with each other. My ego was taken and twisted, reformed into a thousand things at the whim of the alien force possessing me. I not only became foreign translations of self, but animals, objects, planets, hallucinations, concepts, energy, nothingness, and everything. These feelings, these dramas of the transmutating soul condensed into visual metaphors which re-formed into new selves and spawned another set of synesthetic stimuli. I was adrift in an unstoppable self-transforming cascade of ontological undulations.

I felt an anti-nirvanic imperative, the titanic struggle of the me split into yin-yang, the DOer and the BEer refusing to unify. It was the messiest ego death I’ve ever undergone - splintered bone and gristle still floating around in anthropomorphic parodies of the first person. My mind had been turned inside out and was subject to brutal scrutiny. The inversion exposed a hundred anxieties I didn't know I had."

In my one experience with the drug, recollection of 40 mg IM brings forth adjectives like "plush", "velvety", or "ethereal" ... then, with the addition of 50 mg IM at one hour (for a total of 90 mg), words like "sinister" or "insectoid" come to mind. Amazing drug ...

hey dondante, did you take ketamine with the DPT the time you found it 'plush' and 'velvety'. I've heard Fastandbubbly describe it in similar terms and he was talking about DPT + Ketamine, which I found to be an EXCELLENT description.

DPT alone is a lot more like DMT for me at least. I'm hoping that pushing higher doses will unlock some of the complicated imagery that DMT does...I've been talking to people and they seem to suggest that entity contact/communication can happen on DPT also at high doses (i've only taken it in high doses twice now iirc).
With AMT (20 mg IM) ... but both descriptions are of the same trip. Might I remind you of Jamshyd's DPT + K report ...

"I closed the scale box. Didn't take 2 seconds. I knelt to put the scale back in its bottom drawer...


In a split second, EVERYTHING WAS FUCKING ERASED. There was no rush. There was no comeup. One second I was in a regular manageble Ketamine giddiness, a second later everything in existence just snapped away.

There was no room. There was no world. There was no life. There was no I. There was no you. There was no body. There was no universe.

You know when a scratched CD or record gets caught up at a single track and keeps repeating the same note over and over again at high speed? That is the only thing that was heard.

There was utter chaos. Since I no longer existed, and neither did the world or my eyes to receive that world, there were no visuals or sounds and I have no clue of my physical body left behind had its eyes open or closed because I was utterly blinded by colourless, formless, chaos."​

Just a reminder to keep doses reasonable (this was 90 mg DPT + 60 mg K).

To samadhi: reread the bottom of my post above.
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In my one experience with the drug, recollection of 40 mg IM brings forth adjectives like "plush", "velvety", or "ethereal" ... then, with the addition of 50 mg IM at one hour (for a total of 90 mg), words like "sinister" or "insectoid" come to mind. Amazing drug ...

Hmm, yeah, I was menioning to S_s that I find DPT slightly 'cold' in some way; I guess alien and sisnister are very fitting words. But then, DMT could be described thusly, so hmm....theres just something more futuristic and sterile (oh no that sounds negative)- not sterile, but reptillian??? I cannot find the right word.....

All I know is that I become junge-man on DPT, but its like a jungle man from a rainforest panet in the Andromeda Galaxy. It blanks my memory a fair bit, DPT....though I distinctly remember striding through a local art gallerly and perceving my footprints as 'golden forest-vine-prints' behind me, almost gold leaf embossments of my footprints, yet also a strange plant/vine growth???

Well, that post certainly illuminated me none. :) DPT is almost wordlessness itself; whereas DMT seems to illciti a lot of vocalising, either out loud or in the mind, DPT seems to have- something- a quality- that-ARGH-nothing best decribes. Yes, nothing best describes it. :)
I get the alien description of DPT...but like you said the same could be said about DMT. To be honest tryptamines still shock and surprise me and feel 'alien' (different!) even after tripping on them lots and lots. Actually wow tears just sprang to my eyes thinking about the weirdness of tripping hard on tryptamines. Its a very different world from 'regular consciousness' isn't it?
swilow said:
DPT is almost wordlessness itself; whereas DMT seems to illciti a lot of vocalising, either out loud or in the mind, DPT seems to have- something- a quality- that-ARGH-nothing best decribes. Yes, nothing best describes it.

That's interesting... DMT certainly does have a vocalizing effect. Whenever I smoke it, I get glossolalia in my mind... it's like as it's coming on my mind starts rushing with some thought which comes out as a word, and then too quick to actually follow each word produces another word, each word (thought) connected by some tangent to the previous but when you put them all together they make no sense whatsoever.

I haven't tried DPT yet though, so I can't compare there. But the mental vocalizing effect of DMT actually seems to prevent me from breaking through... it anchors me to reality and it feels like I hit a wall that I can't get through, and then I come down before I ever break through it.
Thought you lot might find this interesting, a friend plugged 150mg of DPT and this was the result.

T+0:05 - Starting to feel a bit weird, thiiink I might be seeing some breathing but not sure. Bodyload is definitely present but not an issue.

T+0:20 - Went downstairs to make food but couldn't. The room was melting. Patterns on the wall were jumping out at me and spinning around. Colours were so vivid then suddenly collapsed into total darkness. Everything was rippling. The most amazing euphoria encompassed me. I was hearing and seeing music that wasn't playing. I saw myself in the 3rd person. I thought I was in a forest half the time. Every tiny detail of everything in my room merged together and then instantaneously returned to normal, only to collapse once again into trip city. I couldn't move. I was writhing around on the floor lost in an orgasm of the experience. Looking in the mirror I saw myself melt into a puddle of hot metal, only to return to my normal (jittering) self in a second. Droplets of red, yellow and purple goo flew from the ends of my fingers and spattered the walls as I span around my room, palms outstretched. Everything I did had a visual echo that was so detailed I could have sworn I actually had 100 hands when I moved them about. Lightstands bent towards me and contorted into the weirdest of shapes. Anything 2D not only because 3D but also layered itself into the air - like looking at one of those 3D puzzles from side on. It was impossible to keep eyes focused. Everything was so unbelievably trippy that all I remember thinking at the time was, "Holy fuck".

T+1:00 - Much of the same ^^ although slightly toned down.

T+2:00 - Pretty much 100% come down now. Still a bit of rippling/breathing effects on the curtains and changes in shadows, but other than that not much.

Seems like a very effective way of taking DPT.
Xorkoth, try actually vocalising the glossalalic jibberrish- i feel it arises in ones mind for a reason, most likely to emitt-....:)
reminds me of the time there was the big debate here about lemone juice potntiating mushrooms that stemmed from a shroomery thread.

Don't get me started on that! I think I became villan of the month in the shroomery for my comments here on the whole thing...

As for the most effective route for DPT, it'd be a close run thing between smoking the freebase and IMing the hydrochloride salt (I haven't smoked it, just going off the reports of others). I know some people do not want to use needles (which I do understand as I am a bit needle-phobic - hence only ever IMing things as you don't have to look while you're doing it, unlike IV), so I'd say vapourizing/smoking it would get you the most milage.

The most prominent feature I remember is the fact that everything threw off sensory echoes (that's what prompted the alliteration of the title of my trip report here) - well that and the fact that purple is a very velvety colour (especially with Mr Hendrix chuntering on about 'kissing the sky' in my headphones :D). My only vocalizations during the whole thing were a couple of times sitting up and shouting "yes" (If you've ever seen the series 'Father Ted', imagine a trippy version of father Jack!).

I still smile at the memory & seeing huge swathes of purple =D
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