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☛ Official ☚ The Big & Dandy Ephenidine (N-ethyl-1,2-diphenylethylamine) Thread


Sep 2, 2013
Welcome to the Big & Dandy Ephenidine Thread


iupac = N-ethyl-1,2-diphenylethylamine (NEDPA)


Ephenidine is a dissociative anesthetic of the diarylethylamine class, which emerged after the arylcyclohexylamine ban in the UK. Structure wise compared to Diphenidine it's what PCE is to PCP: replacement of the piperidine ring with an ethyl group.


Ephenidine is illegal in countries that banned structural isomers of Lefetamine and soon (18 August 2015) in Sweden.

Trip reports

Direct link

When preparing myself for a weekend festival where I had no plans to take any classical stimulants I was unsure I would have a 'good time' and be able to avoid giving in to peer pressure/tiredness and just taking some pills. (Avoiding pills/MDMA due to tolerance and loss of positive effects)

Due to past success with MXE at festivals this was a sure choice and as such I went with a gram a day (overkill for me at least).
I had also recently tried ephenidine (another NMDA antagonist) to great effect, lovely colour enhancement and perspective shifting - along with extreme stimulation. My first time I was doing press ups almost subconsciously as it seemed my body itself took control in an attempt to raise my heart rate.

So, I entered the festival having done 60mg of MXE oral. I noticed this allowed me to be extremely at ease in the huge crowds, where others were uneasy and fearful of dancing so early and sober I had no problem. It allowed me to close my eyes and enjoy visuals, minor but still more enjoyable then looking at a DJ stood on stage with no light show. It was within the hour ~1pm I decided to take my first 120mg of ephenidine which is where things proceeded to become much more interesting. After an hour or so I was no longer passing through any crowds and focusing on specific faces, instead my gaze would seem to take in numbers of people without focusing on any single, it was as if I had zoomed out and the merging/flow of colours (groups /clothes) was what my eyes wanted to follow, rather than any set point.

I was very relaxed and able to dance without anxiety (unusual for myself) and although I felt fucked - stumbling due to booster MXE dosing. I was still very lucid. Able to drive conversations and choose what acts to see. The more ephenidine I took the more the stimulation mounted. Although I felt enough time had passed to boost my ephenidine dose (more 120mg caps) (~4 hours) it likely hadn't as I would consciously have to lower my arms from above my head. It was as though the natural thing to do was have them moving above my head to the music. It literally took conscious effort to lower them below shoulder height and maintain them there.

This was however no issue to me as my self confidence was sky high, I had no problem chatting to strangers just like if I was rolling and the stimulation lasted until about 7 am when I finally fell asleep before starting again the next day - albeit less ephenidine with less stimulation but more MXE and more mindfuckiness.
The MXE made bass all my focus and at one point the combination made me believe that me and all my friends were one person as we all seemed to be walking in the same direction with no conversation bwtween us. I also had it in my head that once I got out of said festival I would be rich, smart, my life would be sorted and I would have the best orgasm of my life. (Deluded somewhat)

The ephenidine visuals are lovely, I would say hard to truly notice unless particularly high doses are taken (~200mg+) and/or weed is smoked with it. MXE produces less visuals but is more fun for musical enjoyment and general crazy thinking - for me at least. The combination is something I would repeat at festivals especially if I was to avoid taking the usual. The two mix amazingly, sometimes it is quite hard to tell which is causing what effects.

The stimulation may be too much if not in a festival setting. I took approx 120mg every 3-4 hrs on the first day to a total of four caps.

MXE really not measurable as I was being generous and spilt some. Second day 2 caps of ephenidine 4 hours apart and again no sleep til early morning.

Light shows mesmerising.
Bass mesmerising.
Social anxiety 0/10
Crowd fear 1/10
Enjoyment 9/10
Direct link

This is one of the finest RC drugs to of come out of the whole market, I agree most of them suck, besides βk-2C-B, 1P-LSD and a few benzos. But this is the nicest NMDA antagonist I have ever had, the experience is amazing if a little weird. The come up like βk-2C-B and 1P-LSD it's very very smooth like silk. There is no nausea or weird body sensations of any kind, there is no vasoconstriction though my lips were a little numb at one point, but the rest of me was fine.

Its pretty much non-toxic when taken orally, I only say this as I made a stupid mistake of taking too many benzos with it and found myself redosing, I blame the benzos, but I did use them as they have been said to be neuroprotective against the possibly fictional Olney's Lesions. I initial dosed with 60mg, but wanted more, I already had 2g dissolved in a solution where I transferred it into another container and that's where I drank the lot without realising it.

[Erowid Note: The doses described in this report are potentially life threatening. The amount taken is beyond a heavy dose and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Doses such as this have been known to cause hospitalizations and/or deaths.]

I know that was stupid, lucky it has a high therapeutic index.

Anyway as for the effects, it feels likes a nice euphoric high, really nice. Without the benzos, everything is clear-headed and there is no confusion, its all very floaty, with no hypnotic effects, nfact its more fo a stim.

There is opened eyes visuals if you sit there and stare at things and zone out.
I was just lying on my bed staring at a some socks on the floor. But what I saw was a farm and people going about their day as if it was from an aerial view.It wasnt a cartoon or anything it was looking like real life.

Closed eyes visuals is a strange one, imagine your in your bedroom watching TV, you then close your eyes and your're instantly in a classroom talking to the teacher about something, your're still aware that your in your room, and you know the TV is on.
BUT you are instantly dreaming or remote projecting somewhere else as if you just took over someone else's body from an alternate dimension. I did go higher and I can only explain it as much as returning to the source and it made me feel like nothing really matters in the end, possessions and things don't exist and mean nothing as they are an illusion and all that does matter is how you treat others. I entered the source, it was like an awakening dream or a different plane of reality, indescribable really. It was like I was lucid dreaming but awake and able to go about my day.

I like this drug a lot, is fun and interesting, sadly to say it shall never be seen on this earth ever again, with the UK ban on drugs.
I believe its all the stimulants which are causing problems to people and the cannabinoids.

So I'm trying to stock up by lending money and getting as much as I can, I think 30g shold last a few years maybe, though I have gone through 5g in a week, there is tolerance too and the trip lasts from hours to maybe 12+ with after effects lasting the next day.

One thing I noticed was the lack of interest in smoking, I usually like to smoke when on psychedelics but on this it was completely gone. Maybe if proper safety research was done t could be sold as a supplement in small none psychoactive dosage.

The RC market has excited me, there is so many new compounds that I haven't tried yet and probably won't ever been made.

I know some are safe and would be far superior in effects and safety than many drugs we have to day, but at the same time many drugs, mostly the stims are dangerous and too addictive. Its such a shame we can't continue along this past of finding novel compounds that can intrigue and help us understand our minds and the world around us.

Once its gone its gone and that makes me sad, this drug is amazing and I sugest you all at least try to get some and try it once.

So far its legal as of May 2015, this wont last for long.
Direct link

Be aware the doses consumed below are not recommendations or guides by any stretch. Tolerance is a thing.

allergy test 1mg
allergy test 2.5mg
allergy test 5mg

no adverse effects.

20mg prepared in 2.5ml warm distilled water. dissolved with some stirring ~30 secs. clear liquid, no noticeable cloud.
2 x 50mg prepared in rizla, for preparation in water later

20mg plugged, expecting nothing.


urinate, few farts abound.

Thirst, getting water

something? it is late could just be tired.

50mg plugged

Definitely something, slow. feel tipsy.

not so much dissociated, but some threshold tell-tale effects that diphenidine has are obviously here

mild waves

second 50mg plugged, prepared 100mg in solution, dissolved easily in warm distilled water, slightly cloudy

Nice, feels like low dose MXE. eyes looking from the back of my skull.
Muscles in hand feel a little hot or constrained, touch typing is far easier if i'm not concentrating on it.

Thinking is weird, stringing coherent sentences is a trivial feat, but my mind is constantly changing.
my mind keeps changing its mind, mid-sentence switching topics and umbrella stands.

I read what I just wrote above and realize its ridiculousness
I lay down in bed with some music (CHVRCHES debut album) and relax.


It is not going any further. 100mg further plugged.

Something is happening, and it's happening fast. I switch on "Fall Be Kind" and lay down

Total black, swirling visuals. Feels quite intense at the moment.

feeling a little uncomfortable with where this is going.

This compound does not provide any real sedation like MXE or even (to an extent) diphenidine.
When I realised that, I calmed down very quickly and was hit by waves of places I wouldn't want to be. But I felt good. I felt comfortable.

I'm in a forest of sorts, but the tree's have no branches whatsoever, its just trunks.
Somebody is in the forest with me, playing. I can see only their shadow as it passes me.
If I make any attempt to look at this person, they hide.


I realize that I cannot hear my music, I feel my ears, headphones are still in.
Suddenly the next track starts. The gap felt like an absolute age.
I'm hearing parts of this album that i've never heard before, parts that probably don't even exist. It is magnificent.
It's speed is often changing, I can slow it down substantially or let it just freeflow.
I stop consciously thinking about the music and let it all just go, I relax a little more and let this compound fully take over.

There's a blip.
Suddenly I'm upright and walking down a corridor. - In reality i'm not, but I can feel all of the movements as if I am.
I'm a little confused, there's a lot of people around, I don't recognize them but they recognize me. They seem to be encouraging or backing me to do something.
I end up in a small room. It is not square, there is glass above me, beyond it is and blackness speckled with a few glistening white dots.
I go to lay on this deep red chair and somebody fastens a harness of sorts. I can feel them adjusting it, my chest tightens slightly.
Looking beyond the glass I think... Is this space?
A door was closed behind me, I couldn't see it though. Somebody else was in here with me, I could not see them either.
The white dots quickly turned into streaks all passing me at incredible speed, clouds of surreal colours passing too.
STOP. Music has stopped, so has movement. I notice there is no harness on me now.
I Look around and see a different place to where I was.
I think I'm in the forest again but this time I'm alone, I can feel it. I can smell moisture in the air and theres a sense of urgency.


I snapped out of where I was. I went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder.
Midway through this I realised I was not muggy or 'wobbly' at all.
I finished, washed my hands and went downstairs to get a drink, I feel sober.
My thoughts are still convoluted and an attempt to talk just didnt happen, garbled gibberish came out of my mouth.
The stimulation from this may be fooling my mind into being sober when in reality I am quite obviously (for lack of a better word) fucked.
Water tasted different, I was not pleased with it.
Upon coming back upstairs I realized that I felt quite sober, I thought the dissociative effects were coming to a close.
I quickly remembered that I couldnt even physically string a sentence, realized I was obviously wrong and it was still going hard.
I laid back in bed, lights off, "Fall be Kind" on again from the start.

This is not the album I had just been listening to. It is far different, I cannot recognize it at all and I am enjoying this.

'Let Me Begin' was heard, the first recognizable string of information this album was delivering to me.
I was somewhere, I'm not sure where. My body felt as if it were stuck on the ceiling and it wasn't an overly pleasant feeling.
I saw somebody or something moving. It was quite a terrifying shape and I felt unease instantly, the musics pitch was very slow and everything sounded sinister.
My heart rate was elevated, I could feel my heart beating very hard and I didnt like where this was going.
I couldn't move, I couldn't create any sound. I thought the worst.
Some light hit the thing that was moving. It looked like somebody I know, somebody I haven't seen in quite a long time. Everything got calm again and she disappeared.
'Im on a highway' is the second bit of music I can understand, I start hearing the sound of cars driving past.
I feel as if I'm moving at quite some speed but cannot see anything.
Things are slowing down, I think this may be wearing off finally. I don't know what the time is, but it feels like hours have passed.
I let the album come to a finish, then I stop it (it is on loop, unsure of how many times it's played), sit up and check the time.

It is barely 4:30AM... I am quite shocked at that, although that would explain the pitch and speed changed noticed in music.
There is some stimulation. I do not need to sleep, I do not feel muggy or exhausted.
there is nothing on bloody TV at this time in the morning, I play some GTA.
6AM. Sleep - 11AM

5 hours sleep, I feel well rested. This is a very nice compound albeit I jumped in a little too far for a first time.
I prefer this to diphenidine.
It's lack of sedation can be quite frightening sometimes, as at all points before you hole you are very aware of your body.
It is very 'in your head' and does not seem to take your body anywhere (like mxe does) until you hit high doses.
I feel that if I had taken a bigger dose, or re-dosed another 100mg, I would've hit a point where Mania could've set in as this does not seem it will knock you out at all, it is in fact quite stimulating.
Direct link
Hello. I have been experimenting a lot with dissociatives. It started out with dxm a long time ago, the uncomfortable bodyloadm, intense trance induced with higher doses and the wierd fucked up hangovers made me stay away from it after a while.

I then got into using mxe. It was great. I did suffer a few longlasting delusions which made me reconsider the use of it tho. Although I had a lot of fun times on it too. But with my last uses, there seemed to be more bodyload, strong mania-like feautures and general unpleasantness involved in my experiences. I did enjoy it a lot for it's ability to let one float around and merge into strange scenarioes.

Ketamine soon became a favorite. The short, but intense high. The internal movies playing behind ones eyelids and the lack of a comedown and hangover made it great for me. It did however lure me into binging on more than a few occasions. Usually having 1g at a time and taking a daily trip until running out. Using IM, to save product and really drop into the experience without being disturbed. Usually blindfolding myself with headphones on, somestimes using meditation techniques to get really deep into the trance.

Sometimes just letting myself slip into whatever was unfolding, other times trying to control my experience with some succes. I usually found my experiences having reocurring themes like: alien contact, deep connections to nature, the devastation of planet earth. Floating in space. ect. Moving though tunnels and over forrests. I noticed how, like with dreams, that my experiences where often stringed together with pieces of information from the day or the day before. Especially if something meaningful had happened. I found it very useful for a pleasant and visually driven reflection over my general life-situation. So it quickly became a steady relationship, with a few bad trips in between, but usually glowing experiences and sometimes dull ones.

Well: introducing ephenidine. I got 2 grams home of the compound and was quite exciting, as I had read good thing about it. Like it being comforting in it's general vibe and having a good deal of visual activity. And not much report of strong stimulation, mindfuck or mania.

I have experienced wild moodswings and paranoia after using 3-meo-pcp. So I must say that I am really not a fan of this compund.

It started off trying 150mg with a 50 mg redose. I felt at easy, getting into a nice flow-state with some dissociation and a mild but pleasant bodybuzz.

I used it a concert with two 100mg doses which allowed me to get more into the music, but it didn't really shine that much in this setting.

BUT THEN, I decided to really see what it had to offer and did a dose of 400 mg, after eating a bowl of yoghurt to prevent too much stomach irritation (it worked well)

I was watching fullmetal alchemist, waiting for something to happed. After perhaps 50 minutes a strong body buzz manifested. It came in waves throughout the experience. Very pleasent and all consuming. after 1 hour and 20 minutes I started feeling more numb and my thoughts seemed to move more differently. It became harder to follow the plot and I suddently felt an urge to "give in" to the effects. So I paused the show, laid down and closed my eyes.

Soon after I observed a different kind of darkness behind approaching me in flashes with a deeper and deeper intensity, as though it would consume me somehow. And it did. Soon after followed a wide array of visual scenarios, more colored than the usually dimly lit ones I get with ketamine. It reminded me a bit of dxm-visions, but less forced and but not that colorful.

The general vibe was of excitement, awe and adventure, but with a very comforting feeling accompanying it. I slipped in and out of the trance over the next two hours and was even able to touch and interact with some of the objects I was observe. Walking up of staircases, feeling the texture of a giant sphere like object. Projecting myself into several landscapes and so on.

After the two hours the trip slowly faded over the next three hours. I did experience a period of negative thoughts with a mild come-down feeling. A bit cold, like the lack of opiate warmth, but not unpleasantly dysphoric. It was possible to fend of and the psychedelic vibe and introspection lasted long into the night, though I did feel sorta drained too, tho unable to sleep untill serveral hours after, even after taking a bit of melatonin.

The experience was awesome though. And I will repeat it after a break. Ephenidine provided a great experience. It might be a now favorite, knocking ketamine off 1. place.

I will not dose much higher than this level, as I found it to contain everything that I want from a dissociative experience. And I havent read that many experiences of doses this high.

I did notice that it had a tendency to dehydrate me and supress hunger. So it might be a good idea to eat some times before and remember to drink enough liquid.

I can definately recommend this compund. If you like k-holing on ketamine, but are looking for something else, that's the same, but different and longer lasting. Or that you're just a fan of dissociatves. Do give this one a show. But do beware of it's slightly habit-forming qualities.

Stay safe!
Direct link

Personal Summary:
I'm a 20 year old male with much experience with related compounds (mainly psychedelics/dissociatives) and an intense interest science. I love any kind of science, but it's predominantly the natural sciences that intrigue me most. Naturally, and to my misfortune, drugs come along with such an interest. I see that many people tend to list what they've tried, but I just incorporated the more necessary comparisons within my report.

Although I weigh in at 135lbs, I should note that I have a very athletic build and I have been exercising daily and eating healthy for the past 3 years. I feel that this is the best I can do for my mind & body if I'm going to be introducing all these foreign substances into it. I also do this to make sure I maintain a healthy mentality.


I had just gotten off work and had been waiting all week for this moment. My mail was lying there on the kitchen counter. Fortunately, my housemates had little idea of what was inside. I opened it up, and behold, 5g of cubicle? shaped crystalline powder stood alluringly in front of my face, along with a generous sample of a 100mcg blotter of 1P-LSD. I was immensely delighted with such a sight. My initial thoughts were to save the blotter for an oncoming camping trip, so I put that away.

Immediately after, I set up my scale and weighed out 80mg (+/-3mg) of Ephenidine. Being around 10PM, I did not want to wait for an oral come-up. Instead, I decided to vaporize this compound with my trusty glass pipe! This was my preferred RoA when it came to diphenidine, so I was expecting a similar experience. This pipe was relatively clean, and I do not believe there was any significant amount of resin that may have influenced my experience.

So here I was again - I had my pipe, a wind-proof lighter, and another chemical purchased online with very little data existing on it. Yet without any hesitation, I loaded up my pipe and proceed to light and inhale. The vapor was as smooth as it's related compounds were, although maybe a little more thick due to more material being needed for effect. Wow. Haven't done this in awhile, I thought. Vaping these dissociative research chemicals seems to carry on a fiendish quality as I very much enjoy this. This may be taken as advice if you are prone to habit forming.

As best as I can describe it, the vapor was thick and tasted like chemical - not as satisfying as diphenidine, but the effects soon to come definitely made up for that.

The come-up was very smooth. After taking out the first bowl, I was greeted by a delightful sensation that my head was completely empty. I mainly felt this as a physical sensation, a slowdown in my mental process was also prominent. I walked around my house a bit, exploring this novel experience and for whatever reason, I decided it'd be a good idea to take my 1P-LSD blotter that I had just hidden away...and I don't exactly regret it.

I should note that while I had performed considerable research in the psychedelics department, I had yet to try LSD. I held the blotter under my tongue for 10 minutes, then swallowed it on a relatively empty stomach in order to get the most out of it. Possibly due to time dilation, I felt that the come-up was taking longer than it should have and was worried that it may not have held it under my tongue long enough. I decided to vaporize some more Ephenidine. Weighed up 35mg, and filled up my pipe once more.

After vaporizing a majority of what I had, I decided I had enough as I realize this just kept increasing a body load and I may have just begun to start feeling the 1P-LSD come-up. My vision started to become wavy and objects appeared to be morphing and changing in size. Interestingly, I had always heard of this happening with dissociatives, but had never been fortunate enough to experience this first-hand. The waving was much more prominent than on psychedelics alone.

I realize that this experience would take the best of me, and I decided that I should lay down so as to not alert any family members. Upon doing so, the most magnificent bodily sensations and visuals to go along with them had taken place. I was laying on my bed, unable to do much else but close my eyes and watch the melting, colorful visuals take place. I primarily saw hues of (electric/neon?) pink yellow and green melting and flowing into each other. Without any meaning to decipher, this was purely for entertainment. The euphoria was outstanding; the grin on my face was wider than it had been my first time getting high off cannabis. I felt manic as I would come out of my trance just to open my eyes and laugh at nothing...ahh, if only I could do this every night.

Eventually, as effects started to fade, I was able to function a little more properly. The euphoria and inescapable trance-like state had worn off, along with most of the Cevs When I had realized that I had no more 1P-LSD than this, I was quite saddened. To make the most of this experience, I thought some erotic, self-satisfaction would do the trick. This turned out not to be the greatest thing. It was the ephenidine, I believe, that hindered my satisfaction with such a task.

When finished, I grabbed my pipe and took in the remaining 3 or so hits that was left in my pipe bowl. This brought on some more morping oev's, but the breath-taking euphoria was no longer significant. Still interesting to watch, though, as nothing within my field of vision was able to keep still. This was especially noticeable within my peripheral vision.

The conclusion is that Ephenidine turned out to be a great dissociative for me as noted within this trial, and the many more to come later in my life. Due to the tendency to get lazy when i'm high, I never get to writing the reports that I nearly always start before using..but hopefully I'll be able to sort out some of the more noteworthy experiences in my mind and contribute them for those of you that are interested. As for the 1P-LSD, I never had the chance to explore this one on it's own, but it sure left me yearning. I'm not sure if it was the synergy, or the acid on it's own that caused such a beautiful experience, but i'll assume it's the synergy. In which case, I most definitely recommend trying this if curious.


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Does anyone know the seizure risk for ephenidine? as i had a lot of epileptic seizures with diphenidine use. I have been perfectly fine with all other dissociatives ive tried. But i want to be cautious.
No one knows. Better avoid in this case. Do you have a condition? In that case you should avoid most drugs actually.
Does anyone know the seizure risk for ephenidine? as i had a lot of epileptic seizures with diphenidine use. I have been perfectly fine with all other dissociatives ive tried. But i want to be cautious.
Avoid diphenidine, 2-meo-diphenidine, ephenidine altogether if you ask me.

I experienced what I assume to be a complex focal seizure on 2-meo-diphenidine despite not having an epilepsy diagnosis.

Isoohenidine (the n-isopropyl analog of plain diphenidine) is a lit higher-trapping AND has stimulant properties so it's the most like K.
Ketamine is stimulating huh? That must be why I tend to fall asleep towards the tail end of the experience and find myself waking up 6 hours later. So stimulating!

However if I add a tiny amount of ketamine to stimulants I tend to stay awake for 30-40 hours, no matter how small the stimulant dose. However I blame this on my bipolar disorder.
^ I think what clubcard meant is that isophenidine has stimulant properties and thus, ephenidine is the closest to ketamine...?
^ I think what clubcard meant is that isophenidine has stimulant properties and thus, ephenidine is the closest to ketamine...?
Now that makes more sense. In case my report didn't make that clear, in terms of general feel this is almost exactly like ketamine, at least during the first plateau if the dosage is correct. During the second plateau it feels like a mix of ketamine and diphenidine until it fades into after effects comparable to a mix of pcp and ketamine which are still accompanied by anaesthetic qualities unmatched by any other drug I know of at doses that leave consciousness and motoric functions intact to comparable degree. These only became apparent during the tail end at my dosages, but I expect them to be even stronger earlier into the experience. For this reason we need to practice a lot of care when moving around during the entire 36h of the experience. I had quite the hole in my elbow and did not feel a thing for hours despite there being a lot of bleeding during the entire time (it still hasn't healed and was bleeding for more than 2 weeks whenever it got wet or I bumped against something).
So.. Have anyone tried this orally? How active is it?
What about the duration? Can someone draw an approximate time line?
To someone who has had some nice experiences and some shit experiences with DXM. I am wondering if this would be a clean feeling dissociative with moodlifting properties like i've heard about ketamine and MXE. I mean as long as i don't overdo it, i'm sure there's nothing to worry about. How stimulating is this when compared to DXM, is Mania likely or only in high doses?
Got 3g of this and plan to give it a shot this weekend... from everything I have read, it sound like it will be right up my street. I'm a big fan of ketamine, MXE, diphenidine and 2-meo-diphenidine, and from the reports I've seen, this one seems to give a good balance of arylcyclohexylamine and piperdine-esq effects. Can anyone that has tried it confirm or deny this?

There have been mentions of visuals and holes. I was rarely able to get consistent holes or prominant visual effects from diphenidine or 2-meo except in extortionate doses (which wasn't really ideal as 400mg+ doses are where blackouts become a distinct possibility for me). Would it be fair to say that notable visual effects and holes (using that word usely here, I'm not expecting a replica of the k/m-hole experience) are more likely with ephenidine than diph/mxp?

I have extensive experience with diphenidine and methoxphenidine and I want to experience the full potential of ephenidine while I have the house to myself. Allergy test aside, what would a good "staight into space" dose be (oral)? I was thinking 250-300mg based on reports I've read (and taking some dissociative tolerance into consideration)... does this sound about right?
Not speaking from experience here, but there are reports on other sites of people claiming to experience a hole. From what I've read, you'll be looking at upwards of 250-300mg. For the sake of harm reduction, I feel I should add that it would be wise to work up to higher dosages, especially given that this is a new compound.

Does anyone know how well redosing works with this stuff? If you can redose with good/consistent results, it would be a lot quicker and easier to get a feel for the desired dosage range.
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Redosing is not very effective, take a higher initial dose instead.
Redosing is not very effective, take a higher initial dose instead.

Thanks for the info, will keep that in mind when I dose tomorrow.

Another thing I've been wondering about is duration. I'm guessing it is somewhat variable, but any idea of how long 300mg oral is likely to last? One report I read suggested over 12 hours, but it was unclear whether this was regarding minor lingering perceptual changes or something more debilitating... A comparison to Diph/MXP durations would be very helpful if possible.
Decided to play it safe and start with 150mg due to dosing on less than optimal conditions (stims and little sleep played a big roll in this weekend). I know that dosing at all is ill advised, but extensive use of high dose diph and mxp often also in less than perfect conditions puts my mind at ease somewhat. If things go well, a single redose might be on the cards, but I suppose there's no harm in a lighter trip as I will have plenty left for future trials.
Seems I received small amount of ephenidine. I am extremely cautious when using new unknown substances. At first I want to test is the substance really ephenidine. Who knows its main physical data, melting point, specific gravity, solubility in water or typical reactions?
After this I will try submiligram allergy dose. After this, maybe on next day, I want to achieve a feeling I had from 15-20 mg i.m. ketamine or 10 mg oral MXE. What is approximate equivalent of this drug? Also, any information regarding its serotonergic action, I am on extremely low duloxetine dose (tapered to about 5-10 mg daily)?
Seems I received small amount of ephenidine. I am extremely cautious when using new unknown substances. At first I want to test is the substance really ephenidine. Who knows its main physical data, melting point, specific gravity, solubility in water or typical reactions?
After this I will try submiligram allergy dose. After this, maybe on next day, I want to achieve a feeling I had from 15-20 mg i.m. ketamine or 10 mg oral MXE. What is approximate equivalent of this drug? Also, any information regarding its serotonergic action, I am on extremely low duloxetine dose (tapered to about 5-10 mg daily)?
Try 25-30mg. I can only speak for IV use though.