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The Big & Dandy Ketamine Thread (Third Injection)

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ok so the 2nd time i dosed K was the most ever.
first time my friend hooked me up with what he thought would make me khole. i turned out to be a heavyweight and didnt get there.
the 2nd time he practically doubled the amount and i hit a new plauteu, i got to a point past khole which was odd. i call it Lego Land - everything around me turned to lego themed shit and it was definately crazy. i was astonished by my eyes.
has anyone else seen the lego land?
stuff I got recently was very cut up with salt. my dealer even told me it was cut with salt.

god damn cutting. why cant they just sell it for way more and at least leave it pure? that would be better. greedy bastards.
snortin' salt :D

but seriously that is shitty dude, i agree with you about the leave it pure, jack the price thing.

its shitty that so many drug dealers are shitty people.... lol
Sick, last couple of days I've been on like a plateau sigma from R-ket, sustained loss of reality - not remembering what the hell happened and if everything will ever make sense again - it's fucking scary but also alluring.
I've had problems getting up in the morning before but actually now I just appear at 8 AM without that much effort, I'm getting past issues much easier and feel healed and reformatted on multiple levels. Don't feel like smoking weed anymore even though I've been psychologically addicted for quite some time. I'm not keeping this up much longer, but being a K-tard dancing in its own world for now is uber refreshing. This is helpful, and constructive.
Totally freaky too.
Sick, last couple of days I've been on like a plateau sigma from R-ket, sustained loss of reality - not remembering what the hell happened and if everything will ever make sense again - it's fucking scary but also alluring.

pretty much describes my last couple weeks.=D

my memory is shifty, all my trips seem to have blended together and seem interconnected now.

ive never had the pleasure of spending hours/days (?) in a khole before till just recently.
It was certainly an experience. Lots of fun and lots of learning (just wish i could remember more, hehe:\) but im looking forward to polishing off this last half gram and giving it a break for a while.
Ketamine is very addicitive.

um.. my thoughts feel a bit scrambled as i am coming down of K right now :\ but ill be back later with more.
Have been riding the k-train for a night and an afternoon+evening again, shouldn't be too long, but now I'm at work and I've been nauseous and just plain weird (bit dizzy in the noggin) for like 2 hours now. Saturday it was S-ket and yesterdag R-ket, got a better picture of the difference now, with so little time between them...

Hell no! >: (
what is the difference between holeing in the dark compared to a room with lots of light? i always do it in a dark, confined space, but really wondering what the trip will be like. will i still get knocked out and go to a beautiful, dark, scary place?
I can't open my eyes when holed anyway (maybe with a real effort, but I'm not really in a fir state to be making any kind of effort ;D) so makes no difference whether I'm in a darkened room or not really. Brightly lit room probably wouldn't be so good though.
yeh i cant open them either, only when im coming back to reality. I think ill stick to a dark room. Cannot wait for uni to be over. have got a hotel room booked for tonight and am going to see what trippling my normal dose will bring. jumping from 250/300mg to 700ish.
Unless your ket is cut to hell you will just be knocked unconscious on a dose like that. The only thing "beyond" the hole is anaesthesia (complete with amnesia) so it's really not worth pushing it to that kind of level. The only way you'd need that amount is if you had a monster tolerance (like not being able to hole on 600mg, for example) and if you're tolerance gets that high you really need to consider a break ;)
how dangerous is it though to be knocked unconscious? im not really to fussed, im assuming my hole would be much deeper and scarier on that sorta dose?

My current dose is about 300mg, and i hole for about 45minutes to an hour. On a dose like that i go to a place that is wierd, i see people, not god or anything like that, i feel like im in some sort of vehicle being pullped really fast, sometimes floating up into space. when i go towards half a gram, thats when shit gets scary and i believe that i am no longer a physical being, but just some sort of soul or mind that has come to this wierd place to die. Ive never met god, or been englightened. ive just been to some fucked up places.
It's not so much dangerous as pointless, KK. Although being knocked out can be risky in itself - if you were to be sick, for example. Upping your dose slightly may get you slightly deeper down the hole but tripling it to the best part of 3/4g will just knock you out for a couple of hours. You don't remember anything when you come round either.

I've done it myself a few times when on a binge. Woke up and found I'd gotten through 3-4g (or maybe spilt it or lost it - fuck knows) one time. Had zero memory of any of it :\

Once you reach hole-level, ket doesn't work like many drugs were taking more gets you higher and higher. A k-hole is just before unconsciousness sets in so pushing it any higher is just a waste of good ket - you'll wake up with none left and no idea what happened :\

If your hole experiences aren't enough for you then maybe look into combining it with other psyches rather than just upping your dose. Personally I think it goes great with LSD and 2C-C particularly but mixes well with all psyches (and MDMA) in my experience. Can get extremely freaky somtimes though 8o:D<3
Got some good pills on me, what effect does mixing it with mdma do?

ive heard k and lsd are great together. ive only done lsd once and reaaally keen on tryng it out again, just dont have the time-frame.

so ket and mdma... ?
Ket and MDMA is amaaaazing..recently been enjoying meph+ket aswell do bumps throughout the peak, and on the comedown bring out the lines.. perfect
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