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Lysergamides The Big & Dandy LSD & Shroom Tolerance FAQ and Discussion Thread


Bluelight Crew
Mar 12, 2007
Hello fellow PD-ers!

---> FAQ to be inserted here, still! <---

Please help PD with composing a compact FAQ about LSD and mushrooms tolerance, there are quite often questions about this subject. You can contribute by using your personal experiences to estimate how much tolerance builds up after 1,2,4,7 and 14 days - only one or a couple of these periods also helps us.

The current plot for our averaged data!


What this graph says - in short - is that if you trip some day then you would need to take almost 3 times as much the day after to achieve the same effect. Though consider that people with chronic tolerance probably also were included in the data.

You can use your own words or measure the amount of tolerance in the dosage needed to get the same results, i.e. 200% if you need twice to get just as high as the first time.
At least 1-2 weeks of clean time / abstinence pm forehand would be required for a good estimation.

We will average all answers and plot a neat graph of this to help people show what to expect when they want to trip again soon after an experience!

Of course there is less magic and all that but just try to compare the intensity of effects as objectively as you can as possible even though the experiences are so subjective.

:D Your help is really appreciated by the crew and all future users! :D
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I'd love to help, but I can't remember when I'd last taken psychedelics two times inside two weeks... (not counting DMT)

From what I remember from long ago though, about acid:

2nd day - 200%
4th day - 150%
7th day - ~120%
14th day - 100%

mushrooms, 7th day 100%.
I tend to dose different psychs to avoid tolerance as much as is possible.

EDIT - clearly I didn't take the time to read the OP correctly - my apologies dread :)

Day 1 - 400%
Day 2 - 250%
Day 4 - 176% ;)
Day 7 - 150%
Day 14 - 100%
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200% as in requiring double the dose to achieve the same(ish) effect I would presume, Mr B. I'd also have to have a think about this before answering for the reasons mentioned above. Pretty sure I wasn't always so well behaved though so will give my memory a prod :)
Mine are IIRC:

1 day: 200% dose
2 days: 175%
4 days: 150%
7 days: 120%
14 days: 100%

Wow are those dreads stats? :D
I've never done it in intervals less than 6-7 days but I feel you on that 120% for the 7 day.

14 days is back to 100% but like you said in the OP; I find the major magic factor takes 1, 2, or 3 months to return fully.
I lived 3 months of my life straight on LSD as I was getting a page for taking hits of liquid through my eyes.... anyways...

From what I have experienced if you take one hit the first day than you need to take 2 the next day to equal that same dose.

So if you took 2 than you need to take 4 [double up]

This may only be for me personally, but my tolerance goes back down to normal after skipping a day.

also if you were to take it 4 days in a row it would go 1hit, 2hits, 4hits, 8hits [on the 4th day the 8 hits will equal out to the same dose as one hit]


I know mushrooms have some sort of tollerance but I have never had a problem with them, but then again I have never taken a small dosage of mushrooms either, my smallest dose was 3.5 grams and my largest [at once] was 14grams, I have eaten more than an ounce of mushrooms over a span of a day but never all at once.
One time I did mushrooms two days in a row, surprisingly I only noticed a very small decrease in effects. So little in fact that had I not known about psych tolerance before I might have not noticed it at all...
Same as tBirdee for shrooms.

I don't personally see the appeal of two subsequent acid trips in under at least 3-4 days, regardless of tolerance. The one time I did try to trip on two consecutive days, my heart simply wasn't in it the second time.

I would say:

4 days: 66% effectiveness
7 days: 80% effectiveness
14 days: 100% effectiveness - but over long periods, yes, you become accustomed to the magic.
but over long periods, yes, you become accustomed to the magic.

Very true, but for me with LSD I was addicted to thinking whilst on it.
I was convinced that if that became my normal mindframe than I would have a breakthrough... I was somewhat wrong although I have pages and pages of interesting questions I asked myself and answered

I am glad I went crazy on LSD, my only bad experience with it was loosing so much weight and when I didnt have the propane plugged completely into the BBQ and flames shot out all over the tank and I was too scared to shut it off...

That would have exploded and killed everyone who was camping around me due to my stupidity.
Thanks for the numbers thus far guys, were coming along quite nicely :)
I have noticed that with LSD if I take say 2 tabs one day I'd need at least 4 to equal the same effects if I was to take it again the next day. Most I have done is 3 days and the 3rd I felt next to nothing.
While that is also an interesting topic of discussion, the point of this mini-project is to find out the formula for single repeat tolerance. You are describing multiple repeats something like dosing every day for a week, but most people here just wonder about the extent of tolerance if they just want to dose again 1 extra time soon after 1 trip.
As soon as we have that figured out (i.e. enough datapoints to feel secure about an average), I guess the next interesting question is if you can apply that formula multiple times or if stacked tolerance becomes irregular and the specifics about it.
i once consumed 12 grams of mushrooms in a 36 hour period and by the second night i had nearly no effects from one hit of lsd.the following day i also consumed an additional 2-3 grams and felt + on the shulgin scale.it just made colors brighter while i was smoking,but nothing else.

btw im not a psychedelic-aholic,it was venetta country fair,if youve ever been to the campgrounds you know what im talking about.lol.
In terms of dose needed for same effects this many days apart from the first dose (not consecutively, question is kind of vague..)

So we will dose again at:
Initial dose: 100%
Adding an extra dose when hot haven't peaked yet: 115%
redosing after you're plateaued or sober-ISH: 450%
Tomorrow: 450%
In 2 days: 275%
4 days: 150%
1 week later: 110?%
2 weeks later: 99%
LOL 2 weeks later you need even less than before? That's interesting, although of course it definitely exists. Salvia is known for its reverse tolerance.

If the question is vague let me clarify, we are asking about 2 doses. One at T=0 and only a single redose at T=1 or 2 or 4 etc days. So NOT multiple redoses at T=1 and 2 and 4 etc days.
All i'm going to say is the night before New Years I took a medium - high dose of Mescaline and had a decent but not overwhelming trip.

Then new years I took 3.5 tabs of strong LSD and got only low-medium affects.

That mescaline trip really fucked with the acid cose one hit of that acid is enough to get proper mangled usually but the previous nights mescaline took it down like 4 fold.

Was pretty gutted aye, total waste of good LSD.

The bopttm line is even if you triple your dose the next day imo is will loose that magic and be very wastefull. But then again I read that's what will happen but had to try it for myself before I understood.

Never again am I doing Psychs two nights in a row.
My friend took 3-4 hits of good acid and tripped balls (one of the hardest times ever). The next day he took 5 hits of the same acid and had a mild trip. His heart didn't really seem to be in it.

OTOH, I have taken 4 hits of strong acid and had a medium-strong trip. One week later, I took 3 hits of this same blotter (which, if anything, should have degraded slightly), and was treated to one of the most intense trips I've ever had. I attribute this to set and setting, but it definitely supports the 'reverse tolerance' phenomenon, if not the idea.

Anyway, my tolerance estimates:
1d: 200% (but your heart won't be in it)
4d: 130%
7d: 100%
14d: 100%
1d: 105% (you can do shrooms two days in a row, IMO)
2d: 130%
4d: 130%
7d: 110%