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The Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread - 6th Dose (now you've gone and used it all up)

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May 6, 2010
The Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread - 6th Dose (now you've gone and used it all up)

Welcome to the Big & Dandy Methoxetamine Thread




Warning: Methoxetamine has not been studied in animals let alone humans or otherwise really at all, and does seem to have somewhat addictive properties in some users. Please use caution
- any major dude

Let the dissociation keep on going. ;)
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jesus christ =D
Yes! Finally! The old thread had grown into a wizened old Ent of a monstrosity.

As for using it all up...

...I've started using it again.
I was all pissed off earlier and decided to do a chunky line. It was an interesting evening, that's for sure =D Watched some footage from the space shuttle Atlantis on a big TV in the dark (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=96e_1321464566) then went along for a car ride and ended up squeezed up in the back, off my pickle next to some big rasta guy trying to respond to what he was jabbering on about... All fun and games!
This shit is so much fun. Riding my bike was like traveling through the internet. I couldn't quit thinking, "this is the future of RCs " .

Super impressed, but the fact that this drug works in so many different ways, I must say that one should use caution when mixing it with other drugs. Amephetamines seem to just linger in the brain while on is on it... I could not come down from stomach after taking methoxetamine for what seems like ages. LSD and MXE seemed to work OK. It just seemed like floating into MXE space from the acid trip, then floating back into acid space. Alcohol goes well with it in moderation.

Also, be careful eyeballing this stuff and doing keybumps.... I lost the plot a few times and thought the "PCP Patrol" were coming after me... lol. This is very much like k, but very much like its own drug in itself. I personally like it more than k. K is much better mixed with psychedelic stuff than it is on its own. This is much better on its own than mixed with other stuff.

Sorry... having difficulty putting this into words :p
So, as prolly a few of you who follow the MXE scene are aware, there is a serious issue with product purity going around right now.

Is it salty or saline-like? Is it bitter? Is it sandy or crystalline or floury or fluffy? Is it yellow, off white or white like driven snow?

Dammit. We just want reliably pure MXE... But for the last three attempts a salty, MSG-like, hypertensive mix of junk has been all that has made it to us.

Analysis of this material shows that the organic extractable fraction is demonstrably MXE, but that the material contains LOTS of inorganic salts that are silent on NMR and MS. That way, the NMR or HPLC-MS looks clean, but on a per mass basis the recent materials received are laughably weak due to the inclusion of inorganic salts in the final products (intentional for purposes of profit, or due to ineptitude, who knows?).

Basically, the "bunk" MXE is salty, off-white/yellowed, granular or crystalline and sometimes has a weak, odd odor. Great MXE is fluffy, white, bitter like an amine should be and NOT salty.
Read on for details (tl;dr = basify, extract into organic, remove solvent, vape, smile):

It was first ascertained that the MXE was clean of appreciable organic impurities. It was secondly determined that the MXE material was contaminated with inorganic salts, and that the material provided VERY negative outcomes upon oral ROA. The insufflated ROA was also attempted once, and once only. Negative outcomes included soberness, hypertensive incidents, headaches, tinnitus and frustration.

* So, weak, yellow, granular, salty MXE was dissolved in distilled water and warmed until dissolved and the aqueous solution was clear and slightly yellow.
* Then sodium hydroxide was added, which immediately turned the aqueous solution opaque with suspended solids (insoluble MXE base).
* Hexane was added and the container shaken vigorously.
* The aqueous layer become less opaque (as MXE base moved into the hexane layer) and a nasty brown interface layer developed.
* Hexane layer was removed to a new container, and the aqueous layer was reextracted with another amount of hexane.
* Hexane layers were combined and the solvent was removed by evaporation until a minimal amount remained.
* A tube was tared, 1/5 ml of remaining hexane solution was added and the solvent removed by evaporation. The tube was reweighed and it was determined that ~21 mg of oily material was left in the glass tube after hexane was blown off.
* Remaining hexane was aliquoted into tubes and dried down in the same fashion.

=> As a ROA, a tube was heated with a lighter and the residue was vaporized/inhaled (~1/3 tube per session = ~7 mg).

Effects of vaporized MXE base, compared to MXE powder:

* Timeline: Effects manifest within ~1-5 minutes, and peak by 15 mins. It is STRONGLY suggested that at LEAST 20 minutes waiting/assessment period is inserted after each robust inhalation, or couple of weak inhalations... Effects can compound quickly to produce an overwhelming experience. Effects do not last as long as other ROAs, peak hits for about 20 minutes, appreciable comedown is achieved within 1 hour, and by 2 hours it's done.

* Quantitative effects: WTFROFLMAOBBQ. I'd say it's a tad bit more potent than what most folks are used to, when they go for a MXE experience. And by "tad bit" I mean "a million metric tons". For a frame of reference, remember that ~20 mgs makes it into the tube for vaporization. This is enough for ~3 powerful (but brief) sessions. Thus, ~6-7 mg MXE base vaporized will put someone on their ass, even with tolerance.

* Qualitative effects: COMPLETELY different than oral or insufflated. Vaporized MXE base is very rushy, manic, colorful, pushy and stimulating. There is no hole, at least from what we've seen... When one treis to get close to the M-hole zone the other effects of vaporized MXE (rushy, pushy, dopaminergic mania) come to the forefront and take over- preventing a hole from manifesting. It's also less visual, in that CEVs which are often experienced with oral and insuff MXE are not present for vaporized MXE.

So, although we're still hunting for the real, pure MXE... We can at least rest easy in the sure knowledge that our last three purchases of MXE baby do not have to be thrown out with the inorganic bathwater impurities. They will be converted to base and used for experimentation instead.

Up next in the utilization of MXE base is to add a few drops of vinegar to a tube containing ~20 mg MXE to dissolve and form the acetate salt in situ, followed by dilution into water and oral ROA. Will this provide the oral effects (Vaping MXE base gets exhausting after awhile) while avoiding the goddam toxic inorganic junk? We hope so!

Any one know something more available I could replace hexane with? I can't find the OP
I am so glad people are recognizing this and seeing it for what it is:

The definition of rad
God, I cant cant cant wait. I'm waiting for my first try, probably will be here next week :( I will be sure to put a good review of what I think of it! in the big and dandy thread, I Hope i get the quality.
No where in Australia has it except for 200l amounts. I don't think I need that much for .5g :p

Damn lol yea that's a lot... I'm not sure... I can follow a recipe perfectly but not so good at writing them... I looked on wiki a min ago and it said pentane and another are often substituted... but I do not know for sure if that is true for this use... but perhaps it is sold in a more reasonable quantity... 1L or less perhaps lol

I use both butane and isopropyl alcohol to dissolve the thc oil oit of cannabis... you collect the liquid and then let the butane or alcohol (depending on what kind I'm making) evaporate off leaving behind only the thc oil
What the hell...

I've just insufflated a tiny amount of MXE (not greater than 5mg), new batch (fluffier than my previous one, which was a lil salty - impure in my opinion)...

And I feel stoned. The?
whats up dan and chemically insane?? how you fellas doing today?? got any good MXE stories to tell :)?
not much mate, need to get a new milligram scale my cheap one is all over the place, anybody got a cheap accurate one they can recommend?

hows it going? any good stories? =D
Someone in the previous MXE thread asked about the 2 European countries where MXE is going to get banned. Since I'm only 99% sure about the other, I will for now only mention the certain one to avoid confusion: Sweden.

Here's a link to the Swedish Medical Products Agency confirming it (along with other substances that are going to get banned), it's a PDF file: Link

Edit: Please note regarindg the other compounds on that list that is not totally up to date, some of those have already been banned (JWH-203, JWH-210, Buphredrone, 4-MEC, 2-DPMP, pFBT and Kratom have already been banned and as classified as illegal drugs).

They haven't yet announced any date when MXE is going to get banned. Luckily I don't live in Sweden, but as a neighboring country I'm afraid our authorities will follow suit.
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I don't... other than I've been on break from it for about a month now... I was using way too much and couldn't stay out of it for more than a day or two at a time when I had a bunch around... so I just didn't order any more... ill probly order a little soon tho... imguessing my tolerance is back to normal now...
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