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Lysergamides The Big & Dandy MIPLA (Methylisopropyllysergamide) Thread

I'm thinking LIBBY (N-ethyl-N-methyl-lysergamide) would fit the receptor better, but hey, DOSE ME.
I'm thinking LIBBY (N-ethyl-N-methyl-lysergamide) would fit the receptor better

Everytime I read Dresden trying to coin another drug slang term it sounds like Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls whenever she's trying to "make "fetch" happen" ;)

Anyway, Albert Hofmann himself wrote that most of the N,N-dialkyl substituted lysergamides (including N-Methyl, N-Ethyl) are about an order of magnitude weaker than LSD-25, with only MIPLA being ~1/2 the potency of LSD.
According to Nichols, the only substitutions at the amide nitrogen that come even closer are 2,4-dimethyl-azetidide ("LSZ"), 2-butyl amide ("LSB") and 3-pentyl amide ("LSP").
These are some of the most promising lysergamides that I know of, from most potent to least potent (in rats at least):


I think the tert-butyl and isobutyl are pretty potent too but I can't find much information about them.
These are some of the most promising lysergamides that I know of, from most potent to least potent (in rats at least):


I think the tert-butyl and isobutyl are pretty potent too but I can't find much information about them.

Didn't the rats also find AL-LAD and LSZ to be "stronger" (as in "easier to detect in a drug discrimination test") than LSD, though?

MIPLA atleast has actually been evaluated in man, so that might have been a reason why they went with that one over LSP. Makes you wonder whether LSB would be worth it - even as a racemate I would expect it to be 1/2 the potency of LSD or higher in man, but there's still the risk that it (and especially the likely dystomer, S-LSB) could produce an unfavorable visuals-to-bodyload ratio, similar to LSZ and LSM-775.
I still have high hopes for some of these lysergamides that are reputed to have a high bodyload such as LSM-775 - that one in particular sounds like it could be the lysergamide equivalent of 5-MeO-DMT, another drug that has sometimes been overlooked because of it's lack of visuals, but which many find to be a bit of a psychedelic pinnacle. Haven't tried LSM-775 however, it's a bit too precious.
MIPLA is available from a Polish supplier, dosed at 200ug.
Has anyone had any experience worth mentioning?

Yes, my favorite supplier has MIPLA in their arsenal. A Polish price in PLN ... that is, a bargain!

MIPLA TR: Tripping well grounded

25 May 2018: 1st Trial of alleged 200 μg MIPLA tabs from Poland

This was a planned, much-anticipated first experience with MIPLA, a novel lysergamide. Novel to me certainly, with little hard documentation to go on. I had heard, on highest authority, MIPLA was a good one. Atypically, I did not test this material. I took it on faith, and good background, the material I received was genuine. I presumed it was authentic MIPLA, and I still do.

Because I usually trip alone, I've experienced many psychedelics only at low to modest levels. I've had only one truly difficult experience years ago which was deeply unsettling at the time. Happily, it was calmly integrated over days-to-weeks, with only positive, lasting insights.

Right then: All systems go, no heroics, hoping for the best, ready for the worst.

2:30 pm 0:00 One tab of blotter paper (uncoloured and, unusually, without markings of any kind) goes under the tongue--about an hour after coffee, two waffles and a muffin. Tastes of nothing, no bitterness, no numbness. Good sign. I head for the uni campus, a favourite tripping destination. It's idyllic, familiar, quiet in summer, a short walk away. It's a beautiful day, ideal for this.

2:50 pm 0:20 There's still no taste or numbness, maybe a vague hint of astringency that could easily be attributed to the blotter paper itself. I swallow the tab with a swig of water, while walking to the uni.

3:10 pm 0:40 I'm now at the uni campus, sitting on a bench. The weather is perfect, very warm with a refreshing breeze, few clouds. I abruptly feel not just an alert, but at +1. I feel like I just landed here, that the time spent walking here has gone to zero.

This is odd because I can recall many points along the way perfectly well. I've taken this route countless times, but the city reveals something new of itself every time, in the right-here, right-now moments along the way. And so too today.

Now that feels collapsed. Time restarts now.

I'm definitely in +1 territory already. I feel something in my gut. Nothing like nausea, more like warmth, just awareness really. I wonder about chakras for a minute. I vaguely imagine one of them is assigned there, maybe? Not really my thing, I'm now imagining generalized 5-HT activity in my gut instead. It's hardly anything. I forget about it and press on. I'm liking this.

3:40 pm 1:10 I'm laying flat on the grass, on the bank of a pathway where once was a creek, long since buried. It's very tranquil here, very still, with only a handful of people scattered about. This is a perfectly manageable +2, with no sharp edges whatsoever. Visually there's not a lot going on, things are a bit brighter, a bit crisper is all. Even the clouds are just toying with me. At times, with other compounds, clouds can transfix me, drop me to my knees. Not today.

I feel perfectly safe here. There's good foundation for that; I live in a very safe city and the uni is a privileged enclave within that city. But to feel *this safe*, at +2, is remarkable. I've been right here before, on half a tab of ETH-LAD, on a day like this. I felt safe enough that day; I feel safer today. There is zero edge to this material. I close my eyes for a while. I'm just being still, and grateful to live in this place.

4:15 pm 1:45 I think this +2 is as full on as I'm going to get. This is just great, easy, manageable, social. Senses are slightly enhanced, not at all distracting as I continue wandering about the uni. It's a big campus, with lots of lawns to loll about on.

I duck into a building to refill my water bottle at a fountain. I've learned where the good fountains are. I'm again filled with gratitude this uni is here, stitched seamlessly into the city with no clear perimeter. You mostly just know when you're there.

No one is walking around in gowns yet but that's coming soon. They're setting up for it now. I hear snatches of conversations among the few students around today. They sound a bit giddy. Listening to them makes me smile.

4:45 pm 2:15 Still at +2, now back at the bench where time restarted. A friendly young man walks by and smiles at me, twice. He's happy about something and I'm happy for him. That's enough to smile back.

5:00 pm 2:30 Still at +2, looking now at a pair of ancient cannons from a long forgot colonial past, on yet another lawn. I read the plaque explaining all this. Cannons don't interest me much, but for a moment I imagine the men who loaded and fired these clunky looking weapons. Maybe I speak English, and not French, because of them.

I'm starting to feel sunburned, also a bit lonely. That's not uncommon for me while tripping, and I don't mind. Time to plot a course back home though.

There are many alternative routes but there's no avoiding the very much faster pace, off-campus, at 5 pm, on a Friday. I opt for a meandering route through city parks and alleys, skirting the busier streets and intersections.

This leg of the journey is always more challenging, but in some ways the most instructive. I've lived here for decades at various addresses. Always in the core, just a few city blocks apart. Every street corner is known to me, or once was. But the city is transforming, faster than I realize.

The trip is evocative, full of nostalgia. Old buildings are being demolished, parking lots excavated. Twenty-storey towers, emptied and skinned down to the steel, reincarnated as 60-storey hulks.

All along I'm retracing my history, intersecting with my past. Time only seems linear until you step out of it, now it seems much more fluid and simultaneous. I imagine myself half a life ago, walking towards me. What would I say to him, I wonder? Of course, I wouldn't have to say anything--he'd look right through me.

5:30 pm 3:00 I'm on a bench again, in a ratty park in the gay village. I lived around here for many years. I exchange nodding hellos with the three guys next to me. Two of them look like women, and I wonder idly for a second how deep that goes. But they're at ease, I'm at ease, and it's moot. One likes my shirt. "Thank you, it kind of goes with what I'm on." Knowing smiles all around, and I'm off again.

5:45 pm 3:15 I'm at what I'll call a fully-assimilated +2. Happy, content, with my heart opened up like a kid. If called upon, I could probably dial it back to baseline in a moment; it's that pliable. I spot a couple I'd seen many blocks earlier, sharing a slice of pizza. Different paths, same endpoint. I pass the unfilled pool where skateboarders congregate, many more today than usual. I feel the pang of inchoate sympathy for the people hanging around the new supervised-injection site. I doubt most people, including the locals, even realize it's there.

6:00 pm 3:30 Home, and glad to be. I spend a few hours reflecting on the nature of this material, listening to music, and tentatively plugging back into the online world.

8:00 pm 5:30 Things have smoothly descended to +1.

Regarding this compound, let's presume it's indeed MIPLA. This was wonderful day, and MIPLA was a great ally today. How much of that goes to the chemistry I really can't say. I've come to believe expectations play a much bigger role than I used to think. I wasn't expecting a full-on, +3 or more experience else I'd never have set out on a field trip.

Some might find this compound wanting, but I'd rather think of it as fail-safe. I liked AL-LAD for the same reasons, and this feels safer still. There was no anxiety, no troubling or intrusive thoughts, no body load, and little residual stimulation. I was at ease every moment. Even for an old pro, that's quite something.

1P-LSD is more demanding, but offers more rewards, more awesome. I'm not always up to awesome. Sometimes I want to be grounded. MIPLA, today, was tripping well grounded.
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They will discontinue MIPLA and make 1-P-MIPLA instead. Apparently MIPLA has the same molecular weight as LSD.
They will discontinue MIPLA and make 1-P-MIPLA instead. Apparently MIPLA has the same molecular weight as LSD.

Well yeah, they're both C20H25N3O.

LSD has two ethyl chains on the amide, while MIPLA has one methyl group and one isopropyl chain.
Sounds delicious, I wonder how it would pare with 1p or ald-52
Well yeah, they're both C20H25N3O.

LSD has two ethyl chains on the amide, while MIPLA has one methyl group and one isopropyl chain.

Sure, that part of it isn't rocket science :) They're afraid forensic labs are going to mistake the one for the other. Not a problem I'd thought about.

Sounds delicious, I wonder how it would pare with 1p or ald-52

I'd rather have prefered if they had made 1-A-MIPLA. I somehow feel 1-P metabolism is a bit slower than 1-A. Maybe it's just in my head, who knows.

Apparently some other new lysergamides are in the pipeline, while others are being discontinued. Yay
Exciting news! :) Gotta track this down, it sounds lovely. Fantastic report Astatine! You should post it in the Trip Reports forum, and at Erowid.
Even if you use GC/MS which looks at the molecular weight, it also looks at ionized fractions of the molecule and there should be small differences, namely at that amide.

Pretty exciting there's some novel interesting lysergamide around!
a few years ago a friend of mine was caught with some gray area 5-IT, which got misidentified as aMT, which is illegal here.
I guess they break into the same fragments, since the sidechain is simply on another part of the indole