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Lysergamides The Big & Dandy MIPLA (Methylisopropyllysergamide) Thread

Yeah I didn't bother due to the price tag, I kinda want to grab a few hits just to be able to try it and write a report though. Doesn't really sound worth the price though when you can just take a low dose of LSD for tremendously cheaper
Ate 500 mics of this the other day, I almost never choose Mipla for my monthly lysergamide dose, I still have decent amount stashed. Last week i was running out of time to squeeze in a trip and decided to eat 2.5 hits because it doesnt last as long or have as hard a hangover as other lysergamides. I still enjoy it, it has nice day after mood enhancements. That could have been a selling point for people who want anti depressant effects without a full trip. I'm glad I stashed some away, this time i smoked DMT at peak and it was nice combo, but some 5-meo-dmt i smoked at the tail end seemed to be somewhat muted. Almost nothing dulls 5-meo-dmt for me besides alcohol. Usually 5-meo-dmt takes over completely when i smoke it during LSD trips, why it seemed to have less effect after Mipla is unknown. I imagine not too many people have much of this stashed away, but I will return and report on some higher dose experiments, probably not this year though. I imagine its probably safe in high doses, but being the first to try makes me a nervous. Overall it reminds me of MDMA but without the over emotional crying and shit. It feels "acidity" but I can't imagine anyone would have a bad trip /freak out on it, by far the mildest LSD analogue i have done.