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The Big & Dandy N-Ethyl-Norketamine Thread

any oral trial? limitbreaker's report seems worthwhile experience, but I don't like sniff chemicals.
any one care to share any research on N-ethyl-Ketamine

looking for research and info on N-ethyl-Ketamine also known as 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-N-(ethylamino)cyclohexanone

any one care to enlighten =D

peace and oneness<3
I already had the opportunity to test a 200 mg sample. for safety reasons, I slowly worked my dosage up over several hours, that's why I didn't reach a hole (I'm also quite a hard-head when it comes to dissociatives, unfortunately). the effects very similar to ketamine in quality. it is more potent per weight than racemic ketamine, I would estimate by a factor of 1.5, comparable to s-ketamine, but surprisingly, the duration was not increased. all in all, this compound seems very promising to me and I'm looking forward to try it again in higher doses, I assume that 150mg consumed at once will give me a nice hole experience. people with less tolerance than me should start much lower, obviously.
have a sample on its way just would be good to get info from people who have experianced it and how it compares to ket and mxe as well as dosages always best to get clued up and walk with a new element before dancing with it :) thanks for your input ungelesene;)
N-ethyl-ketamine first time.

Substance: N-ethyl-ketamine combined with Ethylphenidate and Methiopropamine
ROA: Intravenous
161 Lbs, 5" 11' male
Dissociative experience: Used ketamine for a couple of months about 8 years ago. Didn't like the K hole.

I received .5g of N-ethyl-ketamine earlier and am now in the process of sampling it. This report is going to be a bit subjective as I am already on Ethylphenidate and Methiopropamine. I had 2 doses of Ethylphenidate earlier in the day.

0:00 60mg Ethylphenidate IV.

1:00 35mg Methiopropamine IV.

2:25 12mg N-ethyl-ketamine IV.

2:53 Very mild effects. Am typing this up with no difficulty.

3:15 24mg N-ethyl-ketamine IV.

3:28 Make a cup of tea. Text looks very slightly blurred but I can still type OK. Feel very lethargic though I felt a bit that way before I started. Don't feel much different to what I did after the the first dose.

3:50 weigh up 47mg N-EK on scales. Requires a little more effort than usual.

4:14 47mg N-ethyl-ketamine IV. Took me ages to find a vein. Stabbed myself many times with many needles before I finally registered. It's coming on strong as I type.

4:29 Definitely feeling it now. MY thought processes are much slower and tasks require much more effort. Typing not too difficult but I'm having to correct a lot of spelling mistakes.

4:50 Weighed out 49mg. Am functioning OK.

4:59 49mg N-ethyl-ketamine IV. Coming on strong buzzing in ears.

5:17 Feel myself going into a hole. Lost it for 10 minutes or so and had to lay down. Lost the ability to think for a bit. Feel really spaced out.

5:34 Am functioning but every thing's an effort.

5:38 Weigh out 21mg. Feel slight sensation of nausea.

6:07 21mg N-ethyl-ketamine IV. Finding a vein's hard work again. The dose isn't enough to have any great effect on me. Give up and go to bed.
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Hey man, if you really want to contribute some useful information to this thread, perhaps try a larger dose insufflated without stims active in your system.

Cause that's the way most people are likely to experiment with it. IV is a fairly rare route of administration for ketamine-type things.

Either way whatever info you've got is appreciated.
I did ketamine some years ago and loved the sort of hallucinations you get on pre hole doses without losing the ability to reason. The K hole I hated. I have chosen to IV N-EK purely because of the minimum duration so if I end up somewhere I don't want to be, I will be there for the shortest possible time. As it happens I didn't really get any hallucinations before going into the hole on N-EK but maybe fine tuning the dose will sort that out. I only have a half g and from what I've seen so far probably won't be replacing it but who knows.

EDIT - and I used to like combining K with amphetamines so the concept of combining K type drugs with stims is not alien to me.

EDIT - I forgot to mention that this produced no visual activity for me whatsoever, just dissociation.
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Can someone clear this up for me.

So what is the difference between n-ethylketamine and just ethylketamine, have seen vendors selling both! and what is nethylnorketamine??
The Hole is a state that is near loss of consciousness. Losds of consciousness isnt voluntary with rnough ketamine like substances, but if you are almost there you can be aroused away from the vicinity of loss of consciousness. At the ER they slap your face for this and encourage you urgently to be responsive. If you take stimulants with these drugs, obviously you will get more messed up but it will be harder to hole because its harder to let go and drift away when you're buzzing on stims.
Can someone clear this up for me.

So what is the difference between n-ethylketamine and just ethylketamine, have seen vendors selling both! and what is nethylnorketamine??

It's the same stuff they're selling - n-ethyl-ketamine and just ethylketamine. Looks like this:


I've seen the above image used for both names, some with the H3C removed, but no matter, same stuff. I'm led to believe n-ethylnorketamine is technically wrong, name-wise. My ( very limited ) understanding is that the 'nor' indicates the methyl group has been removed; that's already made explicit with the ethyl in the name.

Two brief reports elsewhere on UK sourced stuff just this week come available suggests almost indistinguishable from Ketamine, oral / insufflated dose range very similar. Take that with a LARGE pinch of salt but certainly enough to spark my interest. :)
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Ah, right. Missed that thread. Almost the exact opposite of what I said then. :? Cheers for the clarification. I have been grossly misinformed by someone claiming to understand these things but even so thought I'd double-checked that enough. 8) ;)
Tried this today, quick trip report:

T -0:30 - Insufflate ~1mg and place another ~1mg on my tongue as an allergy test.

T+0:00 - Insufflate 30mg, crushed the powder as fine as possible and it made a couple of quite hefty lines - it's considerably less dense than MXE.

T:0:05 - Already coming up, it hits alot faster than MXE, powder has blocked my nose badly and I've sneezed several times.

T:0.15 - Effects have peaked, mild dissociation but definitely euphoric. Feels a lot like 3-MeO-PCE and the exact opposite of 3-MeO-PCP (emotionless and zombie like imo).

T:0:45 - Effects starting to wear down.

T:0:60 - Pretty much baseline.

T:1:15 - Decide to plug 70mg. Dissolved in 2mg of water with some stirring.

T:1:20 - Feeling very little, could well be down to placebo. Plugging has always been my favourite RoA with MXE so it's a shame it doesn't work, but it's what I was expected.

T:1:30 - Insufflate 50mg. Struggle to get it all up my nose, sneeze a lot.

T:1:45 - Peaked again, feels stronger than the 30mg so short term tolerance isn't too much of an issue. Physically more messy than MXE, much more of a drunk body high considering the level of dissociation, but mentally felt more lucid. Eyes open no visuals at all, but with them closed all the standard sensations of moving, turning, tunnels etc are felt, albeit mildly.

T:2:45 - Back to baseline again.

I like N-Ethyl-Ketamine. Effects last roughly 45 minutes and are gone within an hour (at doses of 30mg and 50mg). Main issues are that it really blocks my nose, even 4 hours later it still doesn't feel clear. IM would be the way to go with this but needles are a line that I don't want to cross. Next time I'll probably try around 100mg at once as with the right dose I think a hole would be definitely achievable.

Tl;dr - Blocks nose, lasts 1 hour, plugging doesn't work. Will do it again.
iv found 2 places to get this in the uk so far but the not the best of sites plus people are saying its been like the 2-meo-ket bad synthesis and vendors are just selling crap to recoup their loses any one know ?
Anyone tried this that is well experienced with ketamine? The fast onset and nose thing is common to me, except it's more of like the feeling of an allergic reaction, lots of sneezing etc. Looking promising. :D