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The Big & Dandy N,N-DMT Extraction Thread - Elves are watching

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the easiest for a first timer & preferred method for many is the straight to base tek in the Erowid DMT vault.

There are four:


DMT for the Masses (M. ten... extraction)

Yoda's DMT Extraction Action

DMT & DET Synthesis

QT's DMT Extraction for students

Which one would you say is the "best", most user-friendly for a first timer? Just needed clarification on which one was the one referred to all through this thread.

Thanks, arbi2er.

EDIT: I like the fact that my post is #999. lol
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Haha well, it's not anymore. :)

Magic number 1000 everyone. Time for a brand new thread <3 Be sure to copy and carry over the topics of discussion you want to keep going!

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