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Nootropics The Big & Dandy Nootropics Thread (Stack 2)

I love most of all nootropics a sunifiram(AMPA) and PRL-8-53 (HDACi). Sunifiram is very strong agonist AMPA's receptor (that's indirectly NMDA).

(partially subjective)
- Sunifiram works on an ad hoc basis. His action is immediate. you don't have to wait many days to notice the positives, as is the case with Noopept,
- gives a sense of constant readiness, gives a great desire to act,
- faster response and better orientation,
- (subjective): greater pleasure in life
- strengthens photographic memory (you remember individual pages in books), sharp vision and feeling,
- what you learn at Sunifiram, you remember - even if we stop it (apparently, but still some confuse nootropic substances with heavy stimulants such as amphetamines),
- remembering details from a distant past, e.g. from childhood (in certain situations),
- easier use of the "dictionary resources" of our brain, increased verbalization, ease of choosing searched words,
- there are reports that the use of Sunifiram can cause hyperrealistic dreams and even facilitate the introduction into LD (Lucid dream), or lucid dream. at the same time it allows us to remember what we dreamed about,
- eliminates brain fog, i.e. brain fog - a state of dullness, haze, mental exhaustion, muddiness, a sense of being constantly sleepy,

(most often stupid dosage)
- insomnia (too high dosage!),
- deterioration of sleep quality (taking the dose too late!),
- waking up around 3-4 in the morning and being unable to sleep (taking the dose too late!),
Anxiety (overdosing!)
- above 25mg tinnitus, stinging headache may occur,
- doses above 50mg (also cumulative ones) usually cause visual disturbances (possible visual hallucinations), terrible tachycardia (heart beats like crazy!). The only salvation in this case will be an immediate visit to the hospital, where benzodiazepines would probably be given - usually diazepam (Relanium),
- in overdose or a single dose above 30mg, cold sweat, convulsions, a feeling of cold penetration, teeth grinding, jawiness, trouble falling asleep, huge headache in the morning may appear,
- at a dose of 100mg it can cause epilepsy,
- can activate manic behavior in Bipolar Disorder, especially because it works strongly on dopamine, so it's not worth combining it with aniracetam, ALCAR and NALT (unless you want to have ultra-super stimulation, focus and activity),
- it is not worth taking after 18:00 (6 p.m.), because there is a risk that we will not be able to fall asleep.
- the antidote for stimulating NMDA may be dissociants (NMDA antagonists), among others dextrametmorphan (Acodin), ketamine, diphenidine.
Weird how phenibut can have so differing effects on people.

500mg made me an unmotivated, sleepy and stuttering mess. 1g felt like poison, passing out, being extremely weak, headache, never touching it again.

At first it gave me the effects Xorkoth describes (somewhat like GHB) and I loved it but after taking it for a few months out of nowhere it started making me *extremely* sick similar to how you describe. I remember at least 3 times where I took some and it made me so sick and weak all I could do was lay collapsed on my bathroom floor with insane waves of nausea making me gag, throw up and dry heave. It felt like pure poison and I felt like I was close to dying. I remember laying there and was pretty much ready to go. It might be the sickest and worst I've ever felt in my life. I'm not sure if it's related but alcohol seems to do the same thing now where even something like 2 beers can make me get sick.
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Wow that's awful. I've been using it on and off (and been addicted to it a couple of times) since 2005 and it's still great for me. I use it about once a week now.
Everything I've read about sunifiram indicates that it could very well be quite excitotoxic. It's enough to scare me off. Unifiram is not believed to be if, I remember correctly, but I don't get any benefit from it.
Is there anything known about (excito)toxicity of Sunifiram?
Due to the fact that Sunifiram has an indirect effect on NMDA receptors, one should not take too much of this supplement (above 20mg), because it may (* but does not have to) have excitotoxic properties - taking such high amounts will be a little pointless, because after all we care about increased brain work, not about destroying our own nerve cells ... If necessary, the antidotes for stimulating NMDA may be dissociants (NMDA antagonists), including dextrametmorphan (Acodin), ketamine, diphenidine (I checked these).
Hey dear people of bluelight. Maybe you can help me with a question related to Cordyceps Sinensis and possible interactions. I take Cordyceps most of the week as a nootropic. I don't know if it is placebo or real effect but i don't care so much, as it gives me clearheadedness to focus on my thesis and physical energy throughout the day. I usually take 1000mg CS-4 extract (1:4) and this is the recommended dose for my supplement. Beforehand i read a couple of papers discussing the effects and metabolism of Cordyceps and i think it was mentioned that it may be a (weak) MAOI similar to rhodiola and that scares me a bit because i occasionally like to trip and take recreational drugs. I naturally stayed away from drugs like MDMA or MXE which are associated with serotonine-syndrome the day and 24h after i took my last dose to stay safe or skipped doses for the weekend. Another thing i observed was, that the days i took cordyceps and had a few (too much) drinks in the evening, i was absolutely smashed and had the worst hangover in the morning. Could there be an interaction as well?

Do you know anything about cordyceps being a MAOI? Are 'classical' pychedelics like LSD and shrooms safe? What about other recreational drugs like amphetamine or ketamine?

Thank you for any information :)

(Btw. first post, yay!)
Best nootropic with lsd for me is NADH at the beginning of the peak. It won't potentiate the trip but will make it more focused and rewarding.
Cordyceps is a great supplement, also really fucking tasty. I get a blend of 10 medicinal mushrooms from my local food co-op, it contains cordyceps and 9 others. I take a heaping teaspoon twice a day. The mushrooms have anti-cancer/tumor properties as well as neuronal growth and neuroprotective properties. I will say I notice it probably even more than piracetam (which I am also taking at the moment but I cycle it), it really makes me feel more alert and with it. I particularly notice it when I have an alcohol hangover, it helps a lot. It also tastes a lot like chocolate for some reason, mushrooms are just so tasty.
Its all about the citicoline. Regenerating dopamine neurons? Yes please.

Also love alpha gpc. Increases HGH. Makes me feel great.

And phenibut. Hell, I'm in love.

Not a fan of racetams. There are drawbacks to enhancing long term potentiation.
Phenibut isn't a nootropic IMO, but it is one of the best drugs there is. Don't take it too often, it has some really shitty withdrawals.
Phenibut isn't a nootropic IMO, but it is one of the best drugs there is. Don't take it too often, it has some really shitty withdrawals.

I had the pleasure of reading your erowid submission on phenibut and found it to be by far the best piece of anecdotal literature currently available for this substance.

How much experience do you ave withdrawals? I'd like to hear more
I had the pleasure of reading your erowid submission on phenibut and found it to be by far the best piece of anecdotal literature currently available for this substance.

How much experience do you ave withdrawals? I'd like to hear more

Thanks :). Quite a bit actually, I’ve withdrawn from it a few times and these days I get sort of really minor 2 days of withdrawal most times I use it (never more than once a week anymore). Some people react differently, and say it has the worst withdrawals of any drug, even worse than benzos. Some people, like
Me, find it pretty bearable but still shitty. Physically I am totally fine, but sleep is really hard but I can lay there and rest comfortably, my brain just won’t tuen off. There is a constant underlying anxiety in the solar plexus and I did myself slipping into irrational spiraling anxiety loops and stuff, but I can catch myself and stop them. Every time I’ve set out to withdraw, I’ve tapered down and the. Started skipping days and after I get to only taking it every 3 days I jump off, and I can have phenibut sitting next to me and have no problem not doing it, and just tough it out. Unpleasant but relatively easy as withdrawals go
I've mixed phenylpiracetam with small doses of 4 ACO DMT @ doses;

17 mg 4 ACO DMT and 100 mg Phenylpricetam.

Only been once so far, but basically what I could tell from the experience was that phenylpricetam greatly increases the speed at which you can process information, and it really does mix well with 4 ACO DMT in that the conceptual thinking was enhanced, alongside the speed of thought and processing. Actually, it can be uncomfortably so. The activity that I partook in while under the influence of these two, was climbing a mountain in Squamish. The one in particular is called the chief, it has 3 peaks and we hit 2 out of 3 in about 1 hr 45 mins, and it was with a friend who has been struggling with an injury and hasn't been working for over a year-and-a-half now. He was sober and kept pace impressively. We talked a lot about how in order to enjoy something, sometimes it is important to know what life is like without it. Sort of like the old adage you don't know what you have Till It's Gone.

Aside from this particular experience, I have found that small doses of psychedelics are extremely useful for conceptual thinking in terms of learning mathematical Concepts, which I struggle with greatly, but under the influence of psychedelics, I feel like these Concepts reveal themselves to me quite a bit more readily, and I have a tendency to forget them less. Microdose (For me) being something like 25 micrograms of LSD or an anolouge, occasuonally with about a gram of phenibut, or something in that ballpark. Those were actually quite a powerful experiences for me, as I found that phenibut boosts the effects of a microdose significantly, or at least in my experience anyways. My marks in the three courses that I was upgrading were pretty remarkable, especially seeing as I had been a high school dropout in and went right into Contracting at a young age. I have not had much experience with academics other than power engineering 4th class in around the Year 2015, during which time I did not experiment with psychedelics. I was more or less using my prescription amphetamines, that the doctor had prescribed me at a very young age, and I honestly found that the psychedelics work a lot better than the amphetamines, less side effects, more positives in general. I was on dexedrine for well over a decade and I really wish I had known about microdosing all this time. I believe it could have saved me a lot of physical emotional and mental trauma and addiction.

The next leg of my academic journey is going to be in University level physiology and Anatomy, during which time I'm not 100% certain if I'm going to microdose regularly, or maybe just choose one particular day a week to do it, but I am definitely going to do it on Choice occasions, and I will try experimenting with phenylpiracetam and LSD variants. Particularly 1P-LSD and ALD-52, at doses of around 20 micrograms per microdose (I like mine on the heavier side, no need for coffee or marijuana or any other psychoactive substances, the whole experience leaves me quite content)

Anyways, that's just my two cents. My final Mark in Biology was 86 percent, and that was with a teacher who would ramble on about his own personal anecdotes and left us three topics for the final week of study which we had to scramble to get done on our own. He was a fucking time waster and I really didn't appreciate the way he conducted himself in class. I got 86% also in a math foundations class, which I'm aware is not difficult for some people but for somebody who was not very academic such as myself, that is a fantastic grade, on my first exam I got about 66% on while my final exams I was at high 90's (96% ) which I started to grasp the concept more readily and get retested on old ones that we had learned at the beginning of the course. Our math teacher was incredible, I really commend him for his repetitious explanation of any and all Concepts that we were taught. And then finally there was English, which the teacher was quite generous with my mark but, I had done two extra assignments that were optional on top of every other assignment which I got 90s in, so my final Mark for English 12 was 100%. I'm excited to continue my next leg of academic Pursuit, and I will report back to the community as to what my final grades are, and what sort of nootropics or psychedelic supplementation I had been using, during which time I will be studying topics that are a passion for me.
Phenylpiracetam is pretty tops for 2x a week use @ 100 mg.

Tried 300 mg and i wanted to jump out of my skin
He said it was your general attitude, not the specific words you said.
Looked this up. Not a bad product as a whole, really. This made me crack up however.
:! Homeopathy is a HUGE red flag in any product IMO.

Wow, you really don't understand the food shortage situation in about half of the entire world, do you? :\

I don't know how to upvote this comment but thumbs up.
Anyone know of anything stronger & similar to piracetam?

Phenylpiracetam. Its not an every day drug buy boy howdy does it ever do the trick for bouts of intense mental focus. Also, it has been banned by the WADA and by proxy the Olympics. If its banned by WADA, that means its pretty handy stuff usually
Anyone here have experience with peptides, specifically the Khavinson bioregulators? Selank, Semax, Pinealon, Epitalon, etc.?
I did try Semax, I found it to noticeably sharpen my vision and somewhat improve my mood and energy levels. It was quite nootropic but I wasn't wowed by it. It's been a long time so I can't remember too many specifics. I should have taken notes.