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Nootropics The Big & Dandy Nootropics Thread (Stack 2)

To my understanding cancerous cells are produced regularly. They are cells that, you could say, do not strategically harmonize with what we consider to be the individual. These tend to be killed by the immune system. Sometimes they don't, and they grow into a cancer.

I conject that harmony is the underlying principle. I'll also state that measurements risks becoming nervousness, which risks becoming neurosis, which risks becoming its own ailment. I welcome people's wider data-point spouting, but I limit myself for these reasons. And maybe that's being overprotective in itself, or even negligence, funnily enough. The variable tweaks involved are totally up for discussion.
Mixed MiPLA with nootropics the other day. Definitely found it to be a potentiater, the trip came on pretty hard, there was lots of color enhancement and introspection, and the following day was quite a depleted sensation. Gotta try it again on it's own. From what I have read, EiPLA is purportedly more potent than MiPLA, but this experience was on par if not more "heavy hitting". Still, very manageable and pleasant however.

But since then, I've also tried everything in the "9-methyl-β-carboline + others" stack in isolation, and the results were that, in isolation, nothing poduced as pronounced as an effect as the combo. Semax injected IV @ 2 mg for 10 days slowly builds in terms of effect, clearheadedness, slight energy boost, and my body overall just felt great. Bromantane and fasoracetam taken together for 10 days (I guess that's not isolation, but whateves) didn't produce much of an effect, and the last of the 9-methyl-β-carboline with Semax was also very subtle at a dose of 15 mg / day for 4 days (today) although the effects have built slowly over the last few days.

I think 9-methyl-β-carboline, Semax, and bromantane had the greatest overall synergy, but almost too much stimulating effect.

Semax definitely has a nice headspace to it, probably my favorite so far.

In the future, I might try the big dirty stack I had tried in the first experience. That headbuzz, the exess energy and the dreams I was having on it were just out of this world.

Now I know how some noots synergize with psychedelics, each combination has it's own risks and rewards.

One of the next noots I'd like to try is NSI-189, and there is a possibility of some super exotic HA-FGL that I've been pondering about going in on. But generally, my conclusion is that for me, so far, the best drugs for productivity and focus are phenylpiracetam and caffeine, and I suppose semax now makes my short list

With the most interesting combination being

9-methyl-β-carboline @ 15 mg daily
Semax IV @ 1 mg day
Bromantane @ 50 mg daily
Fasoracetam @ 30 mg daily (still not sold on this one)

Providing some interesting and somewhat recreational stimulation, but I still find studying on psychedelics, or phenylpiracetam and caffeine more useful, and hella more affordable.

The adulterated "MiPLA 200 mcg, first round" trip report
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i had doses ranging from 30-80mg, snorted. it gives you a light buzz directly after insufflation. doesnt lasts that long and is very subtle. i dont recognize any nootropic potential, but thats with most of the nootropics ive done. maybe thats why theyre going for it as an experimental antidepressant. a pity they have not revealed its mode of action, though.
so has there anybody had found any use for the nsi-189? my experiences are mixed...
Bit late replying I know, but for me the most useful aspect of NSI-189 which is surely underappreciated and underreported is the mitigating effects on stimulant-binge-induced depression and apathy.

Besides that, my experiences of it were also "mixed", as you say. I believe it did provide some kind of mood lift, but, can't elaborate much more than that.

I have read however that one of the primary mechanisms by which it may exert it's anti-depressive, pro-neurogenesis effects may be suppression of cortisol. Don't have a source of the top of my head though so that may not be correct.
I have not, I would guess it's similar to its cousins though, that is, 'little recreational potential but nice for staying awake/energy/motivation. A quick google search reveals people saying basically that.
For reference, thought I'd make a couple of observations of some products that've worked for me lately and some that haven't.

1.) Alpha Brain is pure shit. No idea where it's made and what's really in it but I can't remember ever regretting an $80 purchase like I did that stuff. I used to have 100% respect for Joe Rogan. Now I'm at like 87%.

2.) I love Qualia stuff but it's just too damned expensive and in both the Focus and Mind products there are at least one ingredient that I don't want in the stack.

3.) I cycle chaga, lions mane, cordyceps and reishi virtually every day of my life and can't imagine stopping. I'm fortunate that I am able to buy basically direct from the top producer in the world, in terms of quality, So I'm getting this stuff delivered to my house for basically their cost. Amazing!

4.) Found two new blends lately that have been a great value for me. One is Nooflow and the other is Halcyon. Stacks are so easy for me as long as they don't have caffeine in them and both of these companies seem worthy of my support.

Hopefully some of this is helpful or interesting to someone!
Stacks are tricky. What I don't like about the idea, is the individual chemistry of the user, to take a standardized formulation is to assume everybody will react to it the same, which is an unrealistic assumption.

That's not to say they might not be any good, just that the efficacy of one standardized mixture may not have ideal compounds or quantities of these compounds for every individual person. My brother asked me about Qualia, and this is essentially the answer I gave him.

Say you take a product with 3 different active ingredients, and you have a positive or negative interaction. What's to say that the benifit may have come from this one, or that one or the mixture as a whole in particular? Same story goes for any negative effects.

This is the reason I'm a big advocate of getting pure compounds, trying small, accurately measured doses of isolated compounds before mixing, and seeing for yourself what effects each one produces in isolation.

I did a big post a few months aho where I took 6 different nootropic substances simultaneously after having tested a small dose of each to make sure none in isolation would cause deleterious effects. It was reckless and in retrospect, pretty irresponsible. The outcome was interesting, there were good things and bad things that came of it subjectively, but all I'm saying is that fomulations may be a little bit of a crapshoot for these reasons.
I'm taking 200mg of caffeine, (6) 5 Defenders capsules and (4) Nooflow every morning (except for the first five days of the month when I cycle off.)

It gives me three hours of wont-take-no-for-an-answer focus, motivation and positivity. I feel very fortunate to have found this combo!
(Not exactly on topic, but thought I would share since I have had some success after years of searching for compatible nootropics.)

I have been testing out various stacks for many years, with the usual fits and starts of such an endeavor. One thing I will say is that I have an affinity for Noopept, and have been a good responder to it overall. I started taking it about 10 years ago and I cycle it every other day, sometimes 3 days on, 3 off, but always take breaks.

I could list many nootropics that I have tried and did not stick with, and have a cabinet full of jars, but won't. My daily stack (again, cycling) is Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Alpha GPC or Cognizin, etc., with Noopept M-F. I also cycle through Sunifiram intermittently depending on what I am doing. For me, I have really stuck with Ani and Oxiracetam because I respond well to them both and can really feel their effects, some subtle, some more prominent.. The one thing I have learned though is that supplementing Oxi with ample choline is really important so as not to get the headache, brain-fog, shit feeling that can happen without doing so. For me, it is less true for Noopept to a degree, especially if you stick to smaller doses which you should. In the end, I do not search much further than this type of stack after spending years changing, looking, acquiring, etc. This stack variation seems good for me, and I stick with these because I get the results I want. If you find what works for you, it can make quite a difference, for sure. Always open to modification, but for quite some time these are my go-to's.
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Have anyone experimented with a stack to decrease side effects from cannabis?

Some people may need to use cannabis daily to manage pain etc?
However most people who smoke daily experience brain fog and/or lethargy etc.
when i smoked synthetic cannabinoids like crazy a few mgs of 4ho-met helped, or the other time 200mg caffeine and 500mg of paracetamol.