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The Big & Dandy Nootropics Thread

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Nov 27, 2000

Welcome to the Big & Dandy Nootropics Thread


Piracetam: the most well-known original smartdrug

Nootropics, also referred to as smart drugs, memory enhancers, and cognitive enhancers, are drugs, supplements, nutraceuticals, and functional foods that are purported to improve mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration

Wikipedia nootropic page

The Big & Dandy Psychedelics and Nootropics Interaction Thread
Psychedelics as Nootropics

[original post]

i wasn't sure wether this should go to PD or OD, so feel free to move

i started taking piracetam yesterday (took 4800mg yesterday and today, will take 2400mg daily from now on) and i will start with DMAE next month. most i've read about piracetam was somewhat positive, others say it didn't do anything (i have to add that i think those people took 800mg once and didn't feel anything after 60 minutes so they figured it doesn't work)

i'm also taking fish oil (1320mg omega-3 fatty acids daily)

i'd like to know if anyone has been taking nootropics in general daily and noticed any non-placebo effects. please share what you have been taking for how long and how you benefit from it. i'm not sure if i can get it but i thought about taking hydergine too. for me, piracetam is available so far, but maybe someone knows a better supplement from the *cetam group or whatever.

i guess we all agree that we don't operate on our full potential.. i think i am somewhat smart, but i have memory problems and trouble focusing (not due to excessive drug use) - i really hope that it will bring some improvement for me as far as learning/cognitive functions/memory/etc go.

please note that this thread isn't limited to piracetam, but it seems to be the most common nootropic. nootropics+tryptamines or whatever should go into another thread - this one is for 'increasing your intellect' only ;)
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I've been taking 2400mg lecithin for about 4 days now, while continuing to smoke pot every night, and I am noticing a difference in my mental clarity.

If this thread survives, I'll post back when I have more definitive results after continued use.

Also... as of late my cannabis highs have been getting less enjoyable (been smoking too often, too long). But since I've started taking lecithin I've found my highs to have the same enjoyable buzz and psychedelic effects as when I first started smoking.
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bluedolphin said:
I've been taking 2400mg lecithin for about 4 days now, while continuing to smoke pot every night, and I am noticing a difference in my mental clarity.

Same here, I've been on giant daily doses of lecithin for about a week and I would say I've noticed some non-placebo effect. Or more accurately, I've noticed LESS of the short-term memory loss effect. There are still plenty of general mind-dulling effects if I smoke heavily or don't take a break every few days, but the STM specifically does seem better.

I would concur that it seems to bring back some of the original, pre-tolerance cannabis experience as well, though for me this feels more likely to be placebo. And I still notice my heart racing on THC more than it used to.

But as a bonus, the lecithin even seems to increase my libido slightly.
Vinpocetine- this one definitely works for me, although i stopped taking it for a while and lately sometimes forget, i'll take 20-40mg/day. First time I tried it i had bright color vision, although I dont notice that anymore.

After taking this at about 40mg/day for weeks, I really did notice not only an improvement in short term memory, but i find i could easily recall old memories from a long time ago, very vividly. Somehow it felt like my brain was working "better", but in a familiar way like, when i was a mid-teen or something... (i'm 23 now). I didnt seem to notice an improvement when smoking pot though, but i'm not sure i looked for it (while high). You can get this stuff at vitamin stores, online, etc. - oh yeah, and my DREAM recall went from barely able to remember a dream to, sometimes remembering 20 dreams in a night, some in great detail!

Piracetam, I gave that a try a long time ago, an "attack" dose gave me the shits real bad, like my body did not like taking grams of that stuff. I noticed some wierd effect, but more of a stoning or 'blah' than anything good.

Hydergine did seem to work, and i also had the increased color vision/clarity when I would take that.
lowered tolerance u say?

what would be a safe dose of lecithin for daily use? is there any risk of bad side effects from taking this drug on a daily basis?

The idea of a lowered marijuana tolerance has really peaked my interest.
Does anyone else beside yaesutom have a piracetam versus vinpocetine comparison?

Both seem very interesting from what I have read, vinpocetine seeming to have more noticeable effects and piracetam seeming more tried and true and well known.
Re: lowered tolerance u say?

trippLIKEiDo said:
what would be a safe dose of lecithin for daily use? is there any risk of bad side effects from taking this drug on a daily basis?

According to at least one article on alternative medicine, for some complaints doctors recommend up to 40 GRAMS a day of lecithin. So I don't think one or two capsules are going to be too risky. Lecithin is a common body component found in all living cells.

Also, the theory is that lecithin itself is not responsible for any nootropic effects, but rather choline, a B vitamin which is found in lecithin. THere is a thread on this somewhere here. You can get plain choline tablets, but they are more expensive and I think there is a possibility lecithin potentiates it. In any case lecithin is good for you in other ways -- reduces cholesterol, improves acne, and may even increase male sex drive.

trippLIKEiDo said:
The idea of a lowered marijuana tolerance has really peaked my interest. [/B]

I'm not sure I'd say it lowers tolerance, but it does help alleviate some of the "bad high" symptoms people get after smoking regularly for a long time, mainly memory loss but I find also anxiety seems reduced. I find my cannabis experience is not necessarily stronger, just a little "better" than it had been in a long time. It could all be in myhead, but even if so it's a relatively inexpensive placebo.
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ive been taking around 2400mg of lechitin for around 9 days, i feel a slight less pressure in my head when thinking but nothing more, i will continue to take for its other advantages tho and will let you know how i get on, will hopefully get some piracetam, some omega-3 and possible 5-htp
I started a nootropics/vitamin regimen after stopping daily GBL use. Daily, I use:

3200 mg Piracetam
240 mg DMAE
20 mg Vinpocetine
90 mcg Huperzine A
2400 mg Lecithin
500 mg B-5
100 mg B-Complex
6000 mg Omega-3
60 mg CoQ-10
1000 mg Ester-C

The effects are very noteworthy. I can talk and think more clearly. I feel a sense of being "here and now." Colors are much more distinct. Smoking pot is very nice, it doesn't mentally fatigue me. 100 mg's of ketamine intramuscular was a profound experience. 30 mg's of 2c-t-7 was strong as well. The nootropics lessened the extent of the comedowns a bit. Looking forward to trying out MDMA on this regimen soon. It's cheaper then a pot habit and having definite positive effects on me.
how much do you pay for that receipe per month?

i see that your dose of piracetam is above mine, and you're taking LOTS of omega-3 - may i ask why you chose 6000mg? i'm currently taking 2640mg, but i even considered going down to 1320mg. on the other hand, your DMAE dose seems to be much below what i had in mind.. i was more thinking about 1g daily (working your dose up, i guess it can be weird if you take 2400+mg piracetam and just add 1000mg DMAE to it.) i'm also surprised that i didn't see any choline or hydergine in there..

and last but not least, what would you say is the supplement delivering the most noticeable positive effects? (i know it's a synergy, but maybe you can tie it to one of them)
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http://www.hyperreal.org/nootropics/drugs/pyrrilidones.html :

Once fascinating study suggests that piracetam might increase the number of cholinergic receptors in the brain. Older mice were given piracetam for two weeks and then the density of muscarinic cholinergic receptors in their frontal cortexes was measured. The researchers found that these older mice had 30-40% higher density of these receptors than before. (Pilch, 1988). Piracetam, unlike many other drugs, appears to have a regenerative effect on the nervous system.

This stuff probably boosts the effect of Amanita Muscaria? Anyone has experiences.
And if so, It probably can be a preventor or antidote for Datura and other anticholinergic substances.
(Amanita muscaria is known to be an anti-dote for Datura poisoning, i don't know Datura also can be used against Amanita muscaria-poisoning)

interesting stuff, those nootropics, never heard about it...
nootropics are amazing, and if they continue at the rate they are now all drugs will have a remedy for toxic problems, such as E, meth etc..

the lechitin i have been taking is exactly 12 days, and im finding it hard to concentrate, i think today and the next few days will be where the transition takes place, and memory improvement starts
Well I've been taking 2400mg of lecithin for about two weeks now, hell maybe it's 3, I don't remember. :D I'm a daily smoker, and thought I'd give it a try, but thus far taking 2400mg daily hasn't seem to produce any effect on memory. Well, maybe a small one, but small enough that I can't tell for sure. But it seems to be doing something.. unless it's just a coinicidence, just generally happier and awake since starting.
yes that is true^^

i think for the effects to get any better you would have to stop smoking for a bit and take the lechitine and then you could start smoking again...

personally i wanna shoot the bastard in cannabis discussion and the people after who hyped it all up, because it isnt helping much AT ALL, ubt im still takin it,

Has anyone any experience with hydergine, an ergot derived chemical which supposedly is pretty decent. I know someone who took just one pill and said it gave him the kind of mental clarity that a low dose of acid can give, without the confusion and visuals..
sunifiram / esulfiram

Here's something I found from a thread on some other message board:

DM235 (sunifiram): a novel nootropic with potential as a cognitive enhancer.

Ghelardini C, Galeotti N, Gualtieri F, Romanelli MN, Bucherelli C, Baldi E, Bartolini A.

Department of Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Florence, Viale G. Pieraccini 6, 50139 Florence, Italy. [email protected]

DM235 (sunifiram), a new compound structurally related to piracetam, prevented the amnesia induced by scopolamine (1.5 mg kg(-1) i.p.), after intraperitoneal (0.001-0.1 mg kg(-1)) or oral (0.01-0.1 mg kg(-1)) administration, as shown by a passive avoidance test in mice. The antiamnesic effect of DM235 was comparable to that of well-known nootropic drugs such as piracetam (30-100 mg kg(-1) i.p.), aniracetam (100 mg kg(-1) p.o.) or rolipram (30 mg kg(-1) p.o.). DM235 also prevented mecamylamine (20 mg kg(-1) i.p.)-, baclofen (2 mg kg(-1) i.p.)- and clonidine (0.125 mg kg(-1) i.p.)-induced amnesia in the same test. In the Morris water maze test with rats, scopolamine (0.8 mg kg(-1) i.p.) inhibited the reduction of escape latency in both acquisition and retention/retraining tests. DM235 (0.1 mg kg(-1) i.p.), 20 min before each daily acquisition training, prevented the scopolamine-induced memory impairment. DM235 (1 mg kg(-1) i.p.) also reduced the duration of pentobarbitone-induced hypnosis in mice without modifying the induction time of hypnosis. At the highest effective doses, the investigated compound neither impaired motor coordination (rota-rod test), nor modified spontaneous motility and inspection activity (Animex and hole board tests).These results indicate that DM235, a compound structurally related to piracetam, is a novel nootropic endowed with the capability to prevent cognitive deficits at very low doses. Indeed, its potency is about 1,000 times higher than that of the most active piracetam-like compounds.

Another cut and paste:
More on esulfiram dosages: 5mg seemd to be a bit too high for me (about 90kg), while 2.5mg once daily is just fine. This would make esulfiram about 500 times more potent than piracetam, orally in humans.

I guess esulfiram is a "research chemical" but I have no idea where it can be found - but it sounds interesting..
I have tried several nootropics. I tried a combination of huperzine-a (50mcg)+10 mg vinpocetine. It made me angry and pissed of, a lot of energy but not positive. I did not like it.
Instead of lecithin capsules it can be a good alternative to take up to three soupspoons of soy lecithin gramules, this not only containes lecithin but also phosfatidyl serine, wich is good in its own right lowering stress hormones.
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