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The Big & Dandy Nootropics Thread

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This is my cocktail as of now ( started full time work roughly almost a month ago ;) decided to boost my brain food regimen)

2400 mgs Piracetam
300 mg Centella Asiatica {Standardized extract of gotu kola)
250 mg Lecithin
250 mg Evening Primrose Oil ( I take this to abate pms and i find it is a mild mood booster too)

Centellia asiatica has been traditionally used and extensively studied as a brain tonic for the improvement of cognitive function and maintenance of sharpness of intellect , memory and recall.

I definitely feel a lot smarter lol...more alert and am able to focus well. It also gives me a mild buzz....hell, piracetam always does anyway, especially when i combine it with uppers (but that, is another story. :))

When I get my hands on some Siberian Ginseng and gingko biloba, i will take those as well and post here.
well this thread sounds interesting: would anyone know about several nootropics that would help preserving the memory of psychedelic experiences (I mean the memory of the psychedelic state is always limited, for instance , during a trip, many thoughts patterns are erased as soon as new ideas rise)...anyway to help remembering strong psychedelic experiencse, icreasing the mental clarity maybe?

You tell about lecithin that helps with marijuana induced memory loss, would this work for psychedelics? Any other substances good for this purpose?
I've found the get smart formular by smart-nutrition to be very good, if a bit pricey.

Having run out I have just started using Aniracetam, DMAE and Lecithin.
How are people dosing their DMAE? Was using a whole bunch of things during my exams:-

400mg DMAE
500mg Korean Ginseng
240mg Ginko
2mg Huperzine A %5
20mg Vinopocetine
2g Chloine Citrate
50mg Chloine Bitartrate
2g L-Tyrosine

+ ridiculous ammounts of Sugar, Caffine and Taurine...

From what I read Alpha-GPC is a great way to stimulate Chloine generation.
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I find Piracetam to be quite helpful. I seem (might be placebo?) to get subtle improvements in concentration and memory. When i get down to working time seems to pass quicker as i concentrate better and don't notice the time passing. This is particularly useful at work. It also seems to help me avoid mental fatigue whilst at work, though if i abuse this effect through prolonged lack of sleep it can become unpleasant.

The least subtle effect is a massive potentiation of caffeine. I have to carefully watch how much tea I drink or else run the risk of getting the jitters badly. If i consume the right amount of caffiene the synergy is useful but too much becomes more of a handicap than an advantage.

One thing that puzzles me is dosage. I am taking about 800mg's of Piracetam in the morning (after eating breakfast in an attempt to slow absorption and lessen a possibly unpleasant stomach effects) and i find that to be enough. I can't imagine taking 2-3 grams a day now (though i did briefly as an attack dosage). Perhaps I'm just unusually receptive to it?

The only other thing i would like to comment on is the potentiation of other recreational drugs. Piracetam does seem to potentiate recreational drugs for me (most noticable MDMA and LSD) but in doing so it seems to potentiate some of the effects more than others.

The result of this is that when combining Piracetam and MDMA i experience some potentiation across the board, but mostly i feel more stimulation and more confusion. This is not an enjoyable effect and i no longer take piracetam with MDMA. Combining Piracetam with LSD produces a similar potentiation, but here i get more in the way of confusion and dissasociation. The experience seems less of a 'pure' LSD experience. I'd rather take more LSD on its own than combine LSD and Piracetam if i wanted more effect.
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i'm becoming quite interested in these nootropics, how much does a "course" cost per month say?
also, what are your thoughts with regard to the ethics of using such drugs? I'm sure i'm not the only one who has seen parallels with steroids.
nootropics have helped me regain my former brain power (anticholinergic poisoning six months ago, lost a lot of memory)

i take these daily:

500mg guarana 20:1 extract (two pills)

250mg l-acetyl-carnitine

2 capsules of groung betel nut
1 siberian ginseng tablet
1g choline
and 1g taurine
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What follows is an amalgamation of posts I have made about nootropics on the spiritplants forum.

Deprenyl is used to counter the drop in MAO-B levels as we age, there is no problem taking it in moderate doses (up to 10mg per week). IMO DPR is an indispensable resource in the ‘intelligent’ drug-users tool-kit.

Hydergine + Ginko + Deprenyl = exceptional combination!!

Try this for more info: http://www.smart-drugs.com/ias-bulletins.htm

Here is my list – not a strict regime, but when I can get it…

CDP-Choline 200 mg,
Ginkgo Extract 120 mg,
Bacopa Extract 100 mg,
GlycerolPhosphorylCholine (GPC) 450 mg,
Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1 gram,
Piracetam 800-2,400mg,
PhosphatidylSerine 100mg,
Hydergine 2.25-4.5 mg,
Deprenyl 2.5-5 mg (weekly),
Oxiracetam 800 mg (weekly),
Vasopressin 1-2 sprays (for those moments when large amounts of information need to be stored over a short space of time).

Some noticeable effects:

Enhanced short & long-term memory (clearer with more details), faster processing time, increased mental energy, more creative, more motivation, lucid dreaming (more realistic), improved sleep, although I only sleep 2 hours/day, improved mental clarity, and last but not least a better sex drive.

take care and control
the bricoleur
Are Nootropics Psychedelic? Post Your Stack!

A recent thread, about whether or not hydergine is psychedelic sparked my interest. Everyone would agree, I think, that nootropics are not psychedelic in the traditional sense. But, they have allowed me to push deeper into what is important during the psychedelic experience.

I've been very curious about nootropics for a few years now, but have really seen their potential for integrating psychedelic experience, and keeping to work on issues brought up during a trip.

I do not mix nootropics directly with psychedelics, since there is so little (no?) research done on the interactions of nootropics with HT psychs. Rather, I use nootropics on a daily basis for all around mental/cognitive improvement and well-being.

I'm sure a lot of people on this board use nootropics. Post your stack, and if you want, add how working with nootropics has affected your attitude toward psychedelics.

My stack:
1 cup coffee
1g piracetam
50mg aniracetam
2.25-4.5mg hydergine (adding this in a week!)
250mg CDP-Choline
1 tablespoon lecithin oil

1 cup green tea
500mg piracetam
1 tablespoon lecithin oil
Mine is pretty irregular, but when I follow it properly:

50-100mg 5-HTP
1g-ish piracetam
1tbsp-ish soy lecithin
0-1000mg phenibut (varies, usually every few days)

I left my nootropics at school over spring break, so I'll be doing without for a week and a half. When I get back to school, I'll probably start with a fresh attack dose.
Right now I'm just going 2g piracetam 4x a day, and 300mg DMAE 2x a day. I used to do 2.4g lecithin 4x a day too, but I just started on the DMAE recently and didn't want to run the risk of overcholinating myself. Will probably add back 1.2g lecithin 4x a day soon though and see how that goes.

I'm very interested in hydergine but unsure of whether I want to shell out the $40 a month for it. For those who take it, what tangible benefits has it brought you? If you've combined it with piracetam, how does the combo compare to either one seperately?
Already did it myself. Was looking to see if anyone else had anything new to add.
that link did not work. it says search new terms or some such thing.

just thought id let you know.

ive never heard of these supplements (i guess you'd call them?) but will be checking them out soon.
when on a std course, duration 6-12 weeks w/breaks between:

equiv 300mg caffeine
1,000mg l-phenylalanine
2-3,000 mg piracetam
250-500 mg centrophenoxine or another cholinergic
5mg l-dep
1 megamultivite
100mg ALA
American ginseng

gave up on all other racetams (effects contrarian to claims) as well as on hydergine (decentralising), vaso (urinary retention, blood pressure, headaches), tyrosine (headaches) and threw away all 5-HTP which i believe is semitoxic crap.

P.S. some souls 'rounhere will tellya that mixing MAO effectors and such things as SVC disinhibitors with primary tryptamine psychedelics will produce results much different than what one may apriori fool himself into thinking, and we all know not to mix MAOIs w/any form of the 2C / DO class, right?
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A couple of things. First of all, for those of you taking huge amounts of piracetam (like 2 grams 4 times daily), I can recommend to you through experience to start cutting that down. It's not that there's anything wrong with taking that much, but just that it's unnecessary. When I started taking piracetam, I took that much also. Then once I began to recognize its effects on my brain and thinking, I started to cut back. I cut down to 800-1000mg, once per day, in the morniong with the rest of my stack, and I can detect no difference between that dose and 8 grams a day that I used to take (other than saving money!). I will take a second, equivalent dose if I will be doing something mentally intense in the evening, but I rarely take my stack or piracetam itself more than once a day, in the morning.

Now, for my stack (All first thing in the morning):

-800-1000mg piracetam
-2.25mg hydergine (4.5 if I'm feeling really down, as I sometimes do when waking up)
-250mg centrophenoxine
-100mg idebenone
-multivitamin (Now foods ADAM brand)
-2 fish oil caps (can't remember how much of each fatty acid)
-200mg SAM-e (once a week or less, only when I'm feeling really bad in the morning. I find it has little if any effect on a normal day, but if I'm feeling tired and depressed it works very well as a boost out of that state)
-400-2000mg phenibut (only sometimes, as I do not like to build tolerance to it)
-400mg L-theanine (only if I take phenibut. It enhanced the phenibut somewhat)

So that's my stack. I absolutely love it. It's done wonders for my stability of mood and quickness of thought, and imagination, and motivation. For a few years before I started taking them, I was falling ever deeper into a nasty depression, which was, among other things, the result of feeling like I was losing myself, losing my creativity and motivation which I have always considered one of my best traits. Since starting nootropics, I haven't felt like that at all, and I've never felt healthier mentally.

I wouldn't say they're psychedelic, though. They enhance my mind in a very natural-feeling way. That is, they don't alter my perception, they just make it more efficient.

shoshin said:
For those who take it, what tangible benefits has it brought you? If you've combined it with piracetam, how does the combo compare to either one seperately?

I highly, highly recommend hydergine. I've found that its mind-quickening effects are less dramatic than piracetam's, but when combined with piracetam, they're both more effective, and particularly, my ability to kmeep many things in mind at once without getting confused or forgetting something is increased quite a bit more than with either of them alone. Also, hydergine has some unique qualities from piracetam. It helped to stabilize my mood moreso than any other nootropics I've tried. A mood swing happens to me so rarely now that I've had one within the past 3 months.

Hydergine is so worth it. It's definitely more expensive than the others, but the cost is easily worth it. You shouldn't have to spend $40 a month on it, either. I would begin with a full 4.5mg tablet for a week or so while you get used to its effects, but after that, half of one (2.25mg) is plenty. Like piracetam and most nootropics, less is just as good once you realize what they're doing in your brain, especially when you're combining multiple ones (as they tend to potentiate each other). Last time I ordered hydergine, I picked up 120 tabs for about $100, including shipping. At a half a tablet a day, that will last me 240 days, or about 2/3 of a year. Plus, I usually don't take nootropics on the weekend, to give my brain a little break (although my hunch is that the nootropics I take, especially hydergine and piracetam, are not unhealthy at all, but are in fact extremely beneficial for your brain long-term). So at approximately $120 or a year, it's much cheaper than your estimation of $40 a month.
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I used to take piracetam (400mg) daily, but due anxiety I tend to get from it I had to stop it. Cannot imagine how someone can take more than 1g of this stuff. Combining it with selegiline eliminated anxiety, but I'd rather take seligiline alone..

Anyway back to the subject. A friend of mine reported that his first experience with pregnenolone produced a mild psychedelic state (comparable to a day-enhancer mushroom dose). On the other hand, pregnenolone did nothing psychedelic for me, apart that it seems to improve the quality of sleep if taken before going to bed (no effect on sleep if administrated in the morning).
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