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☛ Official ☚ The Big & Dandy Proscaline Thread


Apr 19, 2007
Eastern USA
Well i know it isn't exactly big, or exactly dandy, but its a start! I have recently ran into some of this compound and have found very little on it. Anyone else have anything to contribute?


Pihkal #140
litteraly someone just started the big and dandy proscaline thread. It is in the top 10 threads, there is a PHikAL link there.
(sry that came off as me being an ass, i just meant it was wierd that two people posted on that today)
thanks, yeah i just saw that after i posted. i should have checked first. ive read that entry in pihkal, i was just interested in whether anyone has subjectively experienced it for themselves on here. thanks though, ill look first next time.
Yeah that sounds like a good idea, when you do take it please write a tr on here and erowid. Also, you if the other guy takes it ask him how it goes.
Its so-so stuff. Having had it once... I liked it and would like to try again.

Maybe some will find me.

try 50mg.
I don't know if I missed something, but he said he has 4-propoxy-3,5-Dimethoxy-phenethylamine. That would not be 3C-P (an amphetamine), it would be Proscaline.
it appears the wiki article is wrong then, for 3C-P I will begin to edit it, my mistake.
it is sry for the confusion completely my fault. What you have is proscaline