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The Big & Dandy Psilocybin Mushrooms Thread


Oct 19, 2001

Welcome to the Big & Dandy Psilocybin Mushrooms Thread


Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms (fresh, closed caps) |--| Freebase Psilocin--------------------------------------------


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I've done them before but just want to know:
1) can you smoke them if you dry them out and powder them?
2) is there much of a difference between eating them whole but dried and eating powder? I presume you come up quicker, but does the trip last as long?

EDIT: Questions are answered in subthreads :)
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mushrooms + nausea

Note: I haven't the vaguest idea on what to search for regarding this question.. so I never bothered.
All times that I've eaten "psychedelic" mushrooms, I got very nauseated (at times, to the point of dry heaving). Is this inevitable? Are there ways to prevent it? Thanks in advance.
Not inevitable at all, unless it has something to do with your personal chemistry and psilocybin. Personally I always get an empty feeling in my stomach, but nothing as bad as you described. Where are you getting these mushrooms from, what type of mushrooms are they?
Ahhh, strike me down with a big stupidity stick if I'm being idiotic. But isn't it just silly to try treating symptoms of a reaction to a drug with another drug. Even your doctor is reluctant to give you combinations of drugs unless they are well tested. Much better to try and find out why this guy is being sick, maybe he had a bad batch, or should try a different variety. Maybe he ate the wrong stuff beforehand. Who knows?
BubbleFan, for many people nausea is simply part of the psychedelic experience, its just the way their body reacts to taking the drug. If cannabis or tums or something else can take that away and make the trip more enjoyable I don't see a problem with that.
You may be confusing nausea with one of psilocybins effects. One mushrooms you get higher sense of yourself (and your organs). Like when breathing you may feel like you know exactly what is going on inside you and feeling it all. You may also not understand what is going on, but feel it all, start to get worreied, think you're going to throw up etc.. Just don't think about that at all.
But if the nausea is constantly with you throughout the trip (not just at the come up, which can be normal), try cannabis if you smoke it. It is a good nausea-helper. Just try not to get the munchies. :)
yah when im shrooming i feel like i can feel every cell in my stomach goin to work on the little magical fungises of wonder!!!! god i love shroomin. It slike my stomach is a seperate organism livin inside of me, tellin me how its doin down there, same for all other body parts, lol. Just change the way u think about it and itl be ok.
using benzos (alprazolam) to manage the negative side effects of mushrooms

I am cutting and pasting excerpts from an email I just sent to someone who asked me about using xanax to help manage the negative neurological side effects that many people experience while using psychedelic mushrooms (anxiety, finger clenching, etc.) I thought they might be useful to the board as well.
I hope the info proves useful,
As far as the xanax dosing issue while tripping off of mushrooms, you first need to ask yourself a few questions:
1. To what degree do shrooms negatively effect you (anxiety, shakiness, jaw and fist clenching etc.)?
2. How much active substance do you intend to ingest?
3. What is your sensitivity to alprazolam (xanax)?
Define these parameters for yourself and keep them in mind before you decide to trip. I would recommend you take the shrooms first. As you feel the effects come on, judge how well you are dealing with the side effects of the trip - you might not need to take the xanax at all (Sometimes just knowing the benzo is within reach is enough to calm ones aprehensions and anxiety during the trip. As you feel any negative effects coming on i would then dose a small amount of the xanax: I suggest starting at .5mg (1/4 of the 2mg pill) as this is actually plenty. The point here is not to get knocked out by the benzo, but to stave of the negative effects of the shrooms just well enough so as not to detract from the positive experience of the trip. If the anxiety begins to breakthrough the first dose of xanax, then make a judgement call as to taking a second .5mg dose. Keep going from there.
Bare in mind that when shrooming, the effects of psilocybin tend to turn "on" then suddenly "off" as opposed to LSd or 2-ct-7 which have more of a ramp up, then gradual come down effect.
Anyway, I hope this helps you out. I just might repost this info to the board as I think it has been a while since it has last been addressed.
Mushroom Tolerance...

Ok, so where I'm from, Acid is really not easy to come by at all. It is actually very hard. So we here are left with two options, dxm and mushrooms. Now I like DXM and Mushrooms just fine, but recently my tolerance has been prohibiting me to do it, being that it costs so goddamn much to get me tripping. So I was wondering, what would the next logical step from an eigth be to get full on open eye visuals, face melting, etc? I wanna have a deep psychedelic experience, but I dont know how much to eat, and I dont wanna waste my money.
if ya got some good mushies you shouldn't need more then an 1/8th to have an intense trip. start with an 1/8 see what happens then take more if needed....
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A couple friends recently made me some 'mushroom tea'. I thought, hell why not just eat 'em? Maybe save any lost goodies from being destroyed by heat or whatever.

Well it turns out that this is a great way to do it. Whatever mushrooms they had were really potent because, just two grams used to make this tea, in a huge cup, if i would have drank the whole cup right away i would have been about gone for some hours (a nice thing, not bad necessarily hehe).

Just taking a couple small 'sips' from the cup, I could see that colors were more pronounced. I could sip on the tea slowly, and slowly rise up, and level off wherever I wanted. This particular trip I felt 'guided' to do a couple certain things, one being writing a lot, it was so much more profound than what I get off any human-created chemical, I had not taken mushrooms for years before this, but hell I have had who knows how many experiences with so many "RC"'s, and I guess I had forgotten how "right" mushrooms are for me. The only available chem that seemed so 'right' was 5-meo-dmt out of my little 'collection, I had thought (wow, if there was only an oral version of 5-meo-dmt!). Not saying any human-created chem is bad though, Iprocin is really useful for me and then maybe 2C-E, although none of the human-created chem's 'guide' me like good old 'shrooms!

Anyway part of me really did want to drink that tea down fast, and just leave a note saying "Tom has left even though he may seem to be staring off into the wall, he will be back in some hours" and just let go. But I was I guess on a 'mission' or whatever for this trip, and needed to stay half way out there/half way here so I could write and type, so I just slowly sipped the tea, and for some reason sipping on this, the effects came on very fast. I mean so fast like 5 minutes or less, I don't know if maybe the hot water converted most of the psilocybin to psilocin beforehand or what made it so fast, but this is a very controllable way to ingest them! Oh there was a small amount of chocolate syrup used in the tea, I'm guessing this MAOI thing with chocolate is mainly just the PEA/etc in it that may just tie up some of the MAO's a little? Anyway I guess if you wanted to get super blasted, but not TOO blasted, first i'd say take a break I mean you shouldn't have to worry about tolerance, I mean one week without shrooms won't hurt will it? Then make some of this tea with however much shrooms you want, then you can just drink it slowly, and you'll get higher and higher, if you're on that 'edge' and want to jump off (where you won't remember to drink any more etc) then just slam some down while you can.

I love mushrooms, first thing I ever tripped on, and really nothing is like it to me, all these years of eating tons of Shulgin's inventions/etc. the only thing I had that was close to 'shrooms is 5-meo-dmt (which he didn't invent), must be that damn DMT part i guess, like the perfect key's unlocking a certain door(s) to connect to nature/earth/everything. On that trip I typed so much about why nothing will ever be like this thats man made/etc. Like it was some universal information and although the most helpful trips i've had may have been on things like Iprocin/etc., and they have their uses, something about 4-ho/whatever-DMT and blahblahwhatever-dmt just opens up this certain door that connected me with nature and things that are more "before human's started using language etc". Like mushrooms to me seem like the best tool for humans to take occasionally to help remind them of what/where they came from and to not forget this stuff, 'cause well with all this higher level language use and stuff we might be more proun to blow up the planet and destroy ourselves... if humans continue to advance but forget about their 'roots' by not taking this medicine.. 8o

Its quite wierd what I typed during this trip, I mean i'd post it or something or maybe put it on a web site if anyone's 'interested' in this profound universal information (lol), out of all the tripping i've done I don't usually feel "guided" like I did this time. I just wrote so much about why this and that..why mushrooms that came from evolution before..well before the newer forms of human evolution (that allow us to create all sorts of new psychedelics). Hmm, I should write a trip report on that one, as it seems like the most important trips i've had/more meaningful I just don't get around to it, %) . If I want to trip often, i'll use various human-created psychedelics, but mushrooms I need to save for more important reason's, if I didnt well they would give me a kick in the ass, "oh you thought you were going to have fun on mushrooms so often, haha 'I' have different plans for you tonight" - nothing comes close to a mushroom ass-whooping for me!

Just a quick edit: Just wanted to add that, if you have this tolerance and can't get 'blasted', maybe you should just not take any mushrooms for a long time, if you want to trip play with the human-created psychedelics for a while and really give the 'shrooms a long rest. I found that smoking 5-meo-dmt too often, well it just stops working like it did when I first smoked it, so I know that it won't let me see what it showed me the first few times unless I give it a long break :) Like mushrooms it tells me "hey man, sorry but you gotta keep these certain doors shut for a good amount of time, or 'I' am not going to let you go through that door haha". 2C-E may seem deep, to me even the deepest things i've had on that, really, mushrooms kick its ass in every way (but thats just me) as in a 'parent' or 'teacher' kind of way. I can't get an ass-kicking from 2C-E (or just about anything other than 'shrooms/5-meo-dmt). Ahh i'd gladly hand over all of my 'collection' in exchange for some synthetic 4-ho/aco/po-dmt.. if i had to choose between 'the two'. %)
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From BlowMonkey:
A little while ago I ate a small amount of mushrooms and the effects resembled a strong 5-MeO-DMT experience. There are certain similarities between the two, both highly introspective..

Yeah, to me after ingesting oh SO many various synthetic "RC"'s, i mean they're all synthetic but not all "human-created"

It seems like nothing like mushrooms and 5-meo-dmt that has been created by any human, can come close to that...what is it...this is perfect feeling? The body feeling or whatever, of either chem (doesn't matter if its from a plant or synthesized) seems to "fit in", and even its actions that it has, i mean i could list the ways... all of which make sense really. Although 4-Aco-MIPT is interesting, and will give me some giggles, and I guess the -MET is supposed to be maybe just equal, when we're comparing .. like "which man-made chemical comes the closest to psilocin?" It seems like it would be damn hard to get super close.

Not saying any of these newer ones are bad, i've only had my ++++'s on these and not mushrooms (yet).
I just moved a bunch of redundant posts out of this thread, and now this Big and Dandy thread ain't so big and dandy!! But at least now it's ready for some intelligent discussion about mushrooms!! =D

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from what it looks like from the link you gave us it looks like the melting point of psilocybin is around 170 c, but the point where it degrades is only 160 f.
unless one of the sources got their information wrong it looks like you cant vaporize psilocin without alot of it being destroyed. i dont get it...
I am planing on doing mushrooms in the very near future.

For a first time tripper (first time ever), would you think that 2 grams is a good amount for a start? Do you have any tips for me?
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i tryed to figure out how to post a pic but for now the pic is on my avatar until someone tells me how to post pics. but they are some nice big round caps. lovely no big stems eiter!
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Likewise my most profound mushroom trip was about 2 grams of some beauties. I mean its hard to tell looking at shrooms if they will be good or not. But some of them just look so perfect it's no surprise when these shrooms destroy me @ 2 grams .. much deeper than 5 or 7 grams had taken me before.

Now I don't go above 2 grams ;)
Picture of mushies are posted in my gallery, there pending being put up so i guess whenever they approve them u all can see. also the fruity pebble bars are there too.