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The Big & Dandy Psilocybin Mushrooms Thread

^ samadhi,

For me, trips that take a long time to integrate may raise some real questions or provide insights that don't make much sense, which gradually make more sense over time. But this last one barely left me with full phrases or sentences to work from. Of course, who knows -- maybe time will tell differently.
shrooms and opening doors in your mind.

I can remember whenever I am coming down from shrooming, I can actually hear doors opening in my mind like someone keeps walking down a long hallway and keeps opening up doors and than closing them and walking into different rooms and repeating the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER. It drives me crazy and tries to convince me that majic mushrooms is a tool to open parts of your mind from the past. Does this happen to everyone else?
I dont hear this happening but at around the 3 hour mark I have this notion that this is what enlightenment is like. This state of mind is where its at and at that current moment in time I can comprehend everything. Its more than open doors, its like the walls and everything have been completely blown away and I'm free to just be. Intuition a la max.
co.1nspire said:
I dont hear this happening but at around the 3 hour mark I have this notion that this is what enlightenment is like. This state of mind is where its at and at that current moment in time I can comprehend everything. Its more than open doors, its like the walls and everything have been completely blown away and I'm free to just be. Intuition a la max.

thats pretty much how i would put it.
Do you like the mushroom visuals? I have only had two +3 experiences on mushrooms and the visuals have been kind of like red and yellow wavy stripes with scary faces in the center. Like this http://www.larrylovesyou.com/images/pictures/posters/clown-poster.jpg only it's almost just red and yellow. Looks like a bad circus poster from the 70s, I don't know, I just don't like it.

Also, is LSD visuals like this?
i did some mushrooms the other night after some coke and it was damn good. i only ate a dub but the tripp was still real nice
thanks for the info, i will!

pure psilocybin sounds interesting! i should do an extraction and try that thing everyone was talking about with the inhaler!

after more searching... these things seem pritty easy to grow, and in mass quantities too!
just go from agar to cakes to huge piles of compost and no casing is required.

too bad the potency is so low :(
Yeah, I do hope that one day we get to try pure psilocybin (4-PhO-DMT). The reports of pure psilocin (4-HO-DMT) seem to indicate that it differs greatly from whole mushrooms, just like 4-AcO-DMT does. It's long been my opinion that mushrooms provide a very unique experience because of the blend of various complementary alkaloids, and the emerging data seems to support this theory.

Once I try the pure psilocin, I'll add mine as well. I'm waiting for the best possible time, however.
Uum dunno said:
Thankyou for your response. However, all I need add to the vermiculite is some boiled water and I'd like to know how much; the instructions just say " a bit". Anyone tried this at home?
It really depends on what technique you're using. Usually, you would add enough water to the verm so if you squeeze the verm/water in your hand, a couple drops of water will come out. It takes a while to get it right, you don't want it too moist, nor too dry. What confuses me is adding boiling water, I'm not too sure what difference that makes, since normal temperature water will do. Like, I said, it really depends and I don't know which technique you're doing.

Or if your mushrooms are already 100% in the jar, then you would move on to dunking. Take them out of the jars, soak them in water for 24 hours. Now you roll them in verm.
Man, I just tripped pretty hard on this free mushroom a friend gave me. It wasn't big, it wasn't intimidating or anything, and I was drunk/stoned so I took it. I figured what can one mushroom do, I've taken much more before. I haven't tripped in over a year. It was 2g max, but im guessing around 1 or 1.5.

Mind you, I would NEVER recommend doing psychedelics while under the influence of anything else, especially alcohol, but the opportunity presented itself.

Well I heard this was a strong batch and boy it was. I started feeling it at 30 minutes and it instantly outdid the feeling of drunkeness and THC I had. I started getting that tired, yawny, tryptamine feeling to the max. First the walls were moving, then patterns were emerging over everything. Nothing unusual. Next I started getting that bizarre feeling of the mushrooms wanting me to go deeper. Its a creepy, bizarre, and apprehensive feeling. Friends were over so I fought it. I did NOT want to go deeper, not tonight!

I was feeling quite insane by an hour. I kept wanting to play with my mouth and suck my thumb. Once again, quite usual. It soon got to the point where I had no idea what I was doing as a human being. I mean, I KNEW what I was doing, I was sitting there. But on a deeper level, like what was I doing in this universe. What was the point to my life. What was my purpose? Similiar, but different, than previous trips. Maybe it was because I couldn't concentrate enough to do shit or maybe it was the alcohol. I was largely insecure and uncomfortable, mainly because I wasn't expecting to trip that night. Preparation is important.

I left my friends because I did not want to make them uncomfortable. I did not want to be in this state around them and looked on as a psycho. So, I went home and laid down in the dark, just letting my mind do its thing. Visuals were unimportant to me, although I once checked my CEV's and wasn't having any. I definitely was not in the moment of infinity because I was always checking the clock, hoping for the psilocin to wear off.

At one point, things were feeling a little hairy so I followed Mckenna's advise. I sung. "Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream." I did this for about 5 minutes and it helped calm my nerves.

I was finally able to fall asleep at t+4. Good riddance.

This wasn't an entirely bad trip. But it wasn't particular good or pleasurable either. I had no truly deep feelings. But, it did make me appreciate my fiance more. As always, it made me appreciate my sanity as well. Lastly, it made me not want to do drugs ever again. Not even pot or alcohol. The mushroom made me see that theres no need to. And that is the lesson I'm going to leave with.

Take it easy, folks!
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I take abilify. Do I need to stop before I trip? I wouldn't think so... here's a link to wikipedia, give me your thoughts if you can (I take it for bi-polar disorder; not schizophrenia). Anyway, I'm going on my second trip Wednesday so I wanted to be cautious if abilify will nullify any of the affects or adversly affected me in any way. I do have benzos in case I need to cool my jets on the trip.

Staying in this position is like visiting paradise, it is my own particular chillax cubicle. I stand up and go into the living room, I am now bombarded with euphoria.

Four hours have gone by, and the head fuck disappeared. I am left with a rushing euphoria, provoked by the fact that I have regained my sanity. I feel closely bonded to inert objects. I love the lamp, the bed, the table, the drawings. I put some happy hardcore and smoke a cigarette, damn, it tastes freaking good. I start to dance, I am happy. There are no visuals whatsoever, just a feeling of emphathy. I believe the alprazolam had taken its effect, and all the head-fuck disappeared in a matter of seconds. The euphoria lasted about 20 minutes, which was then followed by a time of recollecting what I had just gone through.

Up to that day, I thought I was not scared of death. I was very afraid of death when I was a child, but now, I have grown tough, due to life’s experiences, and I have said to myself that dying would just end the agony that my life constitutes. I was wrong. Whilst I would not classify this as a near-death experience, I would say that the insanity was so profound that it made me appreciate my life, existence, and sanity a bit more. It also allowed me to value companionship, and that being lonely is the worst that can happen to a human being. Realizing that it is only you, that the rest of humanity is just part of your own-made reality, is scary.

Sounds like an extremely mind blowing experience. However, can you see the intereseting ending to it- the euphoria, the love for reality; is that maybe what was being taught to you- show you the darks ide so you can more fully appreciate what is actually real. I this may be a trip that you will reflect on and remember deeply for a long time.

Interestingly, I've had those "mother" yearnings when freaking out. I think it is a very natural response to trauma, and if you read a bit of Stanislav Grof, almsot to be expected and desired from a trip.

Good thinking in staying away from the psychedelics for a while, you have a lot of things to try and integrate. To me it sounds like to high a dose consumed to quickly; but mushrooms can be the best and worst of allies even at mild doses. Nice report though, and I am glad you have recovered. I have experienced the "insane" trip before; IME it only happens once before you realise its just a further game of the mind.


As to the ablify question, I would sggest tha it will dampen effects quite a lot. I wouldn't suggest you stop any meication for a trip, and defintely keep them benzo's handy. Have fun artf1969
Yes Willow, I think it was an interesting trip, although I classify it as a disaster in terms of what I was expecting.

I thought it would be more of a colourful, deep thinking situation. Very hippy-like, coming to realize about my existence and its purpose, whilst having vibrant visuals and mild hallucinations.

I didnt get much in terms of visuals, just the funky drawing stuff and the demon on the patio.

I thought 2.5mgs would be enough, taking into account I normally need a high dose of any drug, plus the fact that I was looking for a tripping sensation, not just some slight visuals, like I did on a low dose of 4-aco-dmt.

Next time, I will do 2grams, and will get a sitter. I believe having a sitter is IMPERATIVE. I have done most of my drugs experimentations on my own, so I thought mushrooms would be no different. Of course, the mushrooms pwned me.
Something interesting to ponder while tripping... 8o

Strange but True: The Largest Organism on Earth Is a Fungus

The blue whale is big, but nowhere near as huge as a sprawling fungus in eastern Oregon
Scientific American
October 04, 2007

Next time you purchase white button mushrooms at the grocery store, just remember, they may be cute and bite-size but they have a relative out west that occupies some 2,384 acres (965 hectares) of soil in Oregon's Blue Mountains. Put another way, this humongous fungus would encompass 1,665 football fields, or nearly four square miles (10 square kilometers) of turf.

The discovery of this giant Armillaria ostoyae in 1998 heralded a new record holder for the title of the world's largest known organism, believed by most to be the 110-foot- (33.5-meter-) long, 200-ton blue whale. Based on its current growth rate, the fungus is estimated to be 2,400 years old but could be as ancient as 8,650 years, which would earn it a place among the oldest living organisms as well...
So I ate my mushrooms today. Probably about 2 grams worth. I went in expecting what I received on my first trip- lots of hallucinations. An hour and a half after eating them and feeling none of that I kinda got pissed; like I got duped out of my money.

The people I were with though said something about mescaline (which I know nothing about) and that it's not uncommon to get a batch like these. Basically, my eyes were really dilated and my body felt super relaxed. Which I mean, I took a hydrocodone a couple of hours before we ate those so I was already feeling much of the same. In any event, all in all I was disappointed. What kind of mushrooms did I get?

I'd really like to go on a nice trip like the first time I tried them.