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Feb 17, 2013
Welcome to the Healthy Living Directory!

This project was undertaken to give users browsing HL an easy-to-access history for topics of interest, and so that old threads can have ongoing contributions.

If there is a topic that you feel is missing and should be included, please contact the moderators of Heathy Living with your suggestion!

The directory is in 3 parts, each part is in a post below.

Special thank you to Maya for all her hard work on making this project come alive!
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Part 1 - A to Dia

Acid Reflux

any tips for acid reflux


-Acne Mega Thread
- Popped pimple swollen lymph node
- Who uses tea tree oil for treatment for acne?
- Natural acne inhibitors and beta blockers
- Acne


Traditional Chinese Medicine
Sham acupuncture more effective than real medicine


Health alternatives for ADHD
ADHD Alternative Herbal Therapy
ADD/ADHD treatment
What's the best ADD/ADHD medicine?


Quick question (Re: fat content in beer)
Bloating from drinking beer / smoking weed
Alcohol intolerance
Red splotches after consuming alcohol (skin related)
Why does alcohol give me spots? (skin related)
Wine destroys my urinary tract, painful urination
Alcohol inhibited by exercise
Stabbing pains after quick drinking
Remedy for wine related headaches
Strange new effects from alcohol (severe hangover symptoms)
Drinking ruins my workout
Alcohol tolerance
Alcoholic bruising (bruises and mysterious injures not remembered)
Corn beer

Adrenal Reaction

Sudden adrenergic reaction

Allergies (includes seasonal, food allergies, and general sensitivity)

Face flushing with heat after eating
Allergy testing
Bad allergies
Apple allergy
Getting sick when weather changes
Dust inhalation
Poison ivy

Anal Fissure

Disturbing bowel movements




Itchy bum - adverse reaction to antibiotics
Do I have to take this antibiotic?
Antibiotics (Mostly re: amoxicillin)


Questions about Effexor (venlaflaxine)
Do I need antidepressants?
Quitting antidepressants
General antidepressant advice
Antidepressants for anxiety

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Social anxiety disorder
5-HTP increasing my anxiety
Acute case of depression/anxiety
Low cholesterol and anxiety/depression
What is the deal with my anxiety?
Anxiety and Depression
Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
My shrink wont listen
Panic attack
Extreme anxiety when trying to fall asleep
HELP had my first panic attack last night
Panic Attacks and Fainting
Social anxiety awkwardness
i have all the symptoms of heart problems all anxiety
What do i need
What the fuck
Anxiety spontaneity sociability lifetime trouble
Natural treatments for anxiety insomnia


Your appendix and you


sudden loss of appetite


Arthritis mega thread


Puffer use
Cannabis Smoking And Asthma


Austim Easening it

Basic Necessities

Basic necessities of life


Biking Nerds Unite


IF your grossed out easy dont read

Blood/Blood tests

What type of blood test to test for acidosis
Blood Pressure


too much dopamine maybe
brain swelling sensation serious question!
Increasing Dopamine
Nodding out while straight!
Did i kill brain cells
Neurotransmitters and Nutritional Therapies
query please help
Did i get brain damage
high serotonin levels good or is it a bad thing
Did nitrous kill brain cells
Brain damage
brain aneurysm from straining too hard
Reseting the Brain
foggy mind
Too much dopamine
How to get your brain power
Coma to eliminate too much neurotransmitters
Fight or Flight


unexplained breathing difficulties


Bruising for no reason
big painful bruise on my beloveds forearm
Arnica is good for bruises and tested prevauled or failed


im so scared
forced vomiting


Excessive Caffeine Consumption
Caffeine Induced Depression
Over 1000mg of caffeine per day possible cause to sleep problems


How to make camping more luxurious need ideas


Hepatocellular Carcinoma a fathers illness
Have you had or have Cancer Please Share!
Everything causes cancer
Are there ways when younger to help prevent cancer

Chest/Breathing Problems

Chest congestion aka I feel like shit
I Feel like I cant breath
Chest cramps
quot Chest popping quot nonstop
Is it bad to lay on ur left side Its causin me strong pain amp heaviness in my heart
strange chest pain

Chinese Medicine

Has anyone had success with Chinese medicine or something other than western medicine


Spring Cleaning


Cooking with oils
Quick easy light and tasty food recipes that you invented or improved!
Chefs people who love to cook
Raw recipes
Healthy Licing Photo Thread What did you cook today


Post Concussion question

Cosmetics and Beauty

Face Help!
Latisse for eyelash grow
Youth and Beauty how about an exchange of knowledge mine for yours


Cure For Cramps


Ganglion cyst
Lump in armpit very worried
Lump in throat feeling
Lump on my neck has me worried
Should I be worried

Dental (tooth, gum and other oral issues)

Random cut at the corner of my mouth
counteracting novocian
2 questions
Tooth Decay cavities opiate tolerance
LOST my send of TASTE!
Cant afford wisdom teeth removal!
Protect Your Lips Take care when eating Mangos
Always get sick after dental work
Gum recession Dipping Gum Graft
Help with Mouth Care
Dental issue
Rightous Tooth ache
TOOTHACHE Please Help!
how to not clench teeth on G
Emergency gt dentist mouth hurts incredibly bad
Clenching Teeth?


If you ever get depressed
Radical Acceptance
Uninterested depression
strange depression
Depression amp self imposed Stomach Flu
Who to see about depression
How do you avoid SAD
Working Out cured my depression
Proposal to wipe out most depression anxiety over night
is being sugar sensitive making you depressed
Cure for Depression

Detoxing / Cleanses

Detoxing poison from the system
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
function drinks good for new health scam
How Often is Safe to Perform Self Enema
strange Chinese pills
How safe is complete 7 day cleanse from Hydroxycut
Anybody interested in doing a fast
Liver Flush is it crap
suggestions for eating healthy while detoxing
GI cleanse
HELP About to detox need serious advice regarding medications
Help with detox
If you want to detox
info regarding natural cleansing
Ways Of Detoxing Body After Drug Use


Diabetes type 1-and 2c-b-MDMA
Skinny guy on the slow boat to Diabetestan

Directory Alphabetical Listing
Part 1 - A to Dia (above)
Part 2 - Die to Hi (below)
Part 3 - Ho to Y (below)
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Part 2 - Die to Hi

Directory Alphabetical Listing
Part 1 - A to Dia (above)
Part 2 - Die to Hi (below)
Part 3 - Ho to Y (below)


thinking about dietetics anybody done it

Diet: Weight Loss/Weight Gain/Body Building

Struggling to keep up with a high calorie diet
Cholesterol and diet
Is Nutrisystem a good program
startin to build up need some advice
Tried Searching Body pH bullshit
Ist a strict diet all that important when working out
Do you think this is a good start for a diet
Whate method Issues
slim extreme
diet supps
Can someone please explain my sudden weight gain
Reduce your cellulite within 7 days
how many calories a day
Proper Weight Loss Does That Even Exist
best way to start me off
the BEST Legal supplements
Bodily Improvement
How do I get ripped with low body fat
How to Get Big Biceps w out Steroid
Advice for bulking up diet
Getting Bulky AND Toned
a balanced diet for body and mind
Trying to counteract med induced weight gain Help please
Balancing Muscle Size
healthy weight after quitting drugs
Whats the best way to GAIN weight
How to work out a lot and maintain healthy weight
Daily KJ required
most insane dangerous diet pills
Cutting after bulking without losing muscle
Has Anyone done the Gerson diet
Is phasing bulking and cutting necessary for natural training
Help with my weight
Selective Mid Arm Bulking
Natural OTC Appetite Suppresants
Wight loss supplements
Alli Orlistat for weight loss
i need to lose a little bit of weight but my meds are effecting my metabolism
145lbs and losing weight help
Caffeine Pills
Did anyone use to be fat
http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads...need help making a simple and nutritious diet
diet for gastritis
What is YOUR diet
i lost 6 body fat in 2 months is that good
My diet is pretty bad please help
Paleothic diet and exercise
junk food diet linked to lower IQ
Just had a baby help me lose the potbelly love handles!
Carbs weight loss
diet pills
So im ryin to gain some mass
weight loss supplements
Best way to put on weight
Has anyone tried Slimquick
Reducing muscle mass
Best protein sources trying to build lean muscles
Being on a diet A support topic
best way to lose gut
the Official Wight Gain Thread share your ideas tips and suggestions here
Anti Inflammatory Diet
Paleo diet

Digestion (Including Swallowing )

Digestion Stomach Issues
Gallstones gallbladder problems
Complicated Stomach problems Result of Antibiotic
From No Poop to Too Much Poop
Why is my poo green
Chopping Coughing then boffing
best drug for healthy bowel movements
Wtf is going on
Best things to eat natural remedies for diarrhea
Embarrassing Bio Problem
Rectal bleeding worried
Help I think I ripped my anus
Excessive Farting please help
help hemmorhoids
Pain in the stomach
problems swallowing
prolapsed rectum
my poo is sticky
Do I have hemorrhoids
really bad stomach pains possibly gas pains
Acid Reflux
GI Stomach Anti Inflamatories
I think I have a problem with farting too much
Getting into body building
stomache complaints
really bad gas
Regular intake of Sodium Bicarbonate for heartburn any potential risks
Need to stop vomiting
http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads...nic bloating is there a medication that works
would it be safe to take Voltaren with gastritis
Trapped gas feeling in gut
irritable bowel syndrome


Weird Situation
Lyme Disease awareness
Need some help for my Dad
Which Disease Condition Is The Hardest to Live With


Question about dealing with sub doctor
Rate Your Doctor
Medical Personnel treat us like trash In my case possibly endangering my life health
How to get my doctor help me
How do I find a specialist
Can your dentist refuse to see you in the middle of treatment
Switching dosc need advice
Would you trust a local medicine man if you were sick amp stranded in the rainforest
Help with Doctor


Ear Candling
Ear Infection


my dog just ate acid

Energy Drinks



seizure disorder epilepsy and LSD
Holy hell
Epilepsy Seizure


write your exercise and diet goals for the week here!
Any Gym Rats Here
anyone experienced overtraining
Exercises that you cant get into
Numbness benching technique
Exercise question
Whats the best fitness nutrition bodybuilding book you read
Full range of motion on the bench press
what is your Delt routine
Numbness benching technique
Working out and Cannabis
Toning arms
Workout question
Need help making a new weight training program
Sets and reps for muscle hypertrophy
What is your delt routine like
Best workout in 7 days
quickest exercise to build triceps and latissimus
losing Muscle Mass
Sit ups
Fat burners that work
rippetoe workout
Natural Fat Burner Alternative
Exercising on no sleep
overtaining from swimming weight lifting
Biking workout
not about steroids but about training
Why is it bad to take an ice cold shower after exercising
Better to eat before a workout or after
Slipped Disc Can I still workout
Loosing Belly Fat Gaining Muscle and a 6 pack Other Stuff HELP!!!
Gym or just running
treadmill first time
Tired and short of breath during physical activity
How good is my workout routine
Weightlifters why solate a muscle group
embarassing walking issue
issues with neurotic obsessive working out
Iron Gym pull up Bar
Wii fit discussion
Just had an implant need lifting intake advise
Body Weight Training
Working out at the age of 17
leg workouts testosterone
Partying and working out
Various workout questions and Best way to work around use
Sore Lower Back after Running
Anyone know any good pool workouts
grip strengths
Excessive yawning after cardio workouts
The Pushup Challenge
how long do muscles REALLY need for rest
Tremors while weight lifting
Weight Training or Running
Help with shoulder
is my rowing machine broken
Running what would it do for me
do you really need to wait a day in between work outs
Fear of Gyms
Is exercise a drug
Exercise and medications
Muscles work outs
Whats the obsession with muscle pumps
Accelerated work out recovery
becoming a Personal Trainer
Tell us about today's workout exercise new thread finally
Going all light headed after exercise
yawning at the gym
how many reps a set should i do
Whats your cardio exercise of choice
How did you get your butt off today
What did you do to get your butt off today
Running Nerds Unite


Eye problems possibly from IV drugs
Aniscoria unequal sized pupils should I be worried
getting back your ability to see
Dilated pupils in daylight
I want to lose my tummy
strange eyes
Pupil related question
eye floaters
vision problems! need help bad!
baggy eyelids
Need Help with Reducing My dilated Pupils
Reading Difficulties
Eye Test May Detect Alzheimer
My vision fogs up after swimming
Exercise and Pupil Dilation
Do you think I have pink eye
Corneal Abrasions
Image in Vision
Is the image burned into my retina
Is my eye ball bleeding
Eyes burn and whooper headache help!
Help!! I cant get contacts out of eyes!!
Do you sleep with your contacts in
Seeing things that arent really there


Fasting Megathread


Extreme fatigue
Why am I deadly tired all the time
Tired all the time
Solutions for constant fatigue


fear of vomiting


the inevitable has finally arrived

First Aid

Using a tourniquet



Food (includes Appetite and Nutrition)

Vegan sources of Iron amp Calcium
Veg for a week
too much protein
All your diet gurus input please
flax protein quality
Color and nutritional value
Food related Phlegm
What do you guys think of this
Any Hints for a new Vegetarian
what do you guys think of this
Avoiding food poisoning
How fast
Nust and Seeds
juice it up!
Craving for Human Blood
mashed potatoes
Milk doesnt do a body good
High carorie snacks need to increase intake
Picture thread! Post pics of your daly meals
Lemon and warm water for breakfast!
getting back to eating meat
mommy daddy foods
whats the healthiest food IYO
The Protein Myth
Ever bought a fully loaded meal and not be hungry
Lunchtime food salad ideas
Is too much salt really bad for you
Is it healthier to eat unhealthy
building muscle without eating more
Rice Grains Vegetables amp Fruits MEGA THREAD
dried foods
How to make milk
Milk Good or bad
Sports nutrition myths BUSTED 8POW8!
Are rmane noodles bad for you
Food and Liquids combined
Left over egg white
Acai berries
my foray into vegetarianism
http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads... have a crappy diet with no fruit and veggies
Orange Juice Addiction
Mega tofu thread
nutrition information of raw sugarcane
sweet peas toxic
Sugar Blues
eating healthy for picky eaters
Eating sketchy meat
What was the last thing you ate drank version Healthy Living
GMO Genetically modified organism
Raw Foodism
another GMO to be on the market in USA
What is Everybodys Favorite Healthy breakfast
Vegans eating for wound healing
I have nothing in the house to eat need and alternative
What do you put in your sandwich
What are your favourite health foods
Coconut oil
Heal benefits to being vegetarian
What food gives the biggest dopamine hit
Growing Your Own Vegetables
I am addicted to meat
The Bread Thread v1-0000
Is it okay for vegans to eat oysters
How much actual beef is in Taco Bell food
Kombucha is it actually good for you
flax seeds
natural ace inhibitors and beta blockers
whats your plant nemesis
reasons to avoid refined sugars carbs
Late night food cravings
tips on healthy eating amp cookbook recommendations
Pains in your ribs and internal organ damage
fiber sucks
Vegetarian Health
What is your food staple
What do you put in your cereal oatmeal
Appetite Suppression
Papaya Sprouts
fast simple healthy oh and tasty too
Raw Foods Recipes
Its Time to End the War on Salt
Quit microwaving all your meals and make salad
How to get carlories with less carbs
Protein from greens the 600 pound gorilla thread
How many meals do you eat a day
Yerba Mate Mega Merged thread
Your Favourite Fruit!
lean meat
lunch meat vs real meat
The vegan and vegetarian thread!
The last thing you ate or drank v-3

Flu/Flu shots/Colds and Fever

do you get an annual flu shot
Cold amp Flu Tips
mental Effects of a Fever The Flu
medicating fatigue glandular fever
Vaccination Reaction
Swine Flu Man made
Hearing problem due to cold virus
Flu Swine I feel fine
Why shouldnt I get the swine flu vaccine
Enjoying fevers from the flu
the common cold mystery
What are your cold remedies
Influeza A


gymnastics and hands


young healthy girl losing my hair

Hangover Cures

hangover cures

Headaches, Migraines, Cluster Headaches, Dizziness, Vertigo

brain swelling sensation serious question!
Head pains Buzzing sound in ears
Migraine with aura
migraine with aura
black outs after standing up
Really bad spins
Blackouts Dizziness headaches
Head Pressure Help me
Compazine for neuralgia headaches
Trip to the ER
Ice Pick Headaches!
should i be worried
Horrible constant headaches


is health happiness

Health Improvement

Dealing with Sobriety
What kills healthy people
Im 24 and im really unfit
Random Health Tips
Seriously underweight
A little help guidance please guys
How do you find answers to vague non specific health problems
Sisters body problem
Need advice on gaining weight and strength!
A rant!
Im going to die before I reach adulthood
Working and healthy eating
Starting a New Regime!
A healthy living plan for 2010
health and weight issues help!
Getting off opiates trying to eat healthy
Not knowing what to like doing in life
new years healthy living goals!
Wanna get healthy
ATTENTION Dont Take Your Health for granted
Healthy living tips for vegetarian"]Healthy living tips for vegetarian
Brag about your switch to a healthier lifestyle vs Thats a bad habit
Get back on track
The Short Term Goals Thread
How do you feel right this moment V Healthy Living
What's your motivation

Healthy Living Photos

Post a picture of your dream body
Before and After

Heart health

Irregular heartbeat while on ritalin
Excessive heartbeats Leg Workout
Keep getting temprimental palpitations in the last few hours any temporary solutions
is vitamin B6 good for the chest heart pain associated with multiple defibrillations
heart hurts
Heart flutters scaring the shit out of me
have i damaged my heart from too much exercise!
got a stationary bike looking to improve heart function
Heart pushing on lungs
New Years Resolution Operation Improve Heart Health

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C

Herbal Medicine/Herbalism

tea antioxidants
Your opinion on the Red Bush Rooibos
Green Tea vs White Tea I cant see the difference!
What Herbs Are Good For the Stomach
White amp Green Tea Contents
Can Green Black or White Tea Cause Kidney Problems
About Valerian Tea
Herbal Teas Degrade Over Time
Working out what drugs or herbs to use
Pharmacists Guide to Medicinal Herbs
need some good advice on what good legal herbal supplements to ease anxiety
Explain to me what is the point of Rhubarb
salal leaves can make a tea tincture
Best Tea I have EVER tasted
Herbal substitutes
Can Anybody Suggest the ingredients with ratios for Herbal Tea Drink for Healthy Living
Valerian Root questions
What's your Favorite plant ally
Where can i get ginko leaves
Herbs for Healing
Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
The Herbalism Thread
Whats your favorite tea"]Whats your favorite tea



Hiking Boot Suggestions
Hiking and Water


HIV or something
question about anonymous hiv testing
The HIV Megathread

Directory Alphabetical Listing
Part 1 - A to Dia (above)
Part 2 - Die to Hi (above)
Part 3 - Ho to Y (below)
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Part 3 - Ho to Y

Directory Alphabetical Listing
Part 1 - A to Dia (above)
Part 2 - Die to Hi (above)
Part 3 - Ho to Y (below)

Holotropic Breathing

Holotropic Breathing Questions


Severe HPPD


Vyanse Wellbutrin and easing of hyperhidrosis


Suffering from hypertension how i can treat it
Hypertension in a 20 year old




Coping with Hypochodriasis


What is a healthy way of living


Bacterial Infection from IM Doxycycline
care for a slightly infected labret piercing
Risk of infection after hernia surgery


arm amp hand swelling


Sports related injuries Im falling apart
Dislocated Finger Need Advice!
dislocated index finger
Concussion and Hallucination
Knocked myself out unconscius having memory problems
Shoulder injury
Shoulder injury
fell on face head
Shin Splints
Fractured shoulder
staying sane while rehabbing from a significant injury
recovering from a significant injury
Possible rib bust but doctor thinks not
Ouch Possibly tore a muscle in my leg
Needle broke deep in my arm!! Help!!
broken bones

Insect Bites

Flee bites!!
bed bug lice crabs wtf
why does everything bite sting me


I smell ammonia


Kidney problems
Chronic Recurring UTIs Kidney Infections
kidney stone question


Thumb Laceration
Weird Reaction From Cut
Healing itches!

Lifestyle Improvement

New Years Resolution
Pale and unhealthy looking
Dealing with Sobriety
Radical Acceptance
the anti drug culture thread
recycle codes
need something to do
Environmentally Conscious Tips
Emotional Freedom Technique
There is hope
a little problem we may all share
4 days sober
Waking up how do you feel
improving focus
Denia; any suggestions
Staying Sober
Help with my Sobriety
Best way to recover
What is your new years resolution
Good food for workout and healthy living
energy motivation
I feel like I need a big change in my life an epiphany I live in sadness
Live a better lifestyle today
What Does The Future Hold
sober now what
ways to increase creativity drive critical thinking that spark without drugs
Research for series of articles about dietary lifestyle options
What's the best way to get back into healthy lifestyle


Jaundice how worried I should be
Liver health Mega Merged


Rejuvenating Lungs How to Expedite
Talc toxicity
Natural remedies for pneumonia bronchitis
Lungs ache when I don't smoke


Massages on Muscle Relaxants Dangerous

Martial Arts

Martial Arts
Martial arts MMA traditional martial arts etc for fitness health and self defense


Adderall to help get into a healthy schedule and maintain healthy weight
Xanax script
Pain Medication
what kind of medication should i go on
Medication for mood disorder
benzos vs alcohol liver toxicity
Quitting effexor cold turkey starting 10 day fast benzo withdrawal as well
meds before an abortion
ADD med giving frequent case of the ruthless shits high risk situation
Beta Blockers
Ibuprofen amp Aspirin Contraindicated
Effects of different prescription drugs worried about becoming ill
Opinions on Ponstel effective
Weight Gain While on SSRIs AND seroquel
Suggestions for anorectic meds
Medications to gain weight
Combination Remeron Mirtazipine lexapro Escitalopram daily
Anti Depressant Advice Please
http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads...fit"]Does Atrovestatine have any real benefit
So many meds to take to be able to function
What class of medication do you feel is the most useful for you
Anti Depressants and Anti Anxiety meds Need some feedback
Roaccutane + 5HTP


Meditation Tips

Mental Health

Where do You feel most at Peace?


The Dangers of Mercury A Rant
awesome news for all our american friends


Will this lower my metabolism
Drugs supplements that increase metabolism


medical Question

Muscles/Muscle Spasms

What is wrong with my toe
Unconsciously tense muscles


CRAZY twitches while trying to fall asleep

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies instead of antibiotics


Really Nauseaous in the Morning

Night Sweats

Night Sweats


Which racetam improves cognition the best
Started Aniracetam today
Pill Capper
New Racetams
ordering piracetam
sulbutiamine experiences
A few questions about Nootropics
Ampakines nootropics
Piracetam and seizures
Question about piracetam
Aniracetam just how insoluble is insoluble
Absolute lethargy after taking piracetam
Rate my Nootropic stack for cognition and depression
Nootropic Stack Anxiety Depression Memory
Nootropics piracetam etc mega thread


My nose
sinus infection blockage help!
Scab up nostril
How to stop making snorting noise all day long
Nose hurts
Empty Nose Syndrome and Nerve Damage
Sinus infection
Acute Sinusitis
Year after a broken nose Getting it fixed
Nostril corrosion irritation
Constant Blocked Nose!


did you ever pins and needles numbness in extremeties


i got a phone call from my dr today

Other Chemicals

Dont chemtrail me bro!


Bad throbbing pain in neck and back of head for 2 weeks
OWW! my fucking anus hurts!
Any suggestions for stooped sore shoulders
Sciatic Nerve Pain
Sore knees
Incapacitating Back Pain
Sore knees
CPS Chronic pain syndrome
Pain Behind the Knee
Do you ever feel 100 comfortable
Scared Really need some advice insight
Tendonitis Carpal Tunnel Ruptured Tendon
Pain around the knee while running
Real back pain
Back pain and how to prevent it
Pain Management Clinic
Best OTC pain reliever
AHH! My Back!
Which doc should I see about joint pain


Questions on Pancreatitis


Parasites Please discuss


How do you deal with PAWS

Personal Hygiene

things that can be used as deodorant
Harsh Soaps and Detergents
Anyone else use olive oil for their hair
What should I do about my hair
Itching scalp
All natural deodorant
Do you wash"]Do you wash
Does Ivory Soap cure RLS
Guys Do you shave
Do you vocalize when you gargle
Smelly feet
dettol instant hand sanitizer
How often should I wash my skin
is it necessary to shower everyday
Alternative toothpaste
Dry skin from hand washing alternative soaps
Cold Showers


Pregnancy and Chronic Pain
why cant pregnant women work
pregnant and worried halp!
Might be pregnant




My job and TB exposure
Prophylaxis Harm Reduction from the dangers of living


Psychology question

Pulse Rate

Hmm resting pulse rate a little high advice


Radiation protection Japanese radiation plume


recycle codes
unhealthy recycling

Reproductive System Issues

lower abdominal pains and colonoscopy

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome


Dry sauna


Scoliosis My back is screwed up


Am I Schizophrenic

Self Protection

A different look at why to wear your seatbelt


Orgasms that drain you badly
Phimosis Help Penis talk
uhh question
Transition from Teenager to Adulthood
raw nipples
Blue Balls
Supplements to ease the female menstrual cycle
different between unprotected sex and sharing needles
Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Weird female issue
FDA to Consider Morning After Pill Which is Effective for Five Days After Sex
guys question about your puberty
Extremely sensitive painful to touch nipples
natural viagra alternatives
Right nipple erect irritated
Sensitive nipples
Redosing Viagra
hives where her legs rub during sex
Period question
PMDD Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder
Health Risk of Abstinence

Simple Living

Simple Living

Sinus Problems

sinuses get stopped up while sleeping help please!


Hirudoid cream
Do you tan and do you have a penis
minimizing scarring
Skin Problems
Bleeding problems not feeling well
Do stretch marks go away
Why do people tan
Please Help Rash Around Neck and Upper Chest
Skin treatment suggestions
Skin Issues
Tanning Salons
Hand sore questions
stretch marks from lifting weights
Yet another embarrassing groin question=on
Weird recurring Rash what could it be
Balls Chaffing my Inner Thighs
How often do you tan
Red rash on foot PICS!
scars on my wrists burn and sting everytime i yawn
Numbness of your skin
Sunburn your remedies
Heat rashes Allergic to my own sweat
scars on genitals
dry reddish hands
getting rid of stretchmarks
iv bad reaction to tattoo near injection site
Preventing a scar on my face fresh cut from last night


Combatting the effects of sleep deprivation
How long do you sleep at night
Difficulties getting to sleep
Sleep Problems
staying up all night to regulate sleeping schedule
tiny amount of sleep rejuvenating
Nightmares I fear sleeping
Are you addicted to nighttime
how safe is it to pull an all nighter
Sleep Dreaming Dpression
How to set your internal clock
No longer feel tired or hungry
Sleep Deprivation Experiment
A Serious sleeping issue please read!
Melatonin problem irregular sleep schedule
Is there anything that can cure snoring
Help Sleeping Disorder or what
Getting too much sleep how to stop!
Sleep Questions
Dreams too intense
I want to be able to sleep through noises
Sleeping less but resting more
How many hours of leep do you function
Just trying to get a decent night sleep
Sleeping too Much Why
I keep sleeping on my arm and wake up with it completely numb
Sleep aid
Constant Fucked Up Dreams
I Suck At Sleeping
Looking for help with nightmares
Non benzo hypnotic sleep aid
Fixing Sleeping Pattern
lucid dreaming
Post sleep anxiety
Stressful dreams
Feeling good on little sleep
Why do I feel like I almost died after waking from a daytime nap
Needing less sleep as I get older
Crazyass Sleep Schedule
I seriously cant get to bed
if stay up multiple days REM sleep debt
Any Specific Cause of Hypnogogia
Plagued by nocturia early morning awakenings
Sex hormones and orgasms what actually happens afterwards
Sleep paralysis MEGA MERGED


Returning Headrush With Nicotine
Smoke makes me sick
Nicotine Withdrawal
Puttin Out My Smoke For Good
Nicotine and muscle mass
2 months continuous of tobacco smoke How damaging
expectorant drugs to remove tar from lungs
Mood lifting alternatives to Nicotine patches
smoking harm reduction
fake tobacco heavy metals poison
Fourth hand smoke a real threat
can you be an occasional smoker
Nicotine smoking mega thread

Speech Impediment

speech impediment

Spinal Misalignment

spinal misalignment


fever blister oral sex
Is it possible to get herpes sharing a waterbottle
STD Question
Human papilomavirus

Strep Throat

strep throat maybe im just crazy guidance please


What does Stress do to you personally
stress jaw clenching and tension headaches
Stress making me eat more
Stress problems
Is it stress


Massive doses of ZINC
GABA Supplement
Cognitive Enhancement
ephedrine with these supplements
Cod Liver Fish Oil vs Straight Omega 3 Supps for BBing
AWESOME Herbal Sleep Supplement!
The Big amp Dandy Supplements and Your Health thread
L-Trytophan use does it really help
Mixing 5htp with melatonin
MULTIVITAMINS bes bran does it even matter
My Antiaging Cognitive Regimen
Whats best for mental clarity
Quick One About Supplement Confusion
Too many supplements
Hypericum interactions
Taking vitamins pills with and without food
Effectively making 5HTP and L=Dopa
5HTP Good to Take Sometimes
Reaction to vit b12 supplements
Anyone take Sam e before
Probiotics can combat anxiety and depression
anti oxidants
Beneficial Properties of St Johns Wort
dietary supplements
How do I store my herbs supplements
5HTP and St. Johns Wort
Supplements to help with nights shifts
anyone taking ALA
Bee Pollen
Is it safe to take 5htp every day
Magnesium Supplement Question
supplements vitamins help with depression stress please
My semi complete morning supplement Need to input please
anti-anxiety supplements
Choline source Alpha GPC Concerns
fish oil is bad
Thoughts on Supplements
Question about Fish Oils
melatonin nightly for sleep
Is it ok to take 5htp and st johns wort together
What's your top mood enhancement supplements


SVT ablation surgery anyone have it
Do we pay MORE for surgery than it actually costs
Corrective Jaw Surgery

Swelling (Edema)

arm amp hand swelling
brain swelling sensation question!
Fucked arms and veins!
Swollen lymph nodes extremely painful
Hard painful bump under index finger
Swelling and small white patch on side of tongue
I seem to have slight abdominal swelling
Swollen gland behind left ear side of throat
swollen lymph node


Can you swim too much
getting the most out of swimming

Tai Chi/Qi Gong

A Slow Wonderful Qigong and Tai Chi Thread
For those familiar with Chinese medicine Tai Chi Quigong etc
Tai Chi

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

TMJ jaw cracking anyone have it


Head pains Buzzing sound in ears
Just woke up with ringing in my ear
Im going to go crazy






Toe Walking
Cant stop curling up my toes end of foot


Unhealthy Toxins or problem
Potential health issues regarding Poppy Seed Tea Kidney stones manganese toxicity

Urinary Tract

Bladder control
Kidney stones
Think I have kidney stones-OUCH


cant pee having trouble
Irritation when urinating
Constant need to urinate should I use antiduiretic or not
Whats wrong Constant Urination
Why do I pee 2-3 streams
Why does asparagus make my urine smell
Te Benefits of Urine

Vitamins and Minerals

fish oil omega and fish allergies
Vegan sources of Iron amp Calcium
Vitamin advice
Creatine worth it
Fish Oil which form is better
Ginger root or ginger pills
Rectally supplemented
Very low quot Vitamin D levels
Vitamins for 2011
mixing powders
Vitamin B urine color
High on multi vitamin powder
Vitamin B12 intake
Taking vitamins in excess resulting in narcotic-like euphoria
VitaMineral Green Mix
The vitamins and supplements MEGA THREAD


AWESOME Herbal Sleep Supplement!


bottled water
Just drank Two Month Old Bottled Water That Was Opened 2 Months Ago
Food grade
How much water is too much water


Beginner yoga DVDs

Directory Alphabetical Listing
Part 1 - A to Dia (above)
Part 2 - Die to Hi (above)
Part 3 - Ho to Y (above)
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