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The Lounge Guidelines & FAQ

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Jul 22, 2002
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The Lounge is Bluelight's off-topic, social forum - Bluelighters can use The Lounge to kick back and discuss topics which are not specific to the other forums on Bluelight. We have a place to discuss sports or MDMA or politics. The Lounge is a place to discuss anything else which doesn't fit a category like that in a light-hearted, social environment.

THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS FORUM so do not post here if you have a serious question. To get an idea of what we are all about, read through some of the current threads. Comments in The Lounge are not always taken seriously. The Lounge is a happy place. It's not a place to come and post about how miserable you are. If you are sad and miserable and you are looking for sympathy or attention, you're likely to find just the opposite. Furthermore, if you continue to post in such a manner, you will be warned and infracted as necessary.


All rules of the BLUA are in effect.

  • No Jackassery. This is vague but if you think you are being a jackass, chances are you are. The final decision of jackassery is left to the discretion of the moderating team. Examples of jackassery inlude: trolling in the 'picture of yourself' threads or the nudie threads; posting personal information of another member. If you're confused and are not sure if something is jackassery, err on the side of caution and don't post it or contact the mod. team and ask them for their opinion.
  • The Lounge is not your personal dumping ground. Make sure your thread has a clear point and that there are no similar threads. UTFSE (use the friendly or fookin search engine) and, where applicable, use the Blog function instead. The Blog is a greater tool to use when you want to post something that does not provoke conversation or discussion.
  • Stay on topic. If you don't like a thread, don't post in it. If you can't follow the rules of a game thread or theme based thread, don't play, participate, or post in it. Off-topic or out of context images are not allowed.
  • Play nice. Making fun of people is fine and hazing of noobs is fine. But don't just shit on a thread just because you can. Think 'should' not 'could'. Bad threads will either get closed or die off on their own. In the event of a prime hazing opportunity please proceed as cleverly as possible. If it seems that the object is being overly affected by it, don't hesitate to shoot them a quick PM reminding them that nothing is meant personally and to not take things too seriously. If you're not sure where to draw the line we'll happily draw the line for you.
  • Images that are not work safe must use NSFW tags. If you even remotely think that it might need tags, it does. Text containing spoilers should be hidden behind SPOILER tags.
  • Pictures that depict animal cruelty (including on humans) and other subjects of an overly shocking and/or repulsive nature, are not to be in image tags, only linked and adequately warned.
  • You may not post pictures of other Bluelighters without their (written) permission. While photos already posted to Bluelight or other sites in publicly viewable forums maybe be otherwise publicly available - and even though satire is considered "fair use" - get permission, then post. This includes use of another members' photo in a 'shoop.
  • Polls can only be made by moderators. If you would like your thread to have a poll, include a request within your original post or drop the moderators a pm.
  • If you have a problem with a post, use the REPORT function. This brings posts to the attention of staff in the staff forum where appropriate action can be taken. Do not be surprised if nothing happens at all. Sometimes, we do not agree that there is a problem. If in doubt, PM a staff member. If you are not happy with a response (or lack of one) talk to the smods who oversee: Bluelight Senior Moderators - Who Covers Which Forums?.
  • If you have an issue with a specific member, take it to PM. If they still bother you, place them on ignore, or contact a moderator. DO NOT post about it on the board.
  • You can not post in closed threads. If you feel a thread was wrongly closed, PM the modteam. DO NOT repost the same thread.
  • The Lounge will occasionally be pruned. Before a prune, a stickied announcement will be made and members will have the option to bump threads or request that a thread gets archived.
  • Any links to Facebook groups, chat rooms, or other online communities linked from Bluelight are not affiliated with Bluelight. The administration of Bluelight can not enforce our policies off site.
These guidelines apply to everyone including PLUR filled n00bs, jaded cunts, entertaining and clever trolls, fail trolls, BL staff, current BL staff, tubs of crap, smelly hippies, shite posters, elitist pricks and everyone else!

The Lounge is what we make it. If you are unhappy with the current trends of The Lounge, lead by example. Display the sort of content you wish to see. Original content is greatly encouraged, try to be creative with new thread topics, ideas, poll suggestions, themed threads, new Bluelight memes (for example Alasdairm calking people twits) or game threads.

A note on the BLUA #4

Bluelight takes the issue of bigotry seriously. If you write this off as political-correctness gone mad or SJW behavior, that's an opinion to which you are entitled but you may find that Bluelight - and therefore The Lounge - is not for you. If you want to aggressively insult people and pepper those insults with racism, homophobia or other bigotry, you're not welcome here.

From the BLUA: "Specifically, you may not: ...post or upload any content that victimizes, harasses, degrades, or intimidates an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason;"

We do not allow hateful speech so terms such as nigger, faggot, spic, kike, chink, gook, wetback, etc. are forbidden. There's no formal list of banned words and both what you say and the way you say it are taken into account when considering whether something is a problem. If you're not sure whether something you want to post is problematic, err on the side of caution and don't post it or contact the mod. team and ask them for their opinion.

Trying to skirt round this rule by masking words or adding a suffix or prefix won't work either. So don't call somebody a 'newfag' or a 'fig' pejoratively. We'll just assume you mean 'fag' and action will be taken anyway.

What may happen based on moderator discretion:

  • An edit with an explanation that it's not allowed.
  • Your content may be deleted and a PM sent with explanation and link to guidelines
  • A warning or infraction may be issued
If this all sounds terribly oppressive and you think you should be able to call people nigger and faggot freely, that's a perfectly valid opinion but, again, you may find that Bluelight - and therefore The Lounge - is not for you.


BLUA 2-3 prohibits 'any content that is libelous, deceptive, fraudulent, tortious or inaccurate; copyrighted by another, or invasive of another's privacy.'

I hope I don't need to spell out that this means no "doxxing" or posting of people's personal information. This will be taken very seriously, and even threats of doing this are unacceptable and actionable under the rules of this site.

Clarification on Images Shared in the Nudie Thread

Bluelighters should ideally post images only of themselves.

It is the decision of each BL'er to include or not include their face.

Pictures you may have saved from a previous relationship should not be shared. There is no way to confirm consent.

Unless you have a method of expressing the consent of the individual, even if you are currently in a consensual relationship with that person, the face should be cropped or obscured in order to preserve privacy.

These rules will be strictly enforced and you may receive warnings and/or infractions for any violations.

Thank you for your attention.
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