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Gabapentinoids The Lyrica (Pregabalin) Mega Thread v 2.0


Oct 29, 2021
Damn, even after a 2 month break tolerance seems to still be there a little bit. Though It may be due to the fact that I take 600-900mg of gabapentin daily. I get the 300mg pills so It’s easy to over do it. I need about 450-600mg to really experience it’s effects.

I work at a crisis stabilization unit that treats the mentally ill a couple days a week. Needless to say this job can be extremely stressful as many patients are prone to fits of violence induced by delusions. Lyrica has been very helpful in dealing with such an environment. I already have issues with incapacitating anxiety, so I’m glad I have these around to alleviate those dysfunctional symptoms.

I don’t know how Ken Kesey dropped acid at a psych ward. From what I’ve experienced here there is no way I could endure such an event and maintain my sanity.
Not only drops acid Ken Kessey,but his favourite book"One flew over cuckoos nest",was written through influece of acid and presents his own job like sanitar(nurse) in psych.warden.One of my favouritesYes!


Jan 10, 2011
Nor. Cal
It appears I may be experiencing benzo withdrawal. At first I thought it was just rebound symptoms, but I think taking etizolam 1-2 times a week has finally caught up with me. It's been 3 days and my whole body is aching unbearably. I also have this fever, my anxiety is through the roof, and my cognition is severely impaired. I thought I wouldn't be at risk if I limited my use to once or twice a week, but alas here we are.

I was trying to get through the day without consuming anything, but I have an organic chem exam coming up so I felt compelled to take the edge off. 300 mg down the hatch and 2 hours later most of my symptoms have been reduced minus the cognition as lyrica seems to make that worse. Not great for studying, but at least I don't feel like hanging myself.