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The Main 5-MAPB Thread (v2)


Feb 23, 2021
Para mí, es aproximadamente el doble de la potencia de la MDMA, aunque la pureza puede variar. Yo diría que 80 mg, cuando se toma solo, me gusta dividir la dosis o tomar 50 y luego 30 45-60 minutos más tarde. 90 mg era casi demasiado fuerte.


Muchas gracias por su respuesta . Tengo muchas ganas de probarlo porque veo muy buenas opiniones. sin embargo, lo enviaré para que lo analicen y confirme que de hecho es puro 5-mapb. Salud !


Nov 15, 2012
its been five months since used any phenylethylamine, or tryptamine . Been going through some low times, broke up with ex, and had the opportunity to have sex with at least one girl, but didn't seem like it would be even worth it, due to she sleeps around, definitely not someone id want to be in a relationship with, and just the possible emotional attachment, which could block me meeting someone else that is better , if still attached, , along with std's, even if i used a condom, Id subject myself too. Ive been through dating phases and fine with being alone right now.

Furthermore, Ive been going through depression. Moreover, took 20 mgs , capped it , at least my scale said, i had to double check two scales, and definitely felt more calm lovely entacogen, yet stimulated mildly, even moderately. I dont take stimulates except maybe 100 mgs caffiene a day from drinking green tea and black tea in mornings. . Surprised how well this went. I usually like to go out with friends, or do it in a relationship, and out of town, and not locally doing my routine everyday things. Was off work today. Went to gym, even after gym, wanted to move, ended up cleaning my room, and lower calorie diet, protein and some fats. Later , feeling tired, Took 2.5 grams kratom , went to gym again, later on, feeling nice
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