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the market: stocks, bonds, options, whatever

I have the FTX app to track prices. Although coinbase got back a price check on cryptos without logging in. I don't like being logged into that stuff anymore than when I'm active. I might be in coinbase right now. Gotta go.
i just got that email from Binance...telling me not to worry about it either

oh ok - i won't worry - i trust you
It's just showing some volatility in the market. I'm still HODL. I have nothing to lose really at this point. There's more illicit activity over at the Federal Reserve than these exchanges.

Here's what's happening.
A melt up in the stock market. And a imminent crash.
A sharp dive in cryptos. Followed by soaring prices.
A collapse of a dollar. And Gold and silver prosperous.
Retirement accounts going to 0 overnight.
And still the runaway inflation.
This is shaky.
Shaky the shark.

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What happens in the mornings isn’t important to remember. What happens in the evenings is action you don’t remember.
Any of you go for dividend stocks? Or just looking for capital gains?

I'm mostly split between income ETFs and growth ETFs. I hold all growth equities with the thinking that I'm going to sell it at some point to lock in gains and put that capital into dividend ETFs for cash flow. Cash flow is the whole reason I invest in the first place, so whenever I can take uncertainty off the table and replace it with reliable $x/mo., that's what I do.
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People are using NFTs in the bahamas to get their money out of FTX. Some that were like $9 have been bought for $1M
Yep, it's probably the biggest scandal in the history of crypto. This is also the thing that will push us back into crypto winter for real. In other words, the thing that finally pushed the market back into the place I want it for the time being. When the media is all saying crypto is dead, that's traditionally time to stock up for 2 years from now. I'm gonna be conservative though, just in case it actually doesn't come back. Doubt it though, knowing what I do about the industry and technology. But this will also be what leads to true regulation though. The days of the crypto wild west are numbered.