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Hangry! The MOAN About Something Random Thread


Jun 8, 2011
Razors Edge of the Mountain
So the neighbour annoying me for the last three weeks by casually working on his "house" (shitbox officially not fit for human habitation according to my ex who did the plumbing & gasfitting there) - hammering and using power tools from morning to night.. No doubt cutting corners because he won't/can't afford a professional who'd get it done in three days.. Is friends with the guy who did the same thing for over a year in 2018 and whose house I wanted to throw a Molotov Cocktail at.

That guy is friends with the Turk who once told a white Aussie girl "you're a woman, you don't get to speak", picks fights with all the men around here, and drinks like a fish & smokes like a chimney despite being a Muslim with a (bought and very nice) wife who prays and wears a hijab. The three of them were on the balcony of guy #2 getting drunk today.

I just drive past guy #1's place. He was strolling across the road and upon seeing my car made some Neanderthal noise which I couldn't decipher (thankfully). His woman was out front in a dressing gown.

I am tempted to go into my lounge room, which is next to their bedroom and listen to some music.. I'm sure after drinking all afternoon they'll appreciate some NIN. However, until I sell this place - partly bc of these people - I have to live here and I'm smarter than starting shit with assholes who have safety in numbers. I'll just leave a termite nest under each of their houses when I go 😏
Makes living on aboriginal land sound inviting


May 31, 2021
I respect Ozzy the Pioneer but I think it was a big mistake for him to allow Sharon to turn him and their entire family into commodities