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⭐️ Social ⭐️ The Mrs is Away, It's Time to Play. Help Me Plan My Intoxicated Week.

Mr. Krinkle

Apr 2, 2005
Personally I love the taste of K drip. One of the only drips I think actually taste quite good.

Do ya? i think it's weird

i used to always like doing a fat rail of K after doing blow all night



Frumious Bandersnatch
Nov 3, 1999
Looking-Glass Land
Alright guys, my last weekend PLEASE give me something here.

I did actually drink a bit last night, took benzos and tramadol, I thought I only took 200mg, but I actually only took 150mg looking back at the blister pack this morning and ended up being pretty fucked up. I thought tramadol would never be good again after my three week binge. But wasn't good the Mrs called me, and we were talking for an hour, and she was like, 'why are you talking weird it doesn't sound like you. It sounds like you're talking to one of your clients or something' basically, I tried to cover up my intoxication by going into my work voice. Anyway, that's beside the point.

Read my first post and help me go out without a bang this weekend because it's sober time for a while after that (apart from tapering benzos).