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Social The NEW "What Song Fits Your Current Mood" Thread

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But I agree... looking for the means to a loving and healing way.
Hey mate, wasn't laughing at the beautiful tune; but the juxtapose of it against the song I posted (a punk, cynical ode, fraught with resentment & hatred - it's important, as it's 'in' us; so, hence the laugh emoji - just incase you thought I was antagonising you personally, which would be stupid, on any level. 🌝❤️
Never. Only overt get my attention and I do not feel any "bad vibes" from you ever.
One love

Video unavailable. Did it toe with a playlist had to pick the single to post . May not be happening with yours......
Glad, six! 😉💜( But, Oh I do have bad vibes though, like everyone else - very necessary, to protect YOU would never knock them- nervous system allies! 🔥)