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The Small & Handy 25C-NBF Thread


Nov 20, 2011
Paragould, Arkansas




This is a newly discovered group of chemicals, with little history of human use.
It has already become clear that these substances carry substantial risks that must be highlighted.

Examples of chemicals belonging to this family include 25i-NBOMe, 25c-NBOMe, 25i-NBOH, 25c-NBOH.
Nicknames include "25i", "25c", N-bomb, N-bome etc.

Some facts you should know about The 25X - NBOMe series, which must also be considered to apply to the NBF compounds:

25x NBOMe chemicals have killed at "normal" recreational doses.
  • We don't know how it kills.
  • People have died from doses that are smaller than ones they've taken in the past.
  • We don't know the reasons why it is so unpredictable yet.
Doses can lead to psychotic episodes and ER visits
  • If you or people around you must take these drugs, avoid combinations and advise others to avoid it as well.
  • If someone appears to be overdosing, it is important to get medical attention quickly to minimize chance of death or injury.
These chemicals are sometimes mislabeled and sold as LSD or "acid"
  • If in doubt about your drugs, learn how to test them using testing kits/reagents. Don't have blind faith in the reputation of your source.
  • A good rule of thumb these days is "if it's bitter it's a spitter"
  • If you take blotters sold as LSD, swallowing them may render NBOMe type compounds inactive while swallowing LSD will work just as well!
25x is difficult to dose properly
  • Tolerance builds quickly, but toxicity may still occur.
  • Doses can often be unpredictable and uneven, even from the same sheet.
  • There is an unknown but narrow margin between a fun dose, and an overdose.
  • Reactions may vary wildly between individuals, but can also be inconsistent for the same person. Previous successful experiences offer no guarantees.

NBOMe substances are cheap and widely available, however they are not well understood, and have caused a number of deaths. There are safer and (arguably) better substances to begin with than these. Know your drugs, do your research, and spread the word!

And finally information for people pushing the dosage with NBOMe's:

The NBOMe series is known to be more dangerous than other psychedelic drug families. High doses can easily result in severe reactions such as seizures and HPPD. It is possible to get away with high doses because the mental component of the trip is mild so it may not feel as intense as other psychedelics even though there are powerful visuals. In order to try and overcome this some users take several doses to get a more intense/spiritual experience. While this does work for some, for others this is where the serious side-effects emerge.

As a result of this it is recommended that if you are seeking an intense experience, something more than eye candy, you select a different psychedelic with a higher natural intensity and better safety record such as 2C-E or LSD.

It is strongly advised that users do not take more than 1.5 doses of this drug, with one dose generally agreed to be x.x mg (xxxxu g).

Insufflating doses further increases the risk.

[original post:]

I saw this available today.

Anyone have any information to share? *leave that out*
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Wow, these NBOMes are coming out faster than I can sample them. So can any chemistry heads speculate as to what the fluorine substitution on the n-benzyl group will do to the activity?
It should be considerably less potent than 25C-NBOMe probably closer to 2C-C, but that's in vitro. There's no telling what pharmacokinetics and metabolism will do to this one.
^You mean doses would be in the tens of milligrams? It would be a positive thing in terms of harm reduction if this was the case. But if it has the same problem as 25C-NBOMe with oral bioavalilability, it could make dosing a bit more tricky unless you are willing to plug it (you'd have to snort a significant amount of powder or hold it in your mouth).

Still, for any first explorers I would want to start out with NBOMe sized dosages just to be sure.
Yes, definitely start low and be patient, this chem is more lipophilic than 25C-NBOMe so onset may be slower. Also, duration may be longer both beacuse of the higher LogD but also because fluorine has a tendency to slow down metabolism.
Higher doses may be a bad thing, because if there is more needed for a psychedelic effect that doesn't necessarily mean that side-effects like adrenergic agonism and/or other pathways that mediate vasoconstriction, hyperthermia and other things need a higher dose to start manifesting as well. So be careful and start low, don't assume anything.