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Dissociatives The Small & Handy 3-Cl-PCP Thread


Nov 26, 2014
La La Land
This one has been around for awhile now, but it doesn't seem like anyone ever created a thread for it. I've seen it described as quite unique, and the few reports I've seen were quite positive.

I received some recently and will trial it soon. I've heard that it's caustic and so I'd like to avoid eating it—has anyone plugged it?
Huh, surprised there hasn't been a thread yet. I have not tried it, but I recall someone saying it's pretty unique, I think they said it seems very opiate-like but I might be thinking of something else.
I really liked that one! Long-lasting, balanced, anxiolytic, euphoric and sedating for a PCP derivative. It‘s not at all similar to 3-HO-PCP or 3-MeO-PCP imo. It had a great hypomanic afterglow for me, even though there was no noticeable hypomania during the experience. I honestly don‘t understand why it‘s not more popular. Maybe because 3-F-PCP is kinda lackluster? Anyways, 62mg (p.o.) was a good starting dose for me, but will probably try 80mg next time.
I had 2meo-deschloroketamine once, 0,5g all in all. It was somewhat sedating, almost felt somehow gabaergic. But no good dissociative...
Neverwing recommended me 3-cl-pcp a while back as being similiar to ephenidine in some way, which i have to agree with. It's surprising how different it is than other PCP analogs considering their chemical composition. I haven't tried it many times like other dissos and i've only taken it nasally but for the sake of providing information to other disso lovers i'll post my findings:

- The one i have is in form of large clear chunks of crystals, which makes weighing super easy, but has to be finely crushed for snorting
- Not too caustic like 3-me-pcp/3-meo-pcp/3-me-pcpy, more in the line with 3-ho-pcp IIRC.
- Surprisingly, while not too caustic to nasal mucosa, at dosage 30mg+ or so, the backdrip felt like it was burning and was quite irritating. I've never had this happen with other dissos. This and general nose-feeling distracted me from experience for a good hour or so even after i rinsed my nose thoroughly, drank water and eaten something to wash it away.
- Unlike other *PCP analogs, the threshold dose would be 10mg. But it's always good to start even lower.
- I'd say a decent / normal dose would be at least 30mg or so (insufflated).
- The subtle effects can be felt within 10 minutes, but it takes about 45 minutes or so until it peaks. It's hard to tell since it comes up very gradually and doesn't hit you in the face.
- It's not cold like 3-meo-pcp / 3-me-pcp.
- Much less emotionally stunting than other PCP analogs. At dosage 40mg, comedy tv shows were still funny, music is not cold and distant and can still bring euphoria and feelings, which when paired with disso (day)dreaminess can help you reach desired mindset or state of mind.
- Interestingly enough, due to music i was experiencing waves of tingles through my body. While i mentioned before that 3-me-pcpy can have spine/scalp tingles similar to amphetamine (i'd say dopaminergic), this was different and more like LSD/AL-LAD body tingles and euphoria which i experience when going to concerts. HOWEVER i must note that the drug doesn't feel serotonergic in any noticeable way, at least not from my initial testing. I have to do more tests regarding this phenomenon.
- More physical impairment for somewhat equivalent dosage of other PCP analogs, but again they have quite different feeling.
- long lasting and gradual

Possible candidate for brain damage? I don't know - let's find out together!
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I was in mood earlier, fuck, I don't why but I felt so deeply unhappy and irritated at everything. Had 800mg phenibut which seemed to make it worse if anything, which was weird, and somehow I decided to have some 3-Cl-PCP.

GD is this stuff caustic. Even just putting 10mg in water and swishing it around made my tongue feel like it was on fire, although that feeling desensitized a bit over the following doses. I had like 40mg sublingually over the course of a few hours and it was decent for what it was. Got me out my negative mindset almost instantly, found a lot of new music, and got some cleaning done around my apartment.

After the 3-Cl I wound up taking 15mg 2C-B sublingually and 10mg 4-HO-MiPT snorted. Kind of just ended up wishing I could've gone deeper with those, but didn't really feel comfortable having had the 3-Cl.

Anyways, I don't think I'll push the 3-Cl higher. I just don't have much interest in high doses of dissociatives at this point, as I've been down that road too many times to count.
Looks like someone sent a sample of 3-Cl-PCP into DrugsData and came back and there's actually PCP present in it, although at levels 100x lower than the 3-Cl-PCP. Also an unidentified chemical in it, and that one is present at levels 20x lower than the 3-Cl-PCP.
I love this chemical to death. It is extremely interesting and has a very wide range of effects. It feels like 3 different drugs depending on the dose.

>40mg provides me some slight stimulation, mood enhancement, and it has a surprising anti-anxiety effect.

50-70mg provides the anti-anxiety effects, with a good deal of euphoria and tactile sensations such as tingling. The body high is rather pleasant. I also feel empathogenic properties with this which is unlike any other dissociative that I have tried. It makes me want to talk to people, text friends that I haven't talk to in a while, similar to MDMA. It also has a decent bit of introspection and self-reflection, somewhat similar to LSD. I have made a lot of progress on a few traumatic incidences in my life, that I have been struggling to manage for years.

80mg+ starts to get dissociative, but nowhere to the level of K. There's some wonkiness there, but it retains a lot of the introspection and euphoria at those doses. Depending on the dose there can be some anxiety at these doses. It'll seem to switch between anxiety to the anti-anxiety effect depending on the state of mind. However, there was one day where I was taking doses whenever I felt I wanted them, not taking into account the extremely long duration of this chemical (up to 16 hours). I'd start with 60mg, take 15mg after an hour, another 30mg later on,etc without really keeping track of how much I was consuming. I experienced a very extreme high, it was insanely intense, it was weird and I don't know how to describe it. There were a few moments of psychedelic terror. It didn't feel entirely safe, and there was a period of about an hour or so where I really felt like I had to pee but couldn't. I was convinced I'd need a catheter. After about an hour I was able to pee with some effort.

At doses under 100mg or so, the chemical feels more or less clean and safe, but higher than that and it starts to feel toxic somehow. I adore this chemical and will continue to take it if I can get it, but I am not vouching for it's safety. However, I haven't really had any issues when keeping the dose under 120mg. I should also mention that it has a pretty profound effect on appetite. It definitely suppresses appetite. Not as bad as amphetamines, but worse than psychedelics. I personally never have much appetite suppression from dissociatives besides DXM.

For my video game players, this chemical also enhances the gaming experience like other dissociatives. I enjoy shooters with most dissociatives because I become very immersed and my accuracy and focus seems improved. With 3-CL-PCP I find myself preferring RPGs. The empathogenic effects of this chemical can be rather strong. I feel myself becoming very connected to NPC's and finding myself fully enveloped into my character and their emotional state in the present circumstances, and I take care to respond appropiately as if to honor my characters wishes. I have had some absolutely wonderful sessions playing both TES IV: Oblivion and Elden Ring with this chemical.

As I previously stated, this chemical has proved to me to be a valuable therapeutic tool. So one day, I took I think it was 27mg before I went to see my therapist. It was a good session. I had only seen her once or twice before, so we haven't been digging deep or anything yet, but conversation seemed to flow smoothly. I found myself talking more freely than I otherwise would have. Usually I'll need to be prompted by the therapist. They ask a question, I give a short answer, they ask another question, etc. This time, I found myself going on longer than I would have when asked a question. Speaking freely what was on my mind moreso than I otherwise would have, and taking the initiative to talk about some things that I knew I needed to. Often when I know I need to talk about something, I'll go in with the intention of it but end up keeping it to myself when I'm there due to the anxiety of talking about a difficult subject.

This drug has treated me beautifully and I greatly respect it. I think that it has some very beneficial qualities and it's the first RC I've tried in a while that I'd describe as "magical".
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Sorry for the double post. I just posted on reddit about 3-CL-PCP and there is something about this chemical that I dont think I've mentioned here that I feel is worth exploring.

The effects can seem to come in waves or stages. I find the first stage to be euphoric and tactile and this stage lasts a couple of hours. It is followed by the 2nd stage which is more dissociating and trippy. My theory here is that the 3-CL-PCP metabolizes into another psychoactive drug that is more dissociating than 3-CL-PCP.
This chemical has piqued my interest like rarely anything else before.

It's not even that I'm expecting something specifically, but since I know how versatile the 3-MeO's are, and which characteristics can be prevalent in dissociatives in general, as I just recently noticed again with the Deoxymethoxetamine as well as Fluorexetamine, I think there's no way for me around the 3-CL-PCP (surely not the worst thing to deal with, eh?).

I'll report back with my findings when the time has come.
I am starting to think I really should try this one. I have only tried 3-MeO-PCP and 3-HO-PCP, of the PCP base dissos. I like 3-HO-PCP a lot more than 3-MeO, but none of them are my favorites, so I haven't been too motivated to get any of the others. But this one sounds pretty unique.
I am starting to think I really should try this one. I have only tried 3-MeO-PCP and 3-HO-PCP, of the PCP base dissos. I like 3-HO-PCP a lot more than 3-MeO, but none of them are my favorites, so I haven't been too motivated to get any of the others. But this one sounds pretty unique.
I think that you'd like it if I have a little understanding of your likes and dislikes. Its definitely worth trying out. I dont know if it'd be your favorite, but I think that you'd appreciate it for how different it is than any other dissociative. It feels a little more taxing physically than most dissociatives, but the effects are very forgiving, smooth and long lasting. I think it'd be a great pair with a psychedelic but I'm not sure where to start at all in terms of dosage when paired with a psychedelic. I can see this one greatly potentiating the effects of psychedelics, but it has great anti-anxiety effects and introspection in and of itself. I may try mixing it with a small dose of 4-HO-MIPT or 2C-B at some point.

Edit: Just saw a post on Reddit that someone mixed 100mg of 3-CL-PCP then vaped 75mg of DPT and they seemed to have a good time. Been interested in using this in a combo with a psychedelic since my 1st time trying it
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I can even remotely imagine how strong the anxiolytic effects with this compound could be, after the (probably somewhat) similarly effects I discovered with the Fluorexetamine and the Deoxymethoxetamine - which both, after sum years with no dissociative(s) at all, were almost kinda overwhelmingly strong, especially as it felt that naturally and not as forced as anti-anxiety does feel with classic drugs/medication, as benzodiazepines!

And since I all too well know, how remarkable sum of these PCP- derivatives are in this specific regard (3-MeO-PCP/-PCE) and this one sounding as good as it does, with seemingly more of a recreational effect on top, that's just one of many reasons why I'm so attracted to the 3-CL-PCP!

It's the spearhead of my actual to-do list, so in a not too distant future, I'll definitely know for myself.

I can barely wait for it!
Having tried this one three times now, it's kind of cool. And I don't really enjoy dissociatives at all anymore.

It was minimally dissociating the last couple times I took it. Part of this is probably due to staying in the <40mg regime. It's quite mentally stimulating but not stimulating physically. Not as much emotional disconnect or cognitive impairment as I get with other dissociatives either. Much brighter than most dissociatives as well. Hard to put a finger on exactly what the effects are, but it's definitely unique. Not something I'd use that often but it's nice to have around.
at around 40mg i feld slightly sedated, but no dissociation. it was really long lasting and not cold or dark like 3meo-pcp as fertile said.
3-CL-PCP was a dud for me. Oral doses ranging from 60-200mg didn't do much for me. Ended up trying to snort it, it was a bit more effective but absolutely annihilated my nostrils. Felt like it was actually dissolving the cartilage. Very generic and stimulating dissociation without much unique character to it