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Tryptamines The Small & Handy 4-AcO-EPT Thread


Dec 1, 2015
I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am
I should be receiving some 4-AcO-EPT soon. Anyone have experience with it? All I could find was a single trip report. 30mg was a strong dose for that person but 30mg of 4-HO-EPT is typically not very strong. Maybe that person is unusually sensitive to 4-xxx-EPT. I knew somebody who got the full effects from 10-15mg of 4-HO-EPT. Then again, maybe 4-AcO-EPT is more potent than 4-HO-EPT. From what I've read, it sounds like 4-AcO-DPT might be more potent than 4-HO-DPT so maybe it's the same with the -EPTs.
I don't, but since this is available now I've turned it into the EPT thread and added a link to the Index. :)
Cool. I'll report the effects when I try it. I've tried 4-HO-EPT a few times and really liked it, so I'm looking forward to see how the AcO compares. I haven't tried any other HO/AcO RC pairs, but I have done mushrooms and 4-AcO-DMT and there were definitely some significant differences.
I appreciate this the the wrong thread for my experience however, I recently discovered 4 AcO DMT.
first dose: 25mg Jelly
second dose: 3 x above
Interesting stuff and and great 'visual' high for only a few ?'s.
Done loads of mushrooms in the past and smoked some NN DMT. Both pleasurable experiences. The latter more intense and short-lived..
Interested to know more about 4-AcO-EPT and 4-HO-EPT, both above mentioned in the last few posts.

Hi, Thanks for your welcome and for the links provided. I'll be sure to take a look.

I've been reading threads from this site for some time but never signed-up and shared any of my 'research!'.

I have a lot of experience with a broad spectrum of drugs and look forward to sharing some of my knowledge and experiences with your members.

Awesome, glad you finally joined then. :) We always have WAY more lurkers than active members but this place wouldn't exist without active members.

I haven't tried any of the -EPTs, but I have tried a few of the 4-HO/AcO pairs and all of them have some differences, and some of them are rather substantially different (especially 4-HO-DMT and 4-AcO-DMT)
Well, I probably don't have much to contribute, as I'm probably the person whose 30mg report you read. Some things you probably should know: (1) I'll be the first to tell you that an experience like mine at 30mg is probably idiosyncratic, and (2) I dislike stimulation with psychedelics in general. As a rough rule, 4-AcO substitutions are slightly LESS potent than their 4-HO counterparts. Since you have some experience with 4-HO-EPT, you at least have that to try to extrapolate from. The rule with rarer psychedelics is start low and slow, something I'm glad I heeded with this one given my experience.

It really was pleasant, so pleasant in fact that I keep almost acquiring the 4-HO-EPT analogue in the hopes that it might be deeper and less stimulating. In the end, I haven't yet because I suspect it will probably be the same hypo-delusional, contented navel-gazing space that I got from the 4-Aco-EPT and that I reliably get from EPT. If it has the music enhancement of 4-AcO-EPT with the eroticism of EPT, it'd be a winner in my book. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to a side-by-side comparison! You never know - this could be one of the cases where the two are radically different.
I got the 4-AcO-EPT but it might be a while before I try it. I took 40mg of 4-HO-EPT a few days ago and had a trip that unexpectedly got pretty heavy. I feel like I should take a break from tripping for a while. When I do try 4-AcO-EPT for the first time I definitely won't take more than 30mg.
Cool thanks for following up with that. Regarding the report of it being a strong dose that you mentioned back in January, some people are just very sensitive. For example my friend (very experienced with psychedelics) is ridiculously sensitive to them all, like at least 3 times as sensitive as me. For him, 10mg of an average 4-sub-tryptamine is a pretty strong dose.
Well, I'm glad I'm not the only person to find 4-AcO-EPT to be potent. I haven't revisited it yet (thought about it for a museum excursion yesterday,) but I'm going to approach it like most other 4-subs. That is, starting at 10mg and working my way up in 10mg increments. I wouldn't be surprised if I find 20-30mg to be the appropriate dose for a solid ++ unless it turns out that my first experience was a fluke
That's a good way to approach 4-AcO-EPT. For most people it seems that 4-xxx-EPT is, at most, half as potent as other ones such as 4-HO-MET or 4-HO-MiPT, but for some people this isn't the case. I gave a friend a 45mg dose of 4-HO-EPT thinking that's a good dose based on my experience and other people's reports, but it turned out to be way too much. That person later found 10-15 mg to be a fully active dose.
Going to do an allergy test with this one tommorow and then a full trip next week. Really enjoyed 4-HO-EPT so I'm assuming I will this one as well. Surprised how small this thread is right now, I'm gonna come back and talk about the trip afterwords.

I'm guessing a full dose for me will be around 25-30mgs if it's of a similar potency to the HO variant. Probably will take it 2-3 times this year and then put it away for awhile. I've got a number of substances that need furthur evaluation in the near future.

This whole family has become of interest to me now. I'd also like to get my hands on EPT and 5-MeO-EPT at some point. Have a couple sources for this Base Tryptamine but haven't personally seen the later on the market, some people say EPT is pretty Mild. Still wanna find out myself though and do to the Zen like nature of these 4-subs I bet the 5-MeO for this group is really good.

For some reason i feel like it will have less physical stress then others in that class. With only going on how friendly 4-HO-EPT was with my body, I'd had literally no negative side effects everytime I took it. Went through 300mgs of that pretty quickly and if it wasn't any good i wouldn't have gobbled it up so fast. Almost found that psychedelic to be empathogenic for me in a way.

This has me really excited guys.
Wish more people would give it a go :)
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I finally got around to trying 4-AcO-EPT. I don't feel like writing a trip report, but I will say that 30mg of 4-AcO-EPT produced effects consistent with what I would expect from 30mg 4-HO-EPT.

Did you gain any insight from a side by side comparison? Basically the same quality of experience, or were there any significant differences?
Just took around 2-3mgs of 4-AcO-EPT on an empty stomach with a cup of hot tea. Expecting this to perhaps be a perceivable microdose, we shall see. Can't wait to take a full dose, I'm pretty much sure of the compounds identity considering where it came from. I've been smoke Cannabis throughout the day so I'm pretty high already right now.

I'd felt amazing for days after my first heavier trip on 4-HO-EPT. This psychedelic would have a good therapeutic use, it's really easy on the mind and brings me in touch with myself. It would be really good to use for mediation maybe sitting on a blanket in a park somewhere.

About 6 hours from now i will be going out to eat at a Thai Restaurant. That's pretty much my favorite type of food and it's a really chill spot to go out and eat. More than likely have a couple drinks and smoke some weed, should be a good time.
Ordered a small quantity of this one a while ago. Had to try it because I am a huge fan of the HO version which I experimented with extensively. Unfortunately I found the Aco version had very little activity. It was very mild at 30 mg, giving only a light +1 with no real headspace or visual activity. This was not that surprising because the HO counterpart already has reduced activity compared to other 4-sub tryptamines. Still it was awesome when dosing over 40 mg orally. The interesting thing with 4-HO-EPT is that when taken rectally it was just as potent as other 4-subs and pretty intense visually. Maybe the same is true of the ACO. Another time I dosed the ACO was 20 intranasally to spice up an ETH-LAD trip that was going nowhere and it did the job pretty well and brought very interesting visuals and music appreciation. I will maybe try it again some day but for now I have more interesting avenues to explore.