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The Small & Handy 5-MeO-DIBF Thread (Benzofuran analogue of 5-MeO-DIPT)


Feb 4, 2015
I've just spotted it also, placed an order. Will have to wait before trying it for my tolerance to decrease though, due to a fair bit of 1P-LSD use.


Jul 15, 2015
I am currently undergoing a research on one of those 50mg pellets and an very dissapointed. I ordered 5 so after a week or two ill try taking 100mg. Its been about 3h since i took 50mg pellet and it all feels like a coming up to something great, but it never comes. Some physical effects seems similar to other psychedelics i have tried (sadly so far i have only been able to try 1p-lsd and bk-2c-b), i feel all warm, a little mood lift, pleasant feeling in legs, dont know how to describe, it just feels very pleasant when moving legs while laying in bed. And thats pretty much it. Hopefully higher dose will show better results in future, 50mg feels like a long lasting come up to nothing, like the oevs are almost there, but i got no visuals at all, not even closed eyes. My thought is it night be nice in a club setting if higher dose is stimulating, because after this 50mg i feel like i could sleep if i wanted to. Sorry may be a long post and not make much sence because its done while undergoing this "research" in my "lab" :D