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You really can't expect any of us to provide you with doses to kill yourself now can you? Besides benzos and booze aren't as easy as you think to OD. You have to take a lot for that to happen and if you fail you'd likely regret it.

Read this here man.
I wish you best of luck and remember that suicide isn't rational.
Honestly, I would never provide you with that information. Please check yourself into the nearest hospital and tell them what you feeling. I understand what it is like to want to end it all, but it's not fair to the other people in your life. Even if you think they don't care... some of them do. I implore you to seek professional help immediately, please we don't want to lose another good soldier.
its possible to feel the same happiness you would have experienced as a young child, wanting to end inner critic and feeling completely disillusioned puts you ahead of lots of people who are successfully distracting themselves from what is real.

you don't have to kill yourself to do it though, just try to cultivate some compassion for yourself. you are worthy of being here.
I just get anxious over everything and can't deal with anything. I am going no where. I know I am whining and so many people have it worse. But I just feel so weak. I wish I was stronger.

Clonazepam helps some time.
The strength of a person is determined on how they endure life. You're letting it defeat you so how can you hope to be stronger?

Everyone has to deal with anxiety. I deal with it every day.
let go of your expectations of the future, its completely out of your control. all you can do is make the present as good as you can, you might not have the skills that western mainstream society values, but everyone has something they are going to be good at which they can bring to the table.

also life isn't something to be endured, and life isn't a war either. life is a dance, it is a gift that we can spend time on the earth at such an exciting time.

anxiety is something which can be reduced through learning good coping mechanisms and through self development
Life is without a doubt determined on how we look at things. Life can at times feel like something that must be endured. A test of ones character and soul. I feel it every day. The constant pressure to do better, to make things happen, to deal with all of the garbage life throws at you, to feel things, to deal with emotions. Anxiety is a bitch and can be crippling. It certainly has been to me and has led me into downward spirals again and again. But you are strong enough to conquer this OP.
Please don't give up hope. Where darkness exists so does beauty. You can't have one without the other.
We couldn't possibly provide you with that information, I'm afraid.
Are you getting any professional help or support at the moment? If not, make an appointment with your GP - there is more help out there then you realise. I know it's hard, and we can't stop you attempting suicide, but please try and reach out for help. Take it one day at a time. You're always welcome to message me anytime you want.
This honestly sounds like a cry for help. I understand life can be tough when you're dealing with anxiety but sometimes that anxiety arises when there's something in your life that needs changing. It becomes incredibly easy to see past life issues that are negatively affecting your life. In other words with a little bit of work you may be able to turn things around. Please seek out help, even just talking to somebody can be a relief.

If you feel that there's nobody who will empathize with you schedule an appointment with a therapist or counselor. You'll be surprised how much it helps to lay everything your feeling out on the table for someone with a fresh perspective to give advice and help you get through. Together with a therapist you can work on finding a treatment plan as well. This may all be solvable with the right medication and counseling.
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the ups do come after the downs..

How much benzos and alcohol do I need to kill myself. I can't take it anymore. There is no point. I'm to weak. Please just tell me.

hi, I beg you to speak to anyone about how you are feeling, there is always some one who will listen, I told a homeless man on the street, as I was on my way to take the final step! opening up jus gave me the spark of light that I needed at the time. there will be lows all of your life but to feel low there has to be a point when you feel up

the above quote says (to me personaly) your ready to talk.. let it out dude,let all the words out, cant do any harm right?
No one here will help you kill yourself, we can help you get away from where you are feeling though.

Don't hate me but I've reported this post because such discussion is not allowed. In the report I asked if the moderators can help change this in to something more positive where we can pull together to help you change the way you are feeling.

For what it's worth, I recently spent about three months being bothered by unwanted daily intrusive thoughts of suicide, and also tried to kill myself when I was 13. I don't have them anymore and have been lucky to return to a relativly normal headspace.

Why kill myself when I can share my experiences with others such as you and try to help them change their life? Even if you feel you have nothing to offer, you have your experiences. Maybe if you can bring yourself to open up about what has brought you to this place and share here one day someone will read your post and identify with you. Suddenly they're not so alone and have someone they can ask about how come you are still here when they felt like you did.

NOBODY is truly useless.
I hope that the responses so far have at least helped you to see that many people have experienced similar pain and moved through it. It can seem impossible when so many different things crash in your life at the same time. Circumstances will change--that is just the nature of life. I hope you are feeling somewhat more hopeful. If not, please feel free to vent some more. We are all here to listen.<3

I am going to merge this into the Suicide Thread. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get support from others that know the struggle well themselves.
Came here to post about not wanting to live anymore, very bizarre reading what I wrote only yesterday. It made perfect sense then but it is almost like a foreign language now. I am a very confused person.
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Attempted suicide last week, it didn't work, too lethargic to elaborate at the moment (they put me on an antidepressant that is making everything effort and I feel very sleepy despite sleeping about fourteen hours a night), I screwed it up, health professionals are calling it a "cry for help" and don't know how to diagnose me.
Keep going, read my post above.

Woke up this morning feeling energised and motivated. Sending out CVs for a job, planning a temporary house move over the summer, reconnecting with old friends, helping plan and promote for a club night we're doing....
I'm doing very nice today :) better than before especially after I posted my last post here getting out my problems through talking in my opinion. How are you today aq.? <3

I'm doing okay-- really beating myself up over my heroin usage :\
I'm doing okay-- really beating myself up over my heroin usage :\

Hey, we all make bad decisions from time to time, it;s how we learn tings about ourselves, you know this.

Regrets and self loathing are such poisonous things and can end up just being a vehicle for further use, so you slipped up, that was yesterday, live for today <3
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