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TDS The Suicide Support Thread

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Well she just said that they started talking again so yeah, pretty bummed out now. Everytime I start to feel like there is some hope and my life can get better again something shitty happens. It never ends and I wish I could catch a break once in awhile. I'm getting really tired of this world :(
I mean I am basically worthless being fat.

No guy that is decent is ever going to go for me while I am fat.

That isn't true at all some men only like big girls like myself. I never date thin woman I don't even find them attractive, all the women I ever date are always plus sized I just think its sexier. Don't wanna sound completely full if myself but I'm a pretty good looking guy and dont have issues meeting women generally, I've literally turned down thin/average woman many times. If a girl isn't some kinda juicy I have literally no interest.
I mean I am basically worthless being fat.

No guy that is decent is ever going to go for me źwhile I am fat.

We have been over this in our private messages. Your weight does not matter. Your perception of it does. My girl is perhaps 170, and she is the sexiest girl. Everything in all the right places. This girl is just lush. We fuck several times a day, she comes and ejaculates often, and we are happy.

The point is, there are people who like big girls, have their life together, and are looking for someone. Keep your eyes open and you will find your one. You are smart enough to get what you want.
Ok, so while there may be men who are into bigger women, I also have a eating disorder.

So no, my perception on my weight is probably not that accurate and it’s probably shit, but I’ve been to treatment and it has not helped.

So I really don’t know what you want me to do.
I do not want you to anything except succeed. You know how. You are a bright girl. Start hitting some dual recovery meetings. My girl and I go to one every week. The camaraderie is pleasant.
lol that's just a me thing I guess then

that said I truly do believe in the power of plant based. every meal connects me with my body. words don't do the feeling justice. it takes time to adapt your body and it is one of, if not the, toughest things to do. the fact that you're even thinking about it means you're on the right path
I honestly think I am just one of those people who hates being alive.
thinking of you and hoping you feel better ♡

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