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The UFO & Aliens Megathread

The video of it falling out of the sky and reported 'boom' are consistent with a meteor.

The rest, well, hard to believe... and not very logical for an alien species.
Yeah I saw something similar (around midnight too actually, just like these folks) with my ex years and years ago that looked just like this.
We were driving past the lake downtown to a gas station for coffee & this green fireball shot down from the sky over the lake.
I actually pulled over & we walked up to the lake to look around. But it was just dead silent & we didn't see or hear anything.

My logical conclusion was that it was a meteor though due to the green burning color & it looked similar to this video.
The weird thing to me, is either these people are risking a huge crime by lying & making all this up or the authorities are helping them make it up, which makes you wonder why, unless it's something they want going public. I dunno. Some things aren't adding up. And he seems pretty damn chill for some one who just saw 2 10ft beings in his backyard.
what is that im supposed to be seeing in that last imgur pic?
Look right in the middle & you'll see two black dots "open".
Dude said the aliens looked like typical greys, with big black eyes, big heads, long bodies.
But he also said they had "big mouths". lol
There are people all over reddit circling shit from the video that they think is the alien, lmfao but this is the only one that COULD show something. But who really knows.
yea but they didnt find anything - no remnants of a meteor and you saw that perfect circle cmon
The police went to the backyard, but that whole section of the body cam footage is blacked out for whatever reason.
Now that's pretty odd too. If this is a hoax, then LVPD are in on it. They'd have to be.

And that's still pretty damn weird if the LVPD are helping to push this alien thing. And if they're not, then something had to of happened that they don't want people seeing on the blacked out body cam footage.
Me too man. I repeat myself here or forget about basic things all the time.
I think benzos have ruined my brain.
Earlier I was messaging with some one & they said it was their moms birthday & they were gonna go see her after work.
And then like 10 minutes later I asked that same person what they were doing tonight. It just totally slipped my mind. lol
And things like this instance have been happening a lot lately.

That said, your encounter reminds me of the moving "stars" i've seen at night a few years ago. Was just one single white light, no blinking, moved pretty damn quick with no sound. Wont' say it was "aliens", could absolutely be man made, but I had never seem anything like it before.

I do believe aliens are out there.. or maybe they even come from right here on Earth.
I'm actually looking forward to the day aliens or some kind of non-human intellgence shows itself and we as a society have no other choice but to acknowledge it. Would be an interesting world to see after such an event. But I think it's going to take A LOT to convince people.