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The UFO & Aliens Megathread

This happened today in the Mexican Congress

Alleged “non-human” alien corpses have been displayed to Mexican politicians at the country’s Congress.

The two small alleged alien corpses, retrieved from Cusco, Peru, were presented in windowed boxes in Mexico City on Wednesday, stirring excitement within the UFO conspiracy theorist community.

Here's some slides from the presentation. Maybe they're 1,000 year old inbred children, or aliens




is written in sand that air pilots from any "humanitarian" service are available to predisposed life-time spy if they dig this segment of building. That dark room.. yeah

could chew it as a cosmic event? new haarp update now as black cube. BC was before so i think this might be it.

black cube was an arctic operation of hidden german super technology alligned only for those who arent't weak of an angels, two words.