The Wiki Forum Is Now Officially Closed

The Wiki Forum Is Now Officially Closed
The BL wiki started with good intentions, but ultimately people stopped contributing and the forum became a conduit for spam and basic drug questions. As such, it is now closed.

Should we ever find volunteers who have the ambition, time and knowledge to make a concerted effort to continue it, then perhaps it will be given another chance.

Thanks on behalf of everyone to the people who contributed so much quality content. If you ever see viable means to revive it, then I suggest you get in touch.

Also, big thanks to CFC for his dummy 'the wiki forum is now closed' thread here, which kept all the spammers out when it actually wasn't really closed at all.

Both the wiki forum and presumably the actual wiki itself will eventually be archived.

If anybody has anything to add, please comment below.

As an alternative wiki, I personally recommend


It's very comprehensive and really shows what a huge undertaking this was always going to be.

Cheers again people.