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Too much Phenylethylamine (PEA)?

You must take with hordenine especially; and then add black pepper and turmeric. This makes pea last much longer at lower doses and amplifies the effects greatly send me a message if u need somewhere to buy hordenine
It’s interesting how sometimes drugs, are philosophical and sometimes they have literal tenancies, for example someone might stop drinking because they take pea, I drink and I take pea and therefor can make the assumption that it is not a literal psychophysical but rather a pathological/
psychological effect caused by the way he is within his personality
Wow tried huge amount of PEA and Hordenine and don't know why but MUSIC is so much more enhanced! I am not getting any of the Stimulation/Tingling effects like my loved RCs or nothing compared to real MDMA. That's what I guess I love because with those stims you get huge rush of euphoria and empathy. With the PEA I feel comfortable but enhanced appreciation of my old Rave/Dance music. Now I see why they recommend with Hordenine. Lasts much longer for sure. God I wish some way there was an easy combo that would change PEA into those perfect RCs it makes from chemical creation. Yeah wish it was that simple..... but guess not?:Mario party: