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Trip from highschool


Nov 7, 2023
In highschool I smoked marijuana every night. And also my freshman year of college until I outgrew it. It used to be great. But then it starter to make me unbearably anxious (I have no history of anxiety.) I also took 3 LSD (pure) trips which went well. 2 were mild and one was very cool. There is a famous poster called “Rock & Roll Theatre” In the room of my first (and most hallucinogenic) trip and I actually went there and met Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, and Jerry Garcia.

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Then at parties in college I snorted cocaine on more than 5 special occasions. I also did ecstasy a few times.

I will probably do ecstacy again when I go to Europe.
“Until you outgrew it”? That’s a very interesting statement. A bit of a better than thou attitude. Lol